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Delta-9 THC Gummies | BudPop
Delta-9 THC Gummies | BudPop

Budpop’s Delta 9 Gummies are exactly what you want in a THC gummy — potent and delicious, ready to elevate your mind, body, and spirit at your convenience. Our premium line of Delta 9 edibles comes in various formulations. Our Delta 9 Gummies are a game-changer for your wellness needs, offering everything from classic THC bliss to boosting sexual performance, helping you become a social butterfly, and finally putting your sleep troubles to bed. And that’s just the beginning! Browse our premium collection below to find the right type for you!

Delta 9: A Brief Introduction

Delta 9 (Delta 9 THC, D9 THC, or D9), known simply as THC, is the world’s most famous cannabinoid that’s naturally present in all cannabis plants, including hemp. Depending on how much you consume, Delta 9 can produce cerebrally stimulating and physically relaxing effects punctuated by airy, elevating euphoria. 

These effects have made THC one of the most, if not the most, iconic cannabinoids in the cannabis community. As a result, D9 THC gummies have become highly sought after for the benefits they provide.

How Delta 9 Has Evolved?

Delta 9’s popularity and mainstream appeal have allowed it to be made into several products. More than just smoking a joint, you can now find Delta 9 in a variety of products that deliver the same, if not more, potency.

Here is a sampling of some of the most popular Delta 9 products on the market: 

  • Delta 9 THC Gummies. Delicious soft chews infused with D9 THC distillate, available in various flavors and strengths. 
  • Delta 9 Flower (THC Flower). Marijuana flower available in various strains with unique effects, flavors, and scents. Federally illegal but available in states where marijuana is legal. 
  • Delta 9 Pre-Rolls (THC Pre-Rolls). Marijuana joints rolled in hemp paper with a wood pulp crutch for smooth, even drags.
  • Delta 9 Vapes (THC Vapes). THC vaporizers that contain Delta 9 THC distillate and botanical terpenes. Available in universal 501-thread vape cart or disposables. 
  • Delta 9 Concentrate (THC Concentrates). Offering up to 99% pure THC. Available in various consistencies ranging from wax to syrup. 

What Are Delta 9 THC Gummies?

Delta 9 gummies are THC-infused soft chews. They come in various potencies and flavors and contain a precise dose of Delta 9 THC. 

Their small size allows for discrete and convenient consumption at home or on the go. Marijauna-derived D9 THC gummies are federally illegal. However, hemp-derived gummies are federally legal as long as they contain THC content at or below 0.3%.

Benefits and Effects of Delta 9 THC Gummies

Delta 9 gummies deliver several benefits. The benefits of D9 edibles start to take effect about 45-60 minutes after consumption. These effects can last anywhere from six to eight hours. What can you expect from Delta 9 THC gummies? Here are some of the most commonly reported benefits. 

Strong, Elevating Euphoria

Delta 9 gummies are famous for their blissful euphoric effects. These sensations are iconic within the cannabis community and allow for an experience that is mentally uplifting and soothing. Depending on the dosage, expect to feel an airy buzz or like you’re floating on a cloud.

Deep Cerebral Stimulation

These gummies will stimulate your mind, leading you to deep contemplation. You’ll become so mentally invigorated that you will start to ponder life’s existential questions. And in a group setting, you’ll spark some of the most thoughtful, engaging, and intellectually stimulating conversations you’ve ever had.  


For creatives like artists and musicians, Delta 9 THC gummies help break down mental barriers and unlock their true creative potential. You’ll feel your creativity surge as you enter a flow state of inspiration and endless possibilities. 

Relief From Stress & Anxiousness

When stress hits, it can be crippling. A Delta 9 gummy will help ease the tension, allowing you to diminish your anxious thoughts. You’ll feel uplifted and at ease. 

Physical Discomfort Relief

Whether you’re experiencing post-workout soreness or chronic joint discomfort, Delta 9 gummies can provide immediate relief and help ease bodily tension. Regular consumption will help release tension in your muscles and ease your suffering. 

Relaxation & Sleep Support

If you find it hard to turn your mind off and get the relaxation and sleep you need, a Delta 9 gummy can help. Fast-track yourself to dreamland as THC eases you into a tranquil state that supports deeper, longer sleep. 

Delta 9 THC Gummies vs Other Gummies

We all know that Delta 9 edibles provide elevating euphoria, stimulate the mind, boost creativity, and support sleep and relaxation. But how do D9 gummies compare to other types of gummies? 

Here are other cannabinoid gummies. We compare their euphoric sensations with Delta 9 THC and provide the general effects they can have on consumers.

  • CBD Gummies. Non-euphoric. Used for general wellness. Provides relief from stress and anxiousness.
  • Delta 8 Gummies. Mildly euphoric. Provides powerful relaxation and sleep support. Helps to relieve stress and physical discomfort.
  • Delta 10 Gummies. Stimulating euphoria. Enhances focus and boosts energy thanks to Sativa-like effects. 
  • HHC Gummies. Mild, stimulating euphoria. Helps alleviate stress, calms anxiousness, and supports sleep. 
  • THCp Gummies. Extreme euphoria. Up to 33 times stronger than Delta 9 THC. Experience electrifying mental stimulation and prolonged relaxation.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing the Best  D9 Gummies

What makes certain D9 THC gummies stand out above the rest? The following criteria, that’s what. Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing Delta 9 THC gummies. 

High-Quality Ingredients

Choose D9 THC gummies that contain high-quality, natural ingredients. They should be plant-based, cruelty-free, and free of artificial flavors or colors. 

Farm Bill-Compliance

Make sure your Delta 9 gummies are hemp-derived and contain 0.3% or less THC. This ensures your THC gummies are Farm Bill-compliant and federally legal. 


Farm Bill-compliant Delta 9 THC gummies are federally legal. However, certain states may have hemp laws counter to the federal government’s. We advise you to confirm your state’s laws regarding the legality of hemp-derived D9 gummies and other related products. 

Certificates of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a verified report from a third-party laboratory verifying the ingredients and potency of D9 gummies. Reputable brands offer COAs on their website for customer review. At Budpop, we offer COAs for all products. 

Positive Customer Reviews

Don’t settle for any D9 THC gummies. Gain honest insights from customers who have tried them. Read verified reviews from online stores or third-party review aggregation sites to better understand the efficacy of the particular gummies you plan on purchasing. 

Proper Packaging

Delta 9 gummies should be packaged appropriately. Look for airtight, light-resistant packaging, which will help preserve the gummies and limit natural degradation.

D9 Gummies: Dosage and Direction to Use

There is no ideal dose for Delta 9 gummies. Everyone will react to THC differently, with effects determined by unique factors such as weight, metabolism, medical history, prior THC experience, and tolerance. 

We recommend that you follow the instructions on the packaging if you’re new to THC or are unsure of how certain Delta 9 gummy formulations will make you feel. Start with a half gummy, wait to feel the effects, and move on to higher doses if needed. 

Taking D9 THC gummies is pretty straightforward and simple. All you have to do is put one in your mouth, chew, and swallow. That’s it! The easy form factor is what makes it one of the most popular ways to enjoy THC. 

Why Shop With Budpop for Delta 9 Gummies?

We’ve got good news if you’re looking for the best hemp-derived Delta 9 THC gummies online — you’ve already found them at Budpop! Many satisfied customers have made us their go-to destination for D9 THC gummies, and we know why. 

Budpop Delta 9 Gummies are as natural as they get. Made from American-grown hemp and fully Farm Bill-compliant, our Delta 9 edibles meet the strictest standards for purity and potency. We guarantee this by sending every batch to a third-party laboratory for testing. You can view the COAs of each formulation right here on our website. 

We offer a diverse range of D9 THC Gummies that take your Delta 9 experience to new heights. 

Are you a fan of traditional THC bliss? Our original D9 THC Gummies are waiting for you. 

Want to take your euphoric experiences to the next level? We have D9 Gummy Blends for maximum euphoria. Choose from THC-infused Delta 8, HHC, THCp, or Amanita muscaria gummies

Looking for a natural way to boost your sex drive and improve your bedroom performance? Our Delta 9 THC Libido Gummies will give you twice the lift (if you know what we mean). 

These are just some of the many Delta 9 THC Gummy formulations at BudPop. Which one will you try? Pick your formulation today and have it delivered to your doorstep with our swift shipping!

Are D9 Gummies Legal?

Yes, D9 THC gummies are legal in the United States as long as they are hemp-derived and contain THC levels that do not exceed 0.3%. All Budpop D9 THC Gummies are Farm Bill-compliant and meet this legal requirement. Shop with confidence, knowing that you’re buying hemp-based cannabis products that are made with the law and your personal pleasure in mind. 

Where are Delta 9 Gummies Available in the USA Online?

You can find Delta-9 THC gummies available for online and offline purchase in states, including Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. 

These products are legally accessible in the states mentioned above, for individuals aged 21 and above. However, it is important to check the federal legality status before buying or using hemp-derived Delta-9 THC.

FAQs on Delta 9 Gummies

What Are Delta 9 Gummies Famous/Used For?

Delta 9 gummies are famous for providing relaxation, discomfort relief, enhanced creativity, improved sociability, and better sleep. But among cannabis connoisseurs and the general population, it’s their euphoric effects that are the main claim to their fame. 

Where Can I Buy Delta 9 Gummies?

You can buy D9 THC gummies from dispensaries and online retailers. But we recommend that you shop online for the best deals and selection of THC gummies. Shopping online has numerous benefits. You don’t have to deal with pushy salespeople or worry about your product being out of stock. Most online stores carry deep inventories and provide meticulous details about their products. You can also view COAs online to assess the quality of your gummies. 

How Should I Take Delta 9 THC Gummies?

Take D9 THC gummies as directed on the product packaging. However, it’s important to note that the general dosing guidelines printed on the package are just suggestions. The only way you can determine how many D9 THC gummies are right for you is to experiment with the dosage. Responsible consumption is highly encouraged. Start small, go slow, wait for the effects to manifest, and take it from there.

What Precautions Do I Need To Take Before Having Delta 9 Gummies?

D9 THC gummies are generally safe when consumed responsibly. However, you should consult with a licensed healthcare professional, especially if you are taking prescription medications or have underlying medical conditions. This measure ensures you won’t have any bad reactions to Delta 9.

How Often Should I Take Delta 9 THC Gummies?

You can take Delta 9 gummies as needed. However, you must stay within your recommended dosage. Taking more than you can handle can produce mild, temporary side effects. Start with one gummy if you are uncertain how much or how often to take D9 THC gummies. Wait to see how it affects you before taking more.  

How Much Time Do Delta 9 Gummies Take To Work On?

It takes roughly 45-60 minutes to feel the effects of Delta 9 gummies. Gummies have to go through a languid digestive process, after which they can finally become available to your circulation. The onset of effects also depends on several factors unique to you, including but not limited to stomach contents, body chemistry, metabolism, body weight, and tolerance. 

What Changes Can One Observe After Consuming D9 Gummies?

After taking a D9 THC gummy, you can expect to see changes in your mood and conduct. You may feel euphoric, relaxed, more friendly, and creative. Other feelings you may observe include reduced physical discomfort and finding it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

How Long Do The Effects of Delta 9 Gummies Last? 

The effects of D9 THC gummies can last anywhere from six to eight hours. This duration depends on several factors, including metabolism, dosage, and tolerance. 

How Long Do Delta 9 Gummies Last?

D9 THC gummies can last up to two years from the day you open the bottle. However, it is not recommended that you keep gummies for this long. You should consume your D9 edibles within 6 months of opening the bottle to retain potency and flavor.

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