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Delta 8

Delta 8 THC Delivery: How To Order Delta 8 Products Online? 

Thanks to the Farm Bill 2018, you can now legally buy cannabinoid products from the market. Therefore, many companies have sold various products in the cannabinoid market in recent years. In this article, we are talking about why people order delta 8 online.

While there are more than 100 cannabinoids identified so far, the two most popular cannabinoids on the market are THC and CBD. Then, among THC, there are different subtypes. Delta 8 is a THC sub-type, and it has become a high-on-demand cannabinoid in recent times. 

There are mainly two ways of buying cannabis products on the market. You can either go to your local cannabis selling store or order online. Online shopping for your favorite cannabinoid product has become the latest trend nationwide. In this context, we must try to know the answer regarding why people order delta-8 online.

Benefits of Ordering Delta-8 Online

Delivered Instantly - Get Fresh Products 

When it comes to cannabinoid products, it is of utmost importance to get fresh products. Only new cannabinoid products provide you with the best effects. Delta 8 THC efficacy doesn’t have a long shelf life. Therefore, the product's effectiveness wears out when stored on the shelves for long. It is particularly true for hot and humid conditions. 

At the local offline cannabis store, the products could be stocked for a long time, and as a result, the products may lose their effectiveness. On the other hand, when you order online from a reputed brand, you get fresh products with fast shipping.

All reputed brands make it a priority to ship fresh and high-quality products to their customers. Therefore, to get fresh delta-8 THC, many customers prefer ordering the products online.

Discreet and Private Purchase

Many may want to keep their cannabinoid consumption a discreet affair. Although the farm bill legalized cannabinoid consumption, societal taboo doesn’t cede so fast. Your family and friends may still judge you for using delta-8 products. Hence, online shopping provides a convenient alternative if you are not comfortable going to your local store and getting your favorite delta-8 product.  

Moreover, your credit card won’t indicate that you are ordering cannabinoid products. Even the delivery package doesn’t mention the delta-8 product.

Cheaper Than Offline Stores

It turns out that buying the delta-8 products online is cheaper than buying them from the store directly. Online purchase of delta-8 helps you skip the middleman. Physical stores need to pay rent for their shop, which adds up to the final retail price of the product. Therefore, you pay anywhere between 15-25% extra amount when buying your delta-8 from the retail store. 

Easy To Purchase

When you make your purchase online, you do not have to worry about going to the store physically.  You can make your purchase sitting in the comfort of your home.

Moreover, most reputable brands have fast delivery services. Therefore, whenever there are the last few doses of delta-8 in your bottle, you can make orders for subsequent stocks online, and you shall never run out of your delta-8. 

Also, your shopping hours aren’t limited to the traditional business hours. Instead, you can do your delta-8 shopping anytime, even at midnight hours! 

Also, it is very convenient to compare various delta-8 brands and products when browsing online. It is never so easy when you make such comparisons in an offline physical store.

Exciting Offers & Coupon Discounts

Most reputed brands give online offers and bonuses to their customers. These offers make your purchases cheaper and more attractive. 

These subscriptions are of various types. Sometimes, you get added items on bulk orders, and you get a discount at other times. 

Subscriptions Benefits

There is an option for subscriptions as well. When you subscribe, you do not have to worry about running out of delta-8. 

Moreover, if you plan to go for long-term consumption, a subscription is the best choice. It will ensure that the delta-8 is delivered to you periodically. Therefore, it saves you from the burden of remembering to order 

No Pressure from Sales People

When you go to an offline cannabinoid store, you may have to undergo manipulation and pressure from salespeople into buying the product. Such pressures often lead to buying products that you do not require. 

There is no such pressure when you buy the product online. You can take your own time to check out the products, save them in your cart and purchase them later.

First-Hand Checking the Product’s Safety

While it may not be possible to check out a cannabinoid product’s safety at an offline store, you can check out the product’s safety online. All reputed brands make their product undergo third-party lab tests, and the results of such tests are available online on the brand’s official website. Therefore, you can access the third-party lab reports from the website and get personal assurance of the product’s safety. On the other hand, there is always a chance of getting duped with informal and untested products in physical stores. 

Access to All Products

There is a wide range of delta-8 THC products, including tinctures, vapes, gummies, etc. When you purchase online, you can browse across the web to find the best delta-8 THC product you like. On the other hand, you will have limited options in the physical store. 

For instance, if you like delta-8 gummies of a particular flavor, your local store may have that one in stock. You do not face that issue when you purchase your product online. Even when a specific type of product is not available from a particular brand, you can lookout for a similar product with similar quality standards from a different brand.

How to Get Delta 8 THC Products Delivered At Your Door Steps? - Order Online

Ordering delta-8 THC is an easy process, and the official websites of brands have a 'Buy now' or similar option. Upon selecting the option,  you must choose the product type, size, flavor, quantity, etc. 

The next step is to type your address and choose the payment method. All reputed brands accept various popular payment methods like MasterCard, visa, etc.

Upon making the payment, you will get a message that the payment is completed. Depending on the brand's delivery services, the product should be delivered to you within three to seven days.

However, specific states do not allow the sale of delta-8 products. Hence, you cannot order delta-8 THC products in such states. 

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Delta-8 THC?

All reputed brands promise fast delivery of delta-8 products to their customers. Depending on the brand, delivery usually takes three to seven days.

Some brands offer an option for priority shipping for an extra cost. With this option, you can get your delivery at an earlier date than the conventional delivery option. 

Moreover, if you are ordering in bulk, you may get to access the priority shipping option free of cost. However, the shipping charges and shipping options are not universal across brands and may vary from brand to brand.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill made delta-8 THC products legal in the United States, and it did so by removing hemp and its derivatives from the list of Schedule I restricted substances. This law facilitated the boom of the cannabinoid industries, such as the CBD industry and, more recently, the delta-8 THC industry. 

Therefore, except in a few states, delta-8 THC extracted from hemp plants is legal in some U.S. states. However, the delta-9 THC concentration in the products should not be more than 0.3% by dry weight. 

Nonetheless, you must check with your state law regarding the legality of delta-8 products in your particular state. 

Wrapping Up: Get Your Delta 8 THC Products Online!

So, we hope the air is clearer around the question regarding why people order delta-8 online. As you saw, purchasing delta-8 online gives you better options than when you do it from a physical store. 

You get fresh and cheaper products and other benefits like bonuses and subscriptions. Overall, online shopping for delta-8 THC saves your time and energy and keeps your delta-8 consumption a discreet affair.

CBD for beginners

CBD For Beginners: Is it Feasible?

Can You Consume CBD As A Beginner?

CBD is emerging as one of the most widely accepted alternatives to traditional medicines. People are amazed by the medicinal and holistic benefits of hemp-derived CBD products. As a result, more and more people are beginning to put their trust in the use of CBD for improving their health and quality of life.

The feasibility of CBD products depends on your purpose of usage, the dosage concentration, and your health. Suppose you are a beginner and you need to find out if CBD is the right product for you. In that case, you need to understand some basics about CBD products, and a beginner’s guide can help with this.

Introduction To CBD & Hemp Products

If you’re a complete beginner to CBD and hemp-based products, then a brief introduction is necessary. It is important to know about and understand what CBD is and how it works in your body. 

CBD is also known as cannabidiol and is one of the many cannabinoids naturally found in cannabis plants. After studying the nature of the CBD compound, scientists found that it is not responsible for any psychoactive effects. This means that you can take CBD for several uses without the “high” feeling that comes with cannabinoids like delta-9 THC, which does cause psychoactive effects. 

CBD has holistic benefits and can help with a plethora of different ailments. This characteristic feature makes CBD a perfect alternative to traditional medicines for pain with fewer or even no side effects. CBD may also be used to soothe anxiety and improve your sleeping habits

Hemp-based CBD products are federally legal and can be found in many U.S. states; however, be sure to check with your state’s laws to make sure you can purchase CBD products without any issue.

How Does CBD Work? Interact With Your Endocannabinoid System

Understanding the way CBD works in your body is important because individuals may have different reactions and tolerances to CBD.

The cannabidiol, once absorbed in the body, helps the central nervous system by interacting with the receptors or the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). The body produces neurotransmitters, and cannabinoids like CBD affect the activity of these transmitters. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for the proper functioning of certain systems in your body that help with sleep, pain tolerance, appetite, and some responses in the immune system. 

There are several positive effects that happen when CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Some of these include better sleep, relaxation, and relief from chronic pain. There are still ongoing studies regarding the effects and benefits of CBD, so there is still some debate about CBD’s ability to treat illnesses.

Best Ways To Use CBD:

After the legalization of CBD-based products, the hemp experts made several different products that can fulfill people’s needs and preferences. You can use CBD in many forms, mainly edibles, vapes, or topical creams. 


One of the most common ways of using CBD is by consuming cannabidiol through edibles. There are several different forms of edibles to choose from, depending on your preferences and needs. Many brands offer CBD oil tinctures and gummies that are ready for use. If you want to make your own edibles, you can buy CBD flower, grind it up, and add it to your favorite foods or drinks. Edibles are a very convenient method to use CBD and are widely enjoyed by many people. After ingesting CBD through an edible, you should notice results within thirty to forty minutes after consumption.

When shopping for CBD edibles, you want to make sure you are getting the best quality CBD. This is essential because there are some CBD products on the market that are not up to standard. Here at BudPop, we guarantee the safety, quality, and potency of our CBD products through third-party lab testing. We also make the results of these tests available on our website as well as Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for our products. 

Vapes and Flower

Another popular way to use CBD is through inhaling the smoke from a CBD vape or from smoking CBD flower. Inhaling CBD is one of the fastest ways to feel the calming effects of CBD. This is because cannabidiol gets directly absorbed in the blood through the lungs when you inhale it. 

Moreover, some cigarette smokers who want to quit can use CBD vapes to assist in the process of quitting. The terpenes, CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids in the vapes replace the nicotine and other harmful chemicals and carcinogens in cigarettes. Better yet, CBD provides relaxation unlike the chemicals in cigarettes that can heighten or worsen anxiety.

Creams and Cosmetics 

The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD on the skin is why athletes and health-conscious people are switching to CBD creams and lotions. After a rough day at work or a difficult workout at the gym, you just need to apply a thin layer to the area that hurts the most. Doing this can soothe your skin and relax sore muscles. 

The Ideal Amount Of Mg To Begin With 

After deciding on the perfect method for yourself, you need to decide on the ideal dosage to start with. A starting dose for one person may be different from another because individuals can tolerate CBD differently. Moreover, if you are a beginner, your tolerance will be lower than someone who is an experienced CBD user. If you are new to CBD, it is best to start with a low dose to see how your body reacts and note positive effects or if there are any negative effects. After you build up your tolerance, then you can begin upping your intake.

Starting Dosage for Edibles 

One easy way to figure out a starting dose is to look for a dosage chart for CBD. Many brands that sell CBD products feature a dosage chart to help guide users to make the best choice. In general, a good starting dose is between 5 and 10mg of CBD. As you become accustomed to using CBD, then you can start upping the dosage you take. You should always give your body time to adjust to a new and higher dose.

Starting Dosage for Vapes and Flower

If you are using CBD flower pre-rolls or vapes, start with three to four puffs a day. As CBD is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream through inhalation, you will see immediate effects. If you see positive results, continue this dosage and slowly increase the time and amount of puffs until you reach your desired dose and effects. 

Starting Guide for Creams 

When using topical forms of CBD, it is best to start with a small amount and only in the areas that are troublesome. Try using the CBD cream or lotion once a day and pay attention to any changes in your skin before adding more or applying more than once daily. It is important to pay attention to how your body reacts to topical CBD just in case there are any adverse effects.

Benefits of CBD: Get Rid Of Diseases & Disorders

There are many great benefits to using CBD, some of which we have already mentioned. Below are detailed descriptions of the many benefits of CBD. Read each description to help you decide which product is right for you. 


Recent studies have shown that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in medicine. People suffering from muscle aches or chronic inflammation can benefit from using CBD. CBD’s anti-inflammatory property is why hemp companies produce different types of CBD creams and lotions. These are really effective and helpful for both athletes who have sore muscles and people who work physically demanding jobs.

Heart Diseases 

Apart from pain and anti-inflammation, CBD is also helpful in lowering blood pressure to a more suitable range. Nine people who volunteered in a study confirmed this after they took 600mg of CBD. The study clearly shows that CBD can maintain blood pressure. However, further studies are required to see if cannabidiol helps treat cardiovascular diseases. 

Chronic Pain 

One of the significant advantages of using cannabinoids or cannabidiol is that these compounds can treat chronic pain. Cannabidiol directly interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body, which helps reduce pain. As a result, CBD offers an alternative to the traditional medicines for pain that are either non-effective or have severe side effects. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, offers only fewer and temporary side effects, which we will discuss later. 

Sleep Disorders 

We already know that cannabidiol boosts the working of ECS, which helps regulate a lot of body functions, including sleep. Thus, we can assume that CBD is also helpful in regulating sleep patterns and eradicating sleep disorders. However, to back support this claim, scientists need further studies. 

Anxiety and Insomnia Due to PTSD 

As cannabidiol directly interferes with the working of ECS, you can see an improvement in the anxiety and insomnia due to PTSD. A study conducted this theory and found it to be true. CBD-derived medicines can help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder overcome anxiety and insomnia


Although CBD can not cure cancer, it can reduce the patients' chronic pain. This pain-relieving effect is also applicable to dogs and other mammals with ECS. Moreover, the anti-inflammation behavior of CBD helps suppress tumors that chronic inflammation causes. 

What Are the Side Effects Of CBD

Excess and overdose of cannabidiol can result in temporary and mild side effects in humans and animals. Diarrhea, tiredness, and change in appetite and weight are a few most common symptoms of overdosing on CBD. Apart from these, you can also experience a dry mouth and a sense of a high, disturbed sleep-wake cycle. 

Another reason for experiencing these side effects is using CBD even when you are consuming other medications. In case you are using antibiotics or other traditional medicines, always consult your doctor before ingesting CBD for pain or anxiety. Mixing the chemicals can cause even serious problems. 

Is CBD legal? Know Your State

The answer is yes and no. All the states in the United States have their own Control Substance Acts (CSA), and they can make independent laws. Thus, some states allow the use of CBD products while others do not.  

However, even states that allow the medicinal use of CBD legalizes it on two primary conditions. CBD is only legal if derived from hemp plants instead of marijuana plants. Moreover, the THC, psychoactive components, has to be equal to or less than 0.3% for CBD to be legal. 

What To Look for When Buying CBD & Hemp

You need to go in-depth about the multiple products from different companies to make a wise decision. Following are the characteristic features you should look for wherever you purchase CBD products. 

The Hemp Source 

The first and essential thing you should look for is the location of hemp farms. It is ideal if a company claims that they have farms in the United States, and this is because it is more likely for a company to regulate the high standards by keeping a keen eye on their farms and workers. 

Nature of CBD

The next thing you need to check is to see if the company grows hemp organically or not. On average, hemp takes four months to grow, and unfortunately, some companies use pesticides and fertilizers to lower this time. 

Doing this undoubtedly reduces the time cost, but it can contaminate the final product. The harsh chemicals of pesticides may seep into the hemp and affect the overall quality of CBD. 

Extraction Method 

A check-on extraction method is necessary to avoid THC, the psychoactive component that can come up in a drug test and might cause you some problems. As a result, you can look for an isolate extraction method that only extracts cannabidiol among all cannabinoids in hemp. 

However, a 0.3% or lower amount of THC can not make you high and even performs better in medical uses. In the end, the decision is all yours. 


Check for the list of ingredients under the product description and see if there is anything particular that you are allergic to or not. Some CBD products contain caffeine to provide an energy boost. So, in case you are intolerant to coffee, you should avoid using such CBD products. 

Vegan or Not

If you are vegan and want to make a decision that does not cause harm to your preferences, you can look for companies that offer vegan CBD gummies. Such companies use plant derivatives instead of animal-derived gelatin for the chewing nature of gummies. 

Ideal Dosage 

When looking for CBD products, always check the dosage chart on the official website. In case there is none, you can try the least potent product from the shop. After seeing some positive results, increase the dosage as you desire. 

Third-Party Lab Testing 

The most important thing to look for in shopping online for CBD products is third-party lab testing. Reputable companies take pride in the quality of their products and conduct lab testing to ensure that there is no compromise on the final product. Moreover, also look for transparent lab results on the website for trust. 

Return and Refund Policies 

It is always better to be familiar with the return and refund policies of a company, so in case you do not get your desired result, you can claim a refund. 

Customer Reviews 

We recommend you look for the customer feedback on the official website to see what people say about CBD products. However, do not rely only on the website but also check other social media platforms. 

Conclusion: Enjoy The CBD & CBD Products

Concluding all of this, we can say that CBD offers an excellent alternative for quite a lot of ECS-related problems. In short, you can use it for treating chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and many more. This is why more and more people are opening up to the idea of replacing traditional medicines with hemp-derived CBD ones. 

If you want to start your CBD journey, you need to see some characteristic features before finalizing a company. Always look for the source of the CBD and the extraction method that the company follows. Moreover, you need to look for organic nature, 100% natural ingredients, and company policies before you officially purchase. 

Let us know if this article was of any use to you! 

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Have Delta 8 Carts revolutionized smoking?

Have Delta 8 Carts Revolutionized Smoking?

Are Delta 8 Carts The New Way To Dab?

There have been many speculations about the relevance of delta-8 products, especially the carts, in people's lives. From all indications and the sales figures, more people are obviously interested in using delta 8 carts instead of regular cigarettes. Additionally, there are arguments claiming delta-8 carts are better than smoking. However, we have discovered the diverse advantages that this cannabinoid has over smoking through our extensive research. 

This article will shed light on the discussion that has been a significant puzzle to people as everyone is always concerned about what decisions are best for their health.

We should first clarify that while delta-8 products are extracted from hemp plants, not all cannabis strains are legal and safe for consumption. For example, delta-9, which is more potent and could cause a high that makes people hallucinate, is not permitted for use in public. Companies can get into legal trouble for selling products with a high concentration of delta-9. But delta-8 is allowed for use in many American states.

Furthermore, delta-9 contains certain elements that give users abnormal psychoactive effects. However, it is not so with most delta-8 products. Overall, the best way to use these products is by buying from a reliable source.

Before we go any further, we would like to say that delta-8 carts have revolutionized smoking as a habit. Previously, most people smoked and faced the health consequences that most likely cut lives short, according to medical reports on tobacco. However, revealing that it is possible to enjoy numerous health benefits while smoking delta-8 carts has attracted many users. They now abandon the regular, potentially dangerous cigarettes for delta-8 carts. Suppose you are a chronic smoker. Instead of ruining your organs with cigarettes, you will enjoy the same feeling and health benefits with delta-8 carts.

Real Facts About Using Delta 8 Carts vs Smoking

Ever since the legalization of cannabidiol in 2018, the hemp market has continued to manufacture exceptional products. The companies in the industry developed the delta-8 Carts. Specifically, they came about this mode of consuming delta-8 THC to ensure that users have a convenient method of using the product. Due to this new hemp-based product's safety, potency, and effectiveness, its demand has been on the rise.

On the other hand, we have discovered that it doesn't positively affect the body no matter how or what you smoke in the form of cigarettes. 

Manufacturers in the industry often use tobacco to produce their cigarettes. Unfortunately, these tobacco products do not contain any safe and healthy content. Instead, they contain carbon monoxide, acetone, nicotine, and tar which are highly detrimental to users' health. In addition, these products harm users' lungs and their entire bodies.

Smoking cigarettes induces both long and short-term effects on people. While we researched this, we saw many cases of people who suffered health deterioration once they began to smoke. Notably, some suffered immediate adverse effects while others used the product for long years before they began to suffer an onslaught of problems caused by consistent tobacco use.

It is essential to realize that smoking harms almost all internal organs in the human body. In contrast, users consume delta-8 carts and enjoy multiple health benefits. Moreover, people who use delta-8 carts have positive testimonies about their improved health while consuming the product. Overall, while the manufacturers of delta-8 products advertise the effectiveness of their carts, the manufacturers of cigarettes do not bring out such public adverts because they know their products are harmful. The cigarettes packets feature obscure warnings "Smoking Can Kill You." Thus, if the manufacturers can put such statements on their products, it speaks volumes about the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

More people have made the switch to start using delta-8 carts for these reasons. They are convenient, safer, and affordable.

How Have Delta 8 Carts Revolutionized Smoking?

It is all about the features. Delta-8 carts have numerous outstanding features that attract more users daily. The health benefits are at the top of the list. Here are the features that have made a change in how people smoke these days:

Health Benefits

One of the numerous ways delta-8 has radically changed smoking habits is its health benefits. Earlier in this article, we mentioned how smoking delta-8 carts induces enjoyable effects in users and the various health benefits that the carts offer. Additionally, we discovered that delta-8 carts such as vapes release minimal amounts of carcinogens with little to zero side effects. We discovered that people who vape have less CO in their blood. Furthermore, vaping delta-8 products help users relax and sleep better.

Another health benefit of delta-8 over smoking is its antiemetic properties. Delta-8 carts help to inhibit vomiting and nausea. In fact, researchers used this product on children who had cancer and had undergone chemotherapy. Surprisingly, it stopped these children from feeling nauseous or vomiting as these symptoms come with chemotherapy. Unfortunately, we can not say this about smoking. Scientists have discovered that smoking cigarettes or secondary smoke inhalation are a common cause of nausea and vomiting. When the toxins from tobacco enter the human system, some people feel nauseous.

Better Taste

Without a doubt, it is evident that delta-8 carts have a better taste than smoking. From our research, we got to know that cigarettes taste nasty. Some users reported that cigarettes taste like licking burning newspaper, while others said they tasted like ash. These descriptions are both unappealing.

On the other hand, vaping delta-8 products help maintain the effects of the product and its good taste. Users can enjoy the flavor of delta-8 THC as terpenes are not destroyed. Moreover, vaping devices have temperature options that enable users to choose the best temperature for heating the delta-8 extract in the cart.

Weed Carts Are Reusable

Another advantage of using delta-8 carts over cigarettes is that users can reuse the vape carts. However, it is impossible to reuse cigarettes. Once you smoke a stick of cigarette, it turns out, and that's all, but in the case of vape carts, you can use them repeatedly. You do not have to throw away the whole thing as it remains functional. To reuse vape vapes, refill or replace the cartridge. Then you can continue to use the battery and the vape container. You only have to replace the cartridge when it gets exhausted, but other vape components remain and last for more extended periods.

Pain Relief

Several people light up cigarettes to "numb" their pain. Unfortunately, it does the opposite as time goes on. An expert pain management specialist once stated that smoking worsens body pain over time. How does that happen? Tobacco contains nicotine which deceives the body into feeling relaxed and painless as it releases dopamine in the user's system, which helps them feel good. However, this tobacco impedes the flow of oxygen-rich blood into the body's areas that need it. When there is a decrease in blood flow, it causes degeneration in the spines. Hence, it causes lower back pain. Moreover, smoking makes the human healing process slower.

On the other hand, delta-8 carts help to relieve body pain. It has also been discovered that one of the fastest methods to enjoy pain relief is not by consuming delta-8 edibles but through delta-8 vape carts. Fortunately, you can enjoy more immediate pain relief with no side effects. Research showed that THC helps to reduce neuropathic and central body pain.

Brain Health

We all know that smoking cigarettes affects the lungs and the heart, but most people don't understand that smoking affects the brain. Tobacco contains nicotine which acts like neurotransmitters and sends signals to the brain. This nicotine mimics the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, so it increases signals sent to the brain. Unfortunately, the brain has to compensate for the increased reception of signals and begins to reduce the functions of the acetylcholine receptors. Then, the need for nicotine begins to increase. Even if you try to quit, the nicotine pushes your brain to release withdrawal symptoms which causes an intense craving for it.

Moreover, smoking causes cognitive decline and increases the risk of users being diagnosed with dementia. Additionally, people who smoke suffer the risk of brain volume loss, affecting the structural integrity of subcortical brain regions.

In contrast, delta-8 possesses solid neuroprotective properties. It helps manage and control calcium and potassium channels in the central nervous system and inhibits adenyl cyclase. Specifically, these activities help improve brain health. In addition, delta-8 THC aids in the treatment of degenerating mental issues. Hence, there is an improvement in the generation and growth of neurons needed for better brain health.

Controlled Dosage

One feature that attracts users to delta-8 carts is that they can control the dosage. Unlike smoking cigarettes, you don't have to inhale large puffs from your vape as a newbie mistakenly. The vape pens come with a setting that allows users to control their dosage. You can use different settings to get the dose that works best for you, and this way, you will be able to enjoy your vape at a consistent amount. However, it is impossible to enjoy this with cigarettes. Only experienced smokers know how to ration their puffs to their satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions On Vape Pens

Is Smoking Federally Legalized?

While there are states that claim marijuana to be legal, the plant is still federally illegal. The government classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 drug under the scheduling system as they believe it has no medical benefit and can easily be abused. Hence, marijuana is in the same category as heroin. 

Furthermore, while the Obama administration operated on a more relaxed approach to marijuana, states could use the plant's derivative if they kept to specific rules. In contrast, Trump's administration turned different, and officials shut down state-legal marijuana businesses. Overall, the use of marijuana is still federally illegal. Although the public opinions and states' wishes are in favor of the plant's legalization, the government remains adamant about it.

Are Delta-8 Products Federally Legalized?

People often wonder why delta-9 THC is still illegal while this new extract is legal. While there is much contradictory information on the legality of delta-8 THC, it is essential to note that the product is federally legal. However, the government explicitly prohibited delta-9 because it is from marijuana. 

This marijuana contains more than 0.3% THC, in contrast to the 2018 federal farm bill. Moreover, delta-8 THC is extracted from hemp plants legalized in the United States. Therefore, these extracts are seen as different despite their similar genetic makeup because of their source.

Can Smoking Stimulate Appetite?

Unfortunately, smoking does not stimulate appetite. Instead, it causes users to lose pounds. The nicotine in cigarettes triggers a pathway in the brain that suppresses appetite. Scientists discovered that smokers tend to be thinner than nonsmokers after decades of research. During the research on mice using nicotine-like chemicals, it was observed that the mice who received the medication ate less than those who didn't. Seeing this, the researchers delved more into it. They got to know that the receptors that took part in the fight-or-flight response responded to nicotine to reduce hunger.

How Does Using a Delta-8 Cart Help Me Relax?

Delta-8 Carts have anxiolytic effects. Thus, users can feel relaxed when they consume the product. Delta-8 THC is bound to CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Although these CB1 receptors modulate anxiety and fear, cannabidiol leads to anxiety reduction.

Are Delta-8 Carts and Smoking Addictive?

Delta-8 carts are safer and less addictive than smoking. Furthermore, it takes longer for users to get addicted to delta-8, and it's also easier to stop the product. However, smoking is very addictive. This is because tobacco contains nicotine which is highly addictive. Nicotine addiction is physical, mental, and behavioral. Thus, it would help if you avoided it.

Conclusion: Better Alternative For Smokers, Dab The New Cool Delta 8 Carts

The emergence of delta 8 carts revealed that people could enjoy the smoking experience without side effects and health risks. We have looked at the legality and benefits of using delta-8 carts to assert that delta-8 is better in every aspect than smoking cigarettes. 

Furthermore, we saw how dangerous smoking could be to users' health. Tobacco, an essential ingredient in cigarettes, contains nicotine and may cause various health problems in consumers, hence the attraction to delta-8 carts. 

Consumers of delta-8 THC enjoyed better appetite, relaxation, and overall good health. Thus, the delta-8 cart is a better option for smoking, and the industry is rapidly accepting this fact. It is also affordable.

how long does effect of delta 8 last?

Delta-8 THC Lasts Longer Than You Think

How Long Does Delta 8 Last?

You must have heard about delta-8 THC gummies, tinctures, carts, and flowers. And in a world where delta-8 companies are popping up left, right, and center, you, the buyer, have all of the power.

Before you buy delta-8 THC products, you might want to know a bit more about the cannabinoid. For example, how long does delta-8 THC last? As a consumer, knowing this can help you choose the best product and get the best price.

To effectively answer how long delta-8 lasts, it is essential to understand what we mean by the statement. One can interpret the question as to how long the psychoactive effects of delta-8 THC last, or how long the delta-8 THC material lasts.

Since the answers are somewhat distinct, we will answer both of these questions separately.

How Long Do Delta 8 THC’s Psychoactive Effects Last?

Generally, we would wish to give you a definite answer about how long the psychoactive effects of delta-8 THC last. But to tell you the truth, the results of delta-8 THC consumption vary from person to person for several reasons.

Delta-8 THC has different effects on people. Since it is a type of THC, it lingers in the user’s body like any other THC. However, you need to note that there is no exact time to tell how long delta-8 will remain in one's body.

As such, we could say delta-8's effects are purely anecdotal, as everybody will react differently to the use of delta-8 THC.

Consequently, the high hours may differ among people who have used delta-8 simultaneously. Some of the reasons for this difference include age, genetics, weight, and metabolism. It can also result from THC potency, frequency of consumption, and the method of intake.

There are several ways of consuming delta-8 THC — all of which factor into how long you may experience the psychoactive effects. For example, the effects are more likely to fade away when you vape or smoke delta-8, unlike when you ingest it.

This is because when you choose to ingest delta-8, the body breaks down the chemicals in the THC substance much slower than when it is smoked or vaped. 

Additionally, when using a vaporizer, you may start experiencing the effects within six minutes of consumption, and you will begin to feel the high peak in at least 30 minutes, which may last for the next two and a half hours. For some, the effects can even last for five hours after consumption.

How Long Does Delta 8 THC Material Last?

Some of you may be wondering how long delta 8 THC material lasts. Well, we have the answer for you. For delta-8 THC material to last a long time, you have to use it sparingly.

The more you use it, the less likely it is you will have it for a long time.

However, choosing a highly potent delta-8 THC product will reduce the number of times you order new delta-8 THC cartridges.

It is a benefit that encourages you to come back. Still, this does not mean we, at BudPop, have some secret delta-8 THC extract that other companies have no access to. Instead, our substances are simply cleaner, purer, and, therefore, more potent.

Since BudPop's delta-8 THC distillate has a higher potency than many of its competitors, it takes fewer puffs to get the desired effects of delta-8 THC.

Each cartridge contains 800mg of pure delta-8 THC, so depending on your tolerance, you may need two to four puffs to achieve the psychoactive effects you desire. This means 200 puffs would be ideal to consume the entire 800mg of distillate.

However, this figure may vary significantly based on various factors, including how strongly you pull from the cartridge or pod and how long you puff. Based on the numbers we have provided (200 puffs altogether), you can expect 100 sessions if you take two puffs per session and 50 sessions if you take four per session.

Other Forms Of Delta 8

To determine how long delta-8 THC can last in your body, one needs to factor in a few things. For instance, it depends on how frequently you use the substance and what kind of product you are using. Additionally, different products release delta-8 into your body at various rates.


One of the quickest ways to get delta-8 into your system is to use vape cartridges. It is one of the best because it allows the delta-8 THC to enter into your system directly. As a result, it does not have to go through the metabolism process like in the case of edibles.

Therefore, the effects are usually seen within six minutes.

The vast majority of delta-8 THC enthusiasts and users prefer their chosen and favorite cannabinoid in the form of vape. Vaping has particular advantages over other consumption methods, serving as a convenient, on-demand way to experience its effects.

Regardless, some people are not big fans of vaping since, according to them, it irritates the throat when one hits the product too hard.

Still, it is one of the many ways you can choose to enjoy delta-8 THC. However, you also need to note that although it takes less time to feel its effects, they may not last as long. In fact, the high may wear off in the next two to three hours after vaping.

Recommended Use: Take two to three hits per session and wait at least 15 minutes to notice the effects. Then, take extra hits as needed.


Edibles come in two categories. Some edibles need to be dissolved in the mouth, while others require complete processing through digestion. And this is the case with gummies, cookies, and crackers.

Now, how your body absorbs delta-8 determines the amount of time it takes for you to feel its effects and how long the effects last.

Edibles that go through the digestive system take longer to manifest than those entering the bloodstream directly through the sublingual glands.

In this case, we are talking about gummies and cookies. These delta-8 THC products need you to swallow them before the body starts to break them down. Thanks to the slow process, the effects can take one to two hours before they kick in.

The good thing, though, is that the effects last longer than other methods — more than eight hours, to be precise. In addition, beginners like this method of consumption since it does not have extras like lighting a cartridge or changing a battery.

One of the most sought-after delta-8 THC edibles is BudPop's gummies, as they contain pure, non-GMO delta-8 THC extract. The whole bottle has the equivalent of 625mg of delta-8 THC in 25 gummies.

These are potent edible gummies, each containing 25mg of delta-8. As we love to say, each gummy has a powerful delta-8 punch.

Recommendation Usage: Take half of a delta-8 gummy and wait 1 hour to 1.5 hours before taking more. If necessary, take the other half in the next 2 hours.

THC Tinctures

A tincture is a concentrated oily substance you can mix with a drink or food. You can also take it directly through the mouth in the form of delta-8 oil drops.

Similar to edibles, the effects of tinctures can be seen 30 minutes to 1.5 hours after ingestion. These effects are slightly more pronounced than in other edibles since the tincture is absorbed entirely by the mucous membrane and the sublingual glands.

The effects tend to last somewhere between one and twelve hours after ingesting a few drops of the tinctures.

Recommended Usage: Take a quarter of a dropper (0.25 ml) and wait for one to 12 hours. Take another quarter of the dropper if you feel like you need it.

Delta 8 Flower

Delta-8 flowers are also quite popular among cannabinoid enthusiasts. Most people like that they have a calming sensation and that you can smoke delta-8 flowers socially without losing your sanity.

As an inhalation method of ingesting delta-8 THC, its effects are noticeable in six to ten minutes. Moreover, you can feel the psychoactive effects of delta-8 flower for up to five hours.

BudPop's flowers are a customer favorite, as they are safer and cleaner than other delta-8 products. In addition, our flowers are infused with the premium delta-8 extract. As a result, you can stay clear of any additives and ingredients present in other delta-8 products.

Conclusion: Potent Delta-8 THC Will Bring You Euphoria Instantly

To answer how long delta-8 THC lasts requires that we look into various factors and concepts. These include how long the psychoactive effects of delta-8 last and how long the delta-8, itself, can last.

For the psychoactive effects of delta-8, you can expect them to remain anywhere from 30 minutes up to 8 hours, depending on the product you use and how much of it you consume.

How long the product can last depends on how much and how often you use it. But, we recommend you use and follow the ideal dosage to serve you well and last for a while.

However, since the effects vary from person to person, your tolerance might be higher than what the label indicates. In this case, you might want to use a little more of the delta-8 product in question.

overdosing on Delta 8

Delta 8 Overdose: What To Do?

Overdosed On Delta 8? Follow Our Guide

With the growing hype and consumption rates, delta-8 THC products have become the safest and most legally enjoyed cannabinoid products. They contain neuroprotective properties that aid anxiety, nausea, and pain reduction.

Unlike CBD, delta-8 THC can get you high. However, it does not do so at the same level or to the same degree as delta-9 THC does. It is essential to mention that delta-8 THC still resides in a legally grey area. Nevertheless, many manufacturers and consumers are progressively creating and enjoying reasonable quantities of delta-8 THC.

Visible Side Effects Of Delta 8 THC Overdose

Dry Mouth

Having too many delta-8 gummies can result in a dry mouth, which causes the salivary glands to reduce saliva production. The dry sensation in your mouth can lead you to think you are dehydrated, and you may feel the urge to drink water to replenish the feeling. However, it is essential to remember that low saliva production is just a side effect and nothing serious.

Dry Eyes

Some people may experience dry eyes, resulting in redness and leading to an uncomfortable sensation. To help relieve this side effect, you could try using eye drops, as these will alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes and replenish some of the moisture lost from the eyes.

Feeling Groggy 

You might feel a sudden urge to sleep along with some other symptoms, such as lightheadedness, a foggy brain, and fatigue.

Intense Body and Heavy Mind

When the body undergoes a high-intensity experience, it becomes overly conscious of sensations, resulting in couchlock, numbness, and possible anxiety attacks. The brain induces the experiences the body goes through, and as a result, the person gets these overwhelming physical and psychological sensations.

Inability to Work or Drive

You might find it difficult to focus when experiencing a high caused by delta-8. This is because the coordination between the body and the brain loses stability, making it difficult to perform mentally challenging activities.

If you think your focus is not as sharp as before, we strongly advise you to refrain from activities such as driving, as doing otherwise may lead to some undesirable consequences. So, wait for the side effects to wane before deciding to do any activity that requires concentration and focus.


It is recommended to start with a small dosage to avoid unpleasant sensations or side effects. Although delta-8 products help reduce stress, you must remember an overdose can result in an abundance of anxious feelings. The extent of anxiety after an overdose may vary among people, as some have underlying anxiety disorders.

Severe Symptoms

Unfortunately, despite the age restrictions, some minors still find ways to consume delta-8 THC, especially by smoking. This can be extremely dangerous, considering some of the side effects could come up due to the compound’s interaction with their developing minds and bodies. For example, minors consuming delta-8 are likely to experience low blood pressure and difficulty breathing, among other things.

What is worse, in the most severe cases, overdosing on delta-8 THC could lead to a condition as serious as a coma. However, this is incredibly rare. Nevertheless, it is critical to ensure minors do not have access to delta-8 THC no matter what the circumstances. In the unlikely event they have to consume it for medical reasons, it should be strictly under a doctor’s supervision and with a prescription.

Follow The Steps For Aid

Let us imagine you were on a trip or a holiday with your friends, and you saw your friends taking delta-8 gummies. Eventually, you decide to have some too and accidentally go beyond your limit.

The high dose of delta-8 THC gummies would likely lead to some unfamiliar sensations you are not entirely prepared for. The strange part is that your friends might not feel any weird sensations like you are having since delta-8 THC affects people differently.

Nevertheless, under those circumstances, it would become vital for you to find a way to deal with the consequences of consuming a large amount of delta-8 at once.

Here are a few ideas:

Shift the Focus

When you are experiencing a high, make sure your focus is not directed towards the sensations. When you focus on the side effects, your brain will likely assume you are in danger. As such, it would turn on the fight or flight response, causing additional fear and panic.

Therefore, we would advise you to try diverting your attention. For example, you could shift your focus by watching a lighthearted movie, listening to happy songs, playing friendly games, drawing, or painting.

To cut the story short, try engaging in any activity you find appealing. Then, once you begin, temporarily restrict yourself within the bubble of those happy emotions.

Grab a Bite

Some studies show that eating can have therapeutic effects on many people. Those who tend to experience a revving high can counter the anxiousness by eating anxiety-lowering foods. Common anxiety-lowering foods include Brazil nuts, fatty fish, lemon, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.

Go for a Walk

Walking has many health benefits for our physical and mental well-being. For example, mobility helps regulate blood pressure, which can lower your anxiety levels.

Similarly, taking a stroll around the city could work as a perfect distraction coupled with deep breaths of fresh air, alleviating some unpleasant side effects.


Taking a shower is also one of the ways to feel better. Hot showers are comforting, while cold showers are refreshing. So, no matter which you prefer at that moment, rest assured that showers are a great way to start.

It is important to remember cold showers are generally great for anxiety since they help lower blood pressure, which aids in anxiety reduction. However, if you find a hot shower or warm bath more pleasant and comforting, go for it.

Drink Fluids

Hydration is the key to boosting your health and general well-being. So, flushing your body with lots of water may help minimize the discomfort. More specifically, when you hydrate with water, it will reduce the uncomfortable dry mouth sensation and also help stabilize your blood pressure.


One of the best places you can get help is from a sober person. So, talk to a friend, and they will help you put things into perspective, which will reduce the effects of a high state of mind.

Moreover, having distracting conversations helps the person regain their normal state of mind. This is important because you will be able to avoid risky situations and decisions.


It has been claimed that CBD may assist in reducing the unpleasant sensations experienced after taking delta-8 THC. Both delta-8 THC and CBD products are extractions of the cannabis plant.

However, while THC heightens psychoactive responses, CBD prevents THC from activating and minimizes its effects when consumed. So, you can dab some CBD oil on the tongue or consume it as gummies, and you may feel much less anxious.

Go to Sleep

If you can sleep, do it. Sleeping is the best way to get rid of the high, and it also helps to calm the nerves. The longer you sleep, the quicker the effects will wear off.

Although it can be challenging to fall asleep when anxious, it is the most effective way of dealing with anxiety. You can also try listening to calm, therapeutic music, as this may help you fall asleep peacefully.

Medical Help

If the symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Where To Get Reasonable Delta 8 THC Dosages —

We have already taken our time to explain the possible effects of consuming a lot of delta-8 THC at once. However, that does not mean delta-8 THC is terrible or that you should stay away from it permanently. It simply means you should be more cautious about your consumption levels. So, if you are looking for a brand to get reasonable and high-quality quantities of delta-8 THC, our brand, BudPop, is the way to go.

BudPop is a leading brand that uses premium technology to extract delta-8 THC from the best quality hemp plants. Currently, we sell delta-8 gummies, hemp flowers, and vape cartridges.

These products are available in various exclusive flavors, smells, and effects that give you an adventurous and tasty ride around delta-8 THC. Our website is fantastic, as all of the necessary information is readily available. This is besides the fact that we consciously try to figure out what customers want before creating our products. 

Furthermore, unlike some others on the market, BudPop’s products are not dangerous or toxic to humans.

Conclusion: Stay Euphoric, Practice Safe Smoking

Whether you get high intentionally or accidentally, the effects are temporary and generally pass in a few hours. Alongside the ones mentioned here, there are many ways to feel normal again quickly. However, we should mention they are not exactly backed by extensive and complex scientific research.

So, if one does not work, try another and keep going until you achieve normalcy. We would say you should then acquaint yourself with the method that works best for you, but that would be equivalent to telling you to continue consuming excessively high quantities of delta-8 THC. Instead, know your delta-8 limits and stick with them.

If you are unsure what that is, figure it out by taking baby steps and gradually moving forward.

how to read Delta 8 lab results

How To Read Lab Tests For Delta 8


Delta 8 Third Party Lab Results- Why They Matter And How to Read Them

Delta 8 has gained massive popularity across the country after the 2018 Federal Farm Bill came into law. Since then, different brands have joined the delta 8 industry, selling various types of delta-8 products.

The problem is, it is increasingly becoming harder to tell fake dealers from genuine ones. And if you are not careful, you may end up buying unsafe, impure, or poor-quality delta-8 products.

So, how do you ensure the delta-8 products you buy are safe, of high quality, effective, and pure? Well, you can confirm these details by going through the product's third-party lab results.

But, if you are a first-time buyer, going through the third-party lab results can be confusing and time-consuming, especially if you do not know what you are looking for.

Fortunately, we have created this informative guide designed for someone like you. It comes with all of the information you need to know on what you can learn from the lab tests, what to look out for in these results, and how to read third-party lab results overall.

What Can You Learn from Third-Party Lab Results?

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) contains a lot of information, all of which are critical indicators of a delta-8 product's quality and safety. You are better off knowing how to read delta-8 third-party lab results to guarantee a worthwhile experience.

You get a great deal of information about a specific delta-8 product from its lab analysis certificate. There are hundreds of compounds in the hemp plant, which is the primary source of delta-8 THC. Therefore, lab results give users valuable insight into the composition of various products.

As a result, you will know how much of each compound is inside a delta-8 flower. Also, the results indicate the product concentration level, and the potency should inform you how much delta-8 you can consume for the best experience.

Lab Analysis Reports: Important Terms You Should Know

Full-Spectrum: This expression defines hemp extracts with a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. All of these ingredients combine to produce a train of effects. Naturally, there are dozens of cannabinoids, and the results should indicate those present in the delta-8 product.

Cannabinoids: Hemp contains multiple cannabinoid compounds. The primary element is CBD, which is a prominent constituent of delta-8 products. Other cannabinoids include CBG, CBN, and CBC, which should feature in the test results.

Terpenes: This is an aromatic oil that lends a distinct flavor to CBD products. Terpenes are organic compounds found in hemp.

Mycotoxin: Hemp can contain toxic elements produced by fungi. So, you must know about the presence of mycotoxins in any delta-8 product because of their lethal nature.

Residual Solvents: Other toxic agents are solvents that are necessary during delta-8 production. Excessive quantities pose a health risk, hence the need for lab testing.

How To Read BudPop's Certificate of Analysis Results

Third-party testing is a necessary step for all genuine delta-8 dealers, as a trustworthy brand will go through the trouble of independent testing. So, when you are ready to buy, have a look at the results.

Here are the items you should watch out for when reading a Certificate of Analysis.

Potency Of D8 Products

Before taking any delta-8 product, whether hemp flower or edible, you must know how much you can consume. Taking the right amount should give you a pleasant experience. Some people ignore the product concentration figures and end up using too much at a time — and we all know how those sessions end.

The leading indicators of delta-8 product potency are the active ingredients CBD and THC. You should find the amounts of delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC indicated in the table. Also, the levels of various CBD compounds are displayed alongside THC so you can get a good idea of the product's potency.

Our company has a fantastic third-party testing result certificate that summarizes the different compounds. 

Presence of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are dangerous substances that originate from fungal organisms, and the fungal derivatives are in parts per billion.

Watch out for the levels of aflatoxins, fusarium, ergot, and patulin. Their figures should be as low as possible because you do not want them anywhere near your product.

The Occurrence of Pesticides

Hemp is a widely cultivated plant, and like all plants, it is subject to attacks by insect pests who are looking for a meal. That is why some farmers might use chemicals to discourage pest attacks.

Unfortunately, the heavy use of pesticides has a domino effect. The chemicals build up inside plant cells, and they will ultimately reach delta-8 products. Still, a thorough lab test should pick up unsafe pesticide levels.

Quantity of Heavy Metals

Like pesticides and mycotoxins, heavy metals are toxic substances, too. Since you cannot control the type of soil on which growers plant their cannabis plants, you are better off knowing how to read delta-8 third-party lab test results for heavy metals.

Arsenic, lead, and mercury often occur in the soil, and plants will absorb these elements and accumulate them inside their tissues. Luckily, a lab test will quickly pick out the level of toxic items inside the delta-8 product.

Residual Solvents

Anything that is in a delta-8 product will show up on a third-party lab test. Since it is the last step before going to market, a lab analysis will indicate any residual solvents, which are chemicals used to extract THC and CBD from hemp.

On our third-party COAs, all of the levels of residual solvents are below the Limit of Quantification indicated by <LOQ. The solvents are present in minute quantities that effectively render the product safe for human consumption.

Additional Microorganisms

You also do not want to encounter microbes in your delta-8 flower, as these organisms are disease transmitters that lower the quality of your favorite delta-8 product.

Third-Party Lab Testing: Complete Process

As cannabis gains legitimacy, no one wants to transact with shady delta-8 dealers, as you would not know where they harvested the hemp and what is in the product.

Fortunately, there are reputable companies. For instance, our brand employs a methodical third-party testing procedure that intends to weed out harmful substances from your favorite delta-8 commodities.

Transparency breeds trust, and our team over at BudPop eschews hiding their results. So, there is an independent third-party testing process for all of the products on sale. This way, customers have a good idea about what they are buying.

It is not just the end products that are getting scrutiny. The demand for the highly touted delta-8 is rising, and many growers are looking to produce the raw materials needed to make delta-8 products. Therefore, testing also covers raw materials, and the results will indicate whether the farmer used chemicals while growing the plants.

Where Do You Find Third-Party Lab Results?

Before buying any cannabis product, you must ensure you can find the ingredients used. Most of the time, every delta-8 product has an accompanying Certificate of Analysis that indicates every individual component in the edible or hemp flower.

Every delta-8 online store will indicate third-party lab test results below the product. You can easily retrieve these details to know what is inside your product.

Why Products Like Delta 8 Need Testing?

Why go through the trouble of testing delta-8 products? Why can dealers not save a few bucks by using in-house lab analysis?


The primary reason for buying delta-8 products backed by third-party labs is trust. Even if some companies own a significant share of the market, you will quickly trust their products if another person has already tested them. That is why notable market players still use third-party lab results to convince customers.

Safety Guaranteed

Most of the things tested for in a lab analysis can pose a fatal risk in large quantities. Delta-9 THC, for instance, will leave you with serious side effects if you are taking a lot of it. Also, there are residual solvents and heavy metals, which are toxic to humans.

Fortunately, a COA will pick up any dangerous substances in the delta-8 product. In addition, the test results indicate the quantities of each substance so you can also gauge the risk of consuming excessive amounts.

Little Government Oversight

Recently, many authorities have begun to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, the legislation that accompanied these monumental decisions has not been forthcoming. There are several gray areas in the growing and processing of various CBD products.

With little control from the top, many unscrupulous dealers take advantage of this gap to sell substandard delta-8 products. Therefore, third-party lab tests are the last line of defense for cannabis enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts: Know Your Product, Read Lab Tests

Hemp contains hundreds of compounds that find their way into various delta-8 products. Some of these elements are toxic, such as heavy metals, while others, like delta-9 THC, will cause the undesired effects of marijuana to manifest.

Therefore, it is essential to check whether a product has third-party lab results. You also need to familiarize yourself with how to read those reports.

Third-party lab analysis will yield a comprehensive report on the state of your favorite delta-8 product. So, you will quickly know everything that is inside the product and its respective quantities. This information will help you to decide whether to trust a particular delta-8 brand or not. 

Delta 8 vs coffee

Delta 8 Vs Coffee

Delta 8 THC & Coffee: Will It Work?

We all know coffee for its wake-up effect, but what we often forget is its flexibility. Your coffee will taste great no matter what you do, and by that we mean adding milk, caramel, chocolate, or enjoying it plain and simple. On the topic of coffee and the wonders you can do with it, let us talk about adding some delta 8 to your morning cup.

Coffee is great as is, but sometimes it is good to have energy without jitters. Combining your coffee with delta-8 THC may help alleviate physical strain, boost your mind, and calm your stomach, all with a bit of euphoria. So, if you are looking for a cup of coffee that is more than just coffee, you have come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out more.

How Do Caffeine and Delta 8 Work Together?

Caffeine and delta-8 THC together work as the biggest morning picker-upper. This is because the caffeine in your coffee inhibits the production of adenosine. In layman’s terms, adenosine is what makes you feel sleepy, tired, and sometimes drowsy. Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, contributes to the release of dopamine, which is also known as the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter.

In theory, both caffeine and delta-8 THC should work against each other, but in reality, they enhance the effects of one another. 

Delta-8 THC can actually hide the nasty side effects of caffeine, such as anxiety, jitters, shaking, and muscle cramps. This duo will allow the good effects of coffee to kick in, enhancing your concentration, focus, and overall productivity. You will also notice the influence remains in your system for a longer time, as coffee and delta-8 delay the breakdown of each other. 

Keep Track Of Your D8 Quantity

Delta-8 THC combined with your steaming hot cup of coffee sure seems tempting, but it is time we answer the ‘how much’ question. So, let us quickly look at a study done by the National Library of Medicine.

For this study, squirrel monkeys were given different doses of THC and MSX-3. MSX-3 is a chemical that produces the same effects as caffeine by binding to the adenosine receptors. The experiment showed that when the monkeys were given high doses of MSX-3, they craved more THC. On the other hand, low doses of MSX-3 enhanced the effects of THC and made them want less. It also kept them high for a longer time.

This study shows that low amounts of caffeine can boost the effects of THC, which is true for humans as well, since our bodies react the same way. Conversely, if we increase the amount of caffeine, we will end up consuming more delta-8 THC. So, the takeaway here is to consume less caffeine for a prolonged effect.

What Exactly Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 is a psychoactive substance that produces a mild euphoria. It is a natural ingredient extracted from hemp that keeps you away from physical and emotional strain. Not only does it elevate your mood, but it also contributes to several health benefits.

You might confuse delta-8 THC with marijuana or THC. However, delta-8 THC is hemp, which is far less potent than marijuana or delta-9. People consume delta-8 to overcome anxiety, sleep problems, and even pain. Apart from the health benefits, paranoia is essentially non-existent with the use of delta-8 as well. 

Now, you might be wondering how and where to get your delta-8 supply from. With so many companies jumping into the field, it is hard to find a good source. For starters, you need to make sure the company is producing effective, legal, and safe products. Luckily, we have gone through the tricky part and have the answer ready for you.

BudPop – #1 Consumer Brand For Hemp Products

We, at BudPop, provide innovative, high-quality products that you can incorporate into your daily caffeine usage. Having the potential to be the next ‘number 1’ brand in the market, our products have scored many fans in a short time. After decades of hard work and constant effort, we, as the founders, have finally launched a wide range of high-quality hemp products, which are perfect to use alongside caffeine to achieve a heightened experience. For example, try vaping one of our delta-8 vape carts with your morning cup of coffee to attain a calm energy and a clear mind to start your day.

At BudPop, we provide a natural hemp alternative that has a variety of health benefits. Apart from stress relief, our products can also help stimulate your appetite and even contribute to pain relief. Since we are dedicated to creating the best delta-8 products, BudPop has maintained high quality by conducting several lab tests on its products. In addition, we ensure all ingredients are all-natural and non-GMO, which means you can trust every product from us to be safe and satisfying.

Get The Most Out Of Your Drink

If you like the idea of coffee and delta-8 together, let us talk about how you can get the most out of the two. For your drink, you can prepare it however you like. Pot, drip, or full-blown barista-grade — any drink will do. You can then choose a flavor for your delta-8. You can either add them directly and give them a good stir, or take them orally or vape after you have taken a sip.

Just remember, if you are using tinctures, make sure your coffee is not burning hot, or else you might not feel the effects as much. If you prefer sipping your coffee while you vape, keep in mind your coffee might kick in before the delta-8 does. 

For flavors, if you prefer gummies, we, at BudPop, currently offer two options — Strawberry Gelato and Blue Dream Berry. On the other hand, if you would rather vape, we have Strawberry Gelato and Grape Runtz. We also offer Northern Lights and Cookies Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower.

In terms of the type of coffee, there is no right or wrong. You can use whatever you like — just make sure you are not consuming too much.

Conclusion: Add Delta 8 To Your Coffee- Killer Combo

Adding delta-8 THC to your coffee can be the best tweak you can do to your drink. It can not only help you overcome the nasty side effects of coffee, but it can help elevate your productivity as well. After combining the two, you may also find yourself in a good mood throughout the day. So, if you are looking for a sign to add delta-8 to your coffee, you have it.

How is delta 8 made?

How Is Delta 8 Made? Buy Premium Quality D8

How Is Delta 8 Made? — Complete Guide To Buy Delta 8 THC Products

The popularity of delta 8 is on the rise, and you can find it in practically all relevant markets, including chemists, tobacco shops, gas stations, and cannabis-based stores. The substance is used in the manufacturing of gummies, vape cartridges, tinctures, and many other products. Moreover, delta-8 is legal and distributed across several states in the U.S.

With that said, it is clear many stores now sell delta-8 THC due to its increased popularity and demand. However, it is not advisable to simply buy delta-8 from just any source. Instead, it is essential to look for reputable brands and buy their premium-quality products that are certified by third-party labs.

In this article, we will walk you through the manufacturing process of delta-8 and give you a few pointers on buying premium products. But first:

What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is one of the compounds that occur naturally in the hemp plant. It became legal on a federal level for sale and consumption by appropriate audiences after the U.S. Farm Bill of 2018.

Now, here is the exciting part — delta-8 THC occurs naturally in the hemp plant alongside several other cannabinoids. However, its concentration is so minute that it requires human modification/intervention if scientists produce it on an industrial scale.

Now, do not get us wrong. This does not necessarily mean the compound we all know and love is artificial. Rather than adding synthetic chemicals, human intervention merely rearranges the molecules in cannabinoids to form more abundant quantities of delta-8 THC for distribution.

What Is the Hemp Plant? How Is Delta 8 Extracted From It?

The hemp plant has enzymes that convert it into CBD and CBS, but it does not contain any enzymes that directly produce delta-8 or delta-9.

Nevertheless, what the hemp plant lacks in delta-8 enzymes, it makes up for in cannabinoid acid — CBGA. Many experts refer to this peculiar component as the mother of all cannabinoids.

It can become THCA, which turns into delta-9, much like CBDA turns into CBD with decarboxylation. Once the decarboxylation process ends, experts use any of the recognized methods to create delta-8 THC.

How Is Delta 8 Extracted?

The process of creating delta-8 from hemp is long and requires only the most skilled hands. In fact, even the selection and farming of hemp matters in this process. Now, there is not one way to extract delta-8 THC. However, everything begins with decarboxylation.

Decarboxylation is the process of heating hemp plants at precise temperatures. Heat converts CBDA into CBD, and once that process is completed, scientists can use any of the methods available to create delta-8 THC.

To clarify, the process of isolating delta-8 from CBD requires leaving the hemp extracts of CBD in acidic conditions. A controlled temperature speeds up the process, and after a specific time, delta-8 emerges.

As we stated earlier, experts have different options to choose from as far as delta-8 extraction is concerned. Here are a few of them:

  • Solventless Extraction: 

This extraction does not require any solvent, but it does demand proper equipment. The primary benefit of this technique is that it leaves no traces of potentially harmful solvents behind in the product.

  • Solvent Extraction: 

This method requires solvents like ethanol, which breaks down the hemp extracts. Once manufacturers complete the breakdown process, they then proceed to remove the solvent from the extracted material.

  • Oil Extraction: 

This is just about the oldest method of extraction. As the name implies, it uses oil to separate cannabinoid materials.

What Is Isomerization? Delta 8 Is An Isomer Of Delta 9 

Isomerization is one of the most common methods of delta-8 production.

An isomer is a compound with an equal number of atoms but an entirely different arrangement of those atoms or molecules. Delta-8 is an isomer of delta-9. That is, they have the same number of atoms.

The isomerization process of producing delta-8 THC requires creating an environment that facilitates the transition from one compound to another. Usually, scientists create this environment by decreasing the pH level and giving plenty of time for the chemical reaction of isomerization to take place.

Skilled chemists often use acetic acid in the process, and it is simply one of the most efficient methods of controlling pH levels for proper delta-8 production. Experts allow the transition to happen while intervening when and where necessary with the pH levels under control.

Once the transition is complete, they then go ahead and refine and remove any unwanted traces of acids and solvents. From that point, all that is left is to make the manufactured delta-8 THC into various products, including gummies, vapes, tinctures, etc.

Third-Party Lab Testing

The processes of decarboxylation, isomerization, and purification might seem pretty simple when broken down. However, each step requires expertise and proper equipment. In addition, a lot can go south while producing delta-8, from a poor selection of hemp plants to the contamination of delta-8 with acids and solvents.

If any of these happen, it could spell an alarming number of health-related consequences for consumers.

Now, technically speaking, this should not be much of a source of concern. After all, the government should be responsible for the regulation of consumables like delta-8 products. However, because the delta-8 industry is quite young, there are not as many stringent regulations as you might want. Third-party tests exist to compensate for this and ensure nothing but high-quality products occupy the market.

What Is Third-Party Testing?

Third-party testing is when an independent and trusted laboratory tests and certifies that a company’s claims about delta-8 and its products are accurate.

More specifically, third-party lab tests examine companies’ delta-8 products for traces of contaminants like pesticides, acids, solvents, and the illegal delta-9 THC. If the product is not free of chemicals, it can be potentially harmful to consumers. As such, third-party labs would refrain from certifying defaulting companies upon the discovery of potentially harmful contaminants. 

The best brands often get their products tested by sending samples to independent labs. These laboratories then proceed to use one or more of several analyzing techniques, including mass spectrometry and Ho-Performance Liquid Chemotherapy (HPLC).

Why Is It Important To Buy Premium D8 Products?

As you can probably imagine, buying low-quality products from shady companies can cause some serious health hazards. Manufacturing delta-8 is not very difficult, depending on how you choose to see it. But, making pure delta-8 that is devoid of harmful chemicals is not possible without state-of-the-art extraction equipment and efficient/skilled lab technicians. Anything short of that and the product is likely doomed to the confines of inferior quality.

As such, for your enjoyment and health, it is of the utmost importance that you choose a premium brand that is reliable for premium delta-8 products. Our team at BudPop is full of experts with decades of combined experience, and what is more, we test our products through third-party laboratories to ensure high standards of production.

FAQs Regarding Delta 8 THC

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning delta-8.

Q1. Is Delta-8 Extraction Clear?

No, delta-8 naturally has a pinkish tint. This is due to partial oxidation, not necessarily because it has gone completely bad. If the delta-8 extraction is clear, manufacturers likely used bleaching products to make it so.

Q2. Is Premium-Quality Delta-8 Expensive?

The price of premium-quality delta-8 varies from brand to brand. You might think the most expensive is the best, but that is not always the case. You can look at the brand's reputation and their information about third-party testing on their products. Nevertheless, high-quality delta-8 products tend to cost more than their budget counterparts. However, it is all worth it for the sake of safety and satisfaction.

Q3. Is Delta-8 Synthetically Derived?

Any synthetically derived THC is not legal according to U.S. federal law. Instead, experts produce delta-8 through a natural process of isomerization. They expose CBD to the right acidic conditions during this process and then control other factors like temperature to facilitate delta-8 production. So, while production happens in a lab, experts do not consider it a synthetically derived compound. This makes it legal, unlike the standard form of THC.

Q4. Where to Buy Delta-8 Products?

You can buy your delta-8 products from any trusted source. Most people choose to buy online for different reasons, including ease of transaction. When deciding, though, ensure you look out for the brand's reputation, their products, the information they provide about their manufacturing process, and, of course, the third-party lab testing information. 

Final Words: Where Does Delta 8 THC Come From?

Delta-8 is present in the hemp plant. However, it occurs in very minute quantities, so much so that experts need several laboratory processes to create enough delta-8 to meet consumer demands. This is not to say regular people cannot make it too, though.

Regardless, it is highly inadvisable, as you cannot easily control the quality and safety. So, it is recommended to choose premium-quality delta-8 products from brands with the right equipment and workforce for production.

All About Delta 8 THC: Studies and Facts

We all have ups and downs in our lives and often feel the need to pipe down and relax. The need to unwind and clear our minds leads us to seek anything that can help us out of the fog and gain some focus and tranquility.

There is a new star emerging in the cannabis industry to help us out of the depths of misery, and everyone is on their toes to get access to it. If you are familiar with the cannabis industry, you have probably heard about delta-8, which has just recently begun to gain popularity.

In this post, we will go over all of the facts and studies concerning delta-8, so keep reading to clear up any misunderstandings and answer your concerns about the substance.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Cannabis has over a hundred minor cannabinoids, and while the plant has been extensively studied, we cannot say the same about its cannabinoids. Delta-8 is one of those substances that demands more research. The hemp plant is the source of delta-8, although only a trace amount of delta-8 is present in the plant.

Delta-8 is a hemp extract that undergoes isomerization and purification in laboratories under expert supervision. The final product is available in various forms, including oils, tinctures, pre-rolls, waxes, vape carts, and consumables like gummies, coffee beans, and cookies.

Delta-8 is made up of two primary strains that are responsible for the observed effects, and the most prevalent strains are indica and sativa. The first strain promotes deep relaxation while also reducing nausea and anxiety. The latter strain relieves brain fog, induces euphoria, and stimulates appetite. Both of these strains are also available in hybrid form on the market.

This drug has been rapidly gaining popularity, and we believe it will continue to do so for years to come.

Benefits of Delta-8

Medical Studies

In recent years, there has been some medical research conducted on delta-8. Studies have revealed a small dosage of delta-8 causes a substantial impact in oncology studies. For example, a study on mice revealed a reduction in tumor growth, as well as a dose-dependent inhibition.

In addition, delta-8 was administered to pediatric cancer patients in a modest amount prior to chemotherapy. According to the findings, the patients no longer experienced nausea following their therapy.

Appetite Stimulation

Delta-8 has the potential to stimulate hunger. Research on mice published in 2004 found that a small dosage of delta-8 enhanced their appetite for food over time. Moreover, the mice's appetites increased even more once they were given a greater dose.

In addition, this study proved to be a game-changer for those suffering from eating disorders, as delta-8 can now be used for conditions such as anorexia and bulimia.


Potential Pain Treatment

Delta-8 binding to the endocannabinoid system indicates the body's overall internal equilibrium is being maintained, which also results in a decrease in inflammation. As inflammation is a symptom of pain, its reduction can lead to a decrease in chronic pain.

Many consumers claim that ingesting a small dose of delta-8 provides them with temporary pain alleviation. As a result, people are turning towards delta-8 over traditional medicine.


Delta-8 has a variety of neurological benefits since improved brain health leads to improved cognitive ability.

Most individuals take a small dose of delta-8 before they start their day, as it offers them clarity, boosts their mood, and gives them the energy they need to get through their busy day.

Facts About Delta-8

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9?

We are sure you have heard about delta-9, as it has been famous for quite some time now. However, you might be wondering about the difference between delta-8 and delta-9. For starters, both of these substances belong to the same THC family and are close cousins.

The primary difference between the two lies in their chemical structure. Delta-8 has a double bond placement at the 8th position on the carbon chain, whereas delta-9 has a bond at the 9th carbon atom. This causes a difference in how each binds to the endocannabinoid system.


Moreover, delta-8 is more stable since it does not readily convert into its metabolites, unlike delta-9. At a higher temperature or pH level, delta-8 does not lose its molecular structure either. This stability causes delta-8 to provide the consumer with a smoother and clearer high, whereas delta-9 is more potent.

Legality of Delta-8

The legality of the THC family is a tricky subject to date. Although both substances come from the same family, delta-9 is illegal, while delta-8 is not. The reason behind this lies in their origin plant. Delta-9 originates from marijuana, whereas delta-8 is a hemp extract, which is legal and safe to grow.

The Farm Bill passed in 2018 mentioned all minor cannabinoids as illegal. However, delta-8 was exempt from this list under the condition that it cannot be sold with more than 0.3% delta-9 THC in products. However, the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration has voted to put delta-8 in Schedule I Controlled Substances. Regardless, this ruling is open for review until October 2021.

However, a few states have chosen to ignore the Farm Bill entirely and have announced their own rules, which put delta-8 under illegal substances. As a result, if you currently live in any of these 14 states, you will not be able to obtain delta-8 legally. These states include Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Delaware, Montana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Colorado, Arkansas, New York, Utah, Kentucky, and Vermont.

Safety of Delta-8

Ever since the legalization of delta-8, every company and individual vendor has started selling delta-8 in large amounts. This has put consumers at risk since cheap companies and local vendors do not perform quality control measures. Additionally, the authorities are not obligated to keep a check on local sellers either, which gives them the green light to sell unregulated delta-8.

A few years back, the Cannabis Council did a comprehensive study on locally sold delta-8, and the study showed alarming results. Delta-8 was being sold in mass amounts with a higher than 0.3% delta-8 THC concentration. Moreover, this unregulated delta-8 was being sold to minors, which doubled the illegality.

In 2019, patients with chronic lung diseases were brought into the ER, and more than 60 of these patients passed away. The reason behind this was the consumption of vitamin E acetate and harmful metals like lead, nickel, and chromium.

Since there has not been extensive research on delta-8, we recommend you buy only safe delta-8, which is available on authentic websites of renowned companies. We would also like to add that you should avoid buying products from local vendors such as vape shops and gas stations.

Delta-8 and Drug Tests

Although delta-8 is legal, you will fail a drug test after ingesting the product, and the reason behind this is a bit chemical. After ingestion, delta-8 breaks down into THC-COOH, which is the same metabolite delta-9 breaks down into.

Since delta-9 is illegal, there is no way of knowing which drug was taken by a test, and the metabolites show up on your drug screening.

The only way around this is to avoid taking the drug if you have a test coming up. If you have already taken the drug, we suggest you wait for at least 30 days in the case of a urine test and three to six months if you are taking a nail or hair test.

Ways to Take Delta-8

Delta-8 is present in several products such as oils, tinctures, edibles, vape carts, and more. Each product has a different way of ingestion.

First, tinctures are absorbed via sublingual cells. So, you can place one or two drops under your tongue, and the effects usually take 10-15 minutes to show up. Next, vaping also gives instant results but wears off quickly, and you can use a vape cart for this method.

However, edibles are the most fun way of taking delta-8. You can take them in pre-present forms like cookies or gummies. Alternatively, you can add the raw flowers to your favorite recipes. Lastly, we have wax, which is a product for more advanced users. It can be taken via honey straws in vapor form. The effects are immediate, and the wax hits hard and fast.

Dosage Guide & Recommendations

As more people are willing to test delta-8, knowing which dosage guide to follow is essential. Here, it is essential to note that every person has a different metabolism and absorption level. This means two people who take the same amount of delta-8 might not experience effects simultaneously.

The reason behind the difference in the rate of absorption is individual metabolism levels. For example, if you have a quick metabolism, you will experience immediate results and vice versa. Similarly, if you have a tolerance built up by a regular intake of delta-8, you might experience slower effects than those new to taking delta-8.

If you are a newbie, 5mg to 15mg is an excellent place to start. Then, after your tolerance has built a bit, you can shift to 15mg to 45mg. On the other hand, advanced users are more familiar with their body’s ability to absorb to take their dosage even further.

Does Delta-8 Have Any Side Effects?

Legal delta-8 has a very low percentage of THC, making it nearly impossible to have many side effects. The worst that can happen is an itchy throat which lasts for a few hours if you take more than your recommended dose of delta-8.

The milder side effects in the case of a higher dose include grogginess, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, cottonmouth, and red eyes. These effects wear off as the drug slowly starts to leave your body. However, it is recommended to drink lots of water to help the process along.

Closing Thoughts: Know Everything About Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 assists as the best of friends on the down days. However, this drug has a lot of strings that come with it, including a legality clause. If you figure out all of the constraints of delta-8, this drug could serve as a significant game-changer in your life.

We hope this article helps you make a sound decision when it comes to choosing a delta-8 product and administering the one you have selected. Finally, we wish you a safe and happy high.

delta 8 THC benefits

Delta 8 THC Benefits

Benefits Of Consuming Delta 8 THC Regularly

The world of stoners has a new entry — delta-8. Okay, we know it is not that new, but the way the substance is taking over the market can surely make you think so.

But, despite delta-8 rapidly gaining fans and users all over the globe, there is one question that comes up quite often — what are the benefits of delta-8? Well, luckily for you, today we will be discussing delta-8’s benefits in detail.

So, get ready to fall even more in love with your favorite substance

Delta 8 THC Is The Solution: Pain Management

Do you suffer from intense episodes of chronic pain? Does your back hurt so much that it is impossible to get any work done?

If yes, then delta-8 might be the solution to your problem. Among its many benefits, delta-8 is known for its analgesic properties that reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. It does so by altering the perception of pain in the user's mind. Delta-8 has most noticeably become renowned for helping with chronic pain among Alzheimer's patients.

Still, it is critical to keep in mind that everyone's bodies react differently. Therefore, what may work for others might not work for you. Regardless, it does not hurt to explore your options.

Many users have reported delta-8 THC helps ease their pain. So, if you want to incorporate delta-8 into your lifestyle for pain relief, remember to consult with your doctor to ensure it is safe for you to use. 

Although you can use delta-8 as an alternative to traditional medicine, it is crucial that your doctor first analyzes the benefits and risks before advising you to go ahead. And this is especially important if you are someone who is on daily medication.

Delta 8: Relief From Stress & Anxiety

Let us face it, we all have certain aspects of our lives that stress us out. So, it is natural to feel overwhelmed or anxious. Delta-8 can be particularly helpful in such situations due to its relaxing properties. This is because delta-8 has the ability to stabilize B1 receptors, which control anxiety. Moreover, it can also regulate brain functions that, in turn, stabilize the nervous system.

If the thought of an upcoming interview is stressing you out, or you feel panic building inside you as the time of a presentation nears (or really anything that triggers your anxiety), it is at this time you can consider taking delta-8.

A small dose does wonders for calming your nerves. Just be sure to take it a little in advance of the stressful event.

Since the effects of delta-8 do not kick in immediately, taking it beforehand is a foolproof method to ensure you feel calm and relaxed before the actual event takes place.

You can take your dose around an hour early, depending on the kind of delta-8 product you are using. Interestingly, vapes work best for stressful situations, mainly because their effects kick in in as little as five minutes after consumption.

For the best results, consider checking out our vape carts at BudPop. They come in two incredible flavors that help curb your anxiety. Users love these carts and report they feel calm and relaxed after only a few puffs.

Fall Asleep Fast: Get A Sound Good Night Sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, delta-8 could be the solution. Large doses of delta-8 are known to stimulate sleep, just as small doses are known to make one drowsy.

To start sleeping better, you can take a 20mg to 40mg dose two to three hours before your bedtime. Our Strawberry Gelato delta-8 THC gummies are known to do wonders when it comes to getting some quality sleep.

Not only that, but delta-8 also ensures you stay asleep throughout the night, so you feel well-rested the next day. An interesting side effect of taking delta-8 for sleep is that users may have more dreams than usual. These dreams are nothing to be worried about, users just tend to remember them more the morning after.

Enhanced Productivity

Believe it or not, delta 8 can help enhance productivity and improve focus. Usually, small doses are enough to get the brain started, and sometimes, you might end up with something unconventionally creative.

Many users consume delta-8 as a part of their morning routine to kickstart the day. A few drops of delta-8 oil in your morning coffee or a nice gummy with breakfast may be enough to give you the focus you need to get work done.

However, we recommend keeping your doses at 10mg, as this will help you get a clear mind and curb anxiety.

Stoners Are Creative

Delta-8 is known to get your creative juices flowing, so you might be able to create something out of the box if you are working with delta-8 in your system. And this is not limited to any particular activity.

Painting and cooking are just two of the many things you can get creative with while high on delta-8.

So, if you are short on ideas and need a push, delta-8 might be the solution. 

What Exactly Is Delta 8? Why Is It So Popular?

Now that we have talked a lot about the benefits of delta-8, it is important to understand what delta-8 is and how it works. We will try to explain that here in layman's terms so you can understand it better.

First, it is essential to know that the cannabis plant is host to numerous cannabinoids. Delta-9 THC is the more popular one, but as of right now, delta-8 is not too far behind.

While delta-8 is quite similar to delta-9, it is a different substance, as it is less psychoactive and relatively more stable. Moreover, unlike delta-9, delta-8 is significantly less sedative and much more relaxing.

Next, let us discuss how delta-8 works. It targets CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body to interact with the endocannabinoid system. These receptors regulate glutamine, GABA, dopamine, norepinephrine, cortisol, etc.

Delta-8 binds to the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, which stimulates neurotransmitters. When this happens, the anxiety levels go down, while the energy levels in the brain go up. This is how delta-8 helps with anxiety and stress relief.

On the other hand, the CB2 receptors exist in the immune and digestive systems and bind readily with delta-8. As a result, the psychoactive properties of delta-8 come into action, as CB1 receptors are located in the brain.

Why Is Delta 8 Better Than Other Cannabinoids

The most significant reason why many people are now switching to delta-8 from its delta-9 and delta-10 counterparts is its moderate effects. Delta-8 does not make you extremely high but is potent enough to help the user feel significantly calmer.

You can describe how you feel with delta-8 as a soothing "buzz" rather than total intoxication. So, you can expect yourself to remember what you did or where you were, and you will not end up blacking out completely.

This brings us to our next point — you cannot overdose on delta-8. Scientifically speaking, the mellow properties of delta-8 make it impossible for a user to overdose on it. However, this does not mean that taking large amounts of delta-8 will not harm you.

Consuming too much delta-8 can result in nausea, dehydration, and dizziness. If you do find yourself with too much delta-8 in your system, try to keep yourself as hydrated as possible and maintain proper food intake. The effects will wear off eventually, and you will not experience any long-term after-effects.

Another reason for delta-8's increasing popularity is that while it mirrors the properties of delta-9 for the most part, it is not illegal for consumption in many states.

As of now, 33 states have legalized the use of delta-8, while 13 others deem delta-9 illegal. Therefore, accessing delta-8 is much safer and risk-free, so more and more people prefer to buy it instead of delta-9.

Where To Get Delta-8? Is It Available Online?

While we do not have anything against in-store delta-8 products (okay, maybe we do a little bit), we still do not recommend buying them. This is because ever since the legalization of hemp-derived products in the United States, multiple shops have popped up to sell delta-8 goods.

Some of these brands are genuine, as they source their raw materials from high-quality hemp plants. Also, they meet quality and safety standards as set by the government.

However, the number of these brands that do not produce high-quality, genuine products is significantly larger. In addition, these brands do not follow any safety or quality guidelines and only look to make a quick buck.

We advise you to be wary of such brands that are merely there to make a profit, as their products may not be as genuine as they claim.

For instance, the hemp they use may be of substandard quality, and their manufacturing methods may not be safe. In most situations, such brands are not transparent or honest about their methods of harvesting and developing delta-8 products.

Brands that sell their delta-8 products online, however, are much more reliable in comparison. As a result, you can find all of the information you need to verify the quality of their products online. It is important to search for reputable brands that are transparent about their products. Our brand, BudPop, shows our customers third-party lab test results to verify whether the quality of our products is top-notch and safe for use. 

Remember, good brands always have these reports listed on their website so customers can look at them before purchasing any products.

Moreover, you can also find customer reviews for these products on these websites. These reviews tell you whether a product is authentic and does what it is supposed to do. They also tell you whether these products are worth your time or money, or a total pass. Considering all of this, it is advisable you buy your delta-8 products online from authentic and established brands.

Furthermore, although some retailers do sell delta-8 products from good brands, there are still several reasons why you should avoid buying them. This is because the brand usually loses control over how its product is handled or stored once it leaves the facility.

So, the brand does not know if its products are being stored and looked after properly or not. Besides, the manufacturing brand no longer guarantees the freshness of some delta-8 products like hemp flowers.

As a general rule of thumb, try to buy your delta-8 products directly from the manufacturer if possible, as this guarantees quality control and freshness.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Delta 8?

While we are not trying to dissuade you from consuming delta-9, there are a couple of reasons why delta-8 is better than delta-9. Consider this, if there was a way you could enjoy eating all of the food in the world and not gain a single pound, would you not be drawn to it too? 

The side effects of delta-8 are much milder and do not last in the long term. Moreover, with delta-8, you can enjoy the benefits of delta-9 without dealing with the side effects.

For instance, just like delta-8, delta-9 also helps with pain management as well as nausea and vomiting. But, its side effects include, and are not limited to, panic reactions, changes in perception, and hallucination, among others. With delta-8, you can derive the same benefits but without the side effects.

The side effects of delta-8 include:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Dry Mouth
  • Increased Appetite

While none of these side effects are severe in any way, it is important to keep yourself hydrated and maintain proper food intake to recover fully.

Another thing to remember is that while these side effects sound like bad news, they might be beneficial for someone else. For instance, you might not use delta-8 to fall asleep, but someone else might.

So, sleepiness may be an undesired side effect for you, but for someone else, it is a benefit. Therefore, how you perceive each side effect as negative or positive varies from person to person, so it is important to remember why you are taking delta-8.

Dosage Guide

You need to be careful about how much delta-8 you can take at a time. If you are consuming delta-8 for the first time, you should start with a small dose of around 10mg and slowly increase it as you develop a tolerance.

Also, you should base your dosage on the benefit you are trying to get from delta-8. For sleep, you can go for a larger dose of up to 15mg to keep you out throughout the night. A slightly smaller dose of 10mg should be enough for pain relief, and for work, you should not exceed a dosage of 5mg. Eventually, you will need larger doses as you develop a tolerance, and it will take slightly longer to feel the effects.

Once you become a regular user, your doses will have to be larger by up to 45mg-150mg per dosage for you to feel the effects. We recommend going through the instruction guide on the packaging and website to dose your delta-8 product accurately.

Things to Remember While Consuming Delta 8 THC

While delta-8 has several benefits, you must use it with extreme caution. We have already mentioned some of the negative consequences of delta-8 in this article, but there are a few other factors you should be mindful of as well.

For example, your body may not respond well to delta-8 if you are taking medicine for cardiac issues such as high blood pressure, and anxiety medication and painkillers are in the same boat. If you wish to start taking delta-8, talk to your doctor first so they can assess the dangers and advise you accordingly.

Another factor to consider is that since consuming delta-8 can cause dizziness and fatigue, it is advisable to avoid any tasks that could put you or anyone else in harm’s way. For this purpose, it is generally recommended not to drive or operate any heavy machinery while under the effects of delta-8.

Conclusion: Get Stoned With Countless Other Benefits

Overall, delta-8 benefits are countless. Aside from a temporary high, the substance offers a ton of other useful benefits that can help you get through your day.

So, you can describe it as harmless cannabis, but it still does not hurt to be careful. Just remember to do everything in moderation. After all, the last thing you may want is to cause any harm to yourself or any other member of society.

If you want to get started with some delta-8 products, we recommend you check out our collection of delta-8 THC gummies, vape carts, and flowers on the BudPop website.

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