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How to Choose the Best Delta 8 Flower 

Choosing the best Delta 8 flower is much easier when you know what kind of experience you’re looking for! Different kinds of D8 flower offer different effects, so there’s a strain out there for everyone.

Looking for a More Calming Experience?

An Indica strain will probably be best for you! Indicas have a higher CBD-to-THC ratio and offer more calming effects. People often look for Indica strains if they prefer smoking before bedtime or if they’re looking to feel more of a physical calm.

Looking To Feel More Energized & Uplifted?

If you are trying to feel more awake, a Sativa strain is the better choice. These strains are great for people who like to smoke in the daytime and don’t want to feel as sleepy. Sativa strains can help you if you’re looking to feel more creative and energized.

Prefer a Well-Balanced Experience?

Trying to experience the best of both worlds? You’re looking for a Hybrid strain! Hybrids are a perfect middle ground between Indicas and Sativas and can provide you with mild euphoric sensations.

What to Look For When Buying Delta 8 Bud Flower

If you’ve never shopped for Delta 8 flower before, you may feel slightly intimidated by all the options out there! Like Delta 9 flower, there are different strains of D8 flower on the market. But how do you make sure you’re finding the best quality flower?

Here’s a handy checklist to keep in mind when you’re shopping for Delta 8 flower! By keeping these points in mind, you should be able to find some of the best buds around with ease:

  • Purchase from companies that source their hemp flower in the United States (like Budpop!). Unlike hemp from overseas, the United States has strict hemp laws that help ensure quality. It’s much easier to find quality hemp without pesticides or additives in the US.

  • Shop for flower that’s been tested in third-party labs. Trustworthy brands have their products independently tested to ensure quality and potency. We have all of our products tested because we want you to feel confident about what’s going in your body!

  • Look for QR codes on product packaging. This is a great way to find out what farm your flower is from, the conditions in which it was grown, etc.


What is the best Delta 8 buds flower dosage?

Everyone has a different tolerance level, so we suggest that you start with a lower dosage and work your way up as needed. Since you can feel the effects of D8 pretty quickly after smoking (usually within 30-90 seconds), you should be able to gauge if you want more after you get started.

Does Delta 8 Flower Have Any Side Effects?

If you smoke too much Delta 8, you may experience some side effects. Luckily, these are usually mild and pass with time! They can also be helped with water and rest. You may experience:

  • Sleepy or drowsiness

  • An upset stomach

  • Red or dry eyes

  • Dry mouth

Does Delta 8 show up on drug tests?

This is dependent on how often you consume Delta 8 products. Even though there are legal amounts of Delta 9 THC in all of our products (no more than 0.3%), it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a negative test back since some tests do test for THC. We always recommend remaining cautious if you’re feeling unsure!

How much Delta 8 flower should I smoke?

This is completely up to you! We recommend starting with a small amount and then consuming more as needed. If you’ve never smoked Delta 8 flower before, try taking a small puff or two before jumping in.

After inhalation, D8’s effects will kick in within 30-90 seconds. This onset time is quick because when you inhale Delta 8, it enters your circulation quickly after being absorbed by your lungs.

That said, you’ll know pretty quickly if you’ll want to take another hit or not — another great reason to start low and go slow.

Is Delta 8 more like Indica or Sativa?

You can find Delta 8 strains that are Indica or Sativa (or Hybrid, if you prefer a middle ground between these options). This is another way D8 is similar to D9; though they are different cannabinoids, you can find many different strains of each.

How long will one hit of Delta 8 stay in your system?

Delta 8 can stay in your body from a couple of weeks to a few months, and the amount of time it stays in your system depends on a few factors. The amount you consume, how often you consume it, your body weight, serving size, and body chemistry all have an impact on how long it will remain in your system.

How long will I feel D8’s effects?

After you inhale Delta 8 and begin to feel its effects, it’ll stay in your system for approximately 3-4 hours. Remember that this also depends on your metabolism, tolerance, how often you smoke, etc., and that this period is slightly different for everyone.

What is the difference between Delta 8 and K2?

Delta 8 THC and K2 are very different. Delta 8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp, while K2 is synthetic. Since K2 is synthetic, it is unsafe and can be highly unpredictable.

We always recommend purchasing from reputable brands that sell quality products. It probably isn’t best for you if you can’t figure out where it came from or what it’s made of.

As mentioned before, all of Budpop’s products are tested in third-party labs for quality and potency, so you can rest assured that when you shop with us, you’re getting the best buds out there.

What Delta 8 strain is best for nervousness?

If you’re nervous, we recommend looking into an Indica or Indica-leaning hybrid strain! Indica strains have a higher level of CBD than THC and can help take some of the edge off any nervousness.

Here’s a quick guide to the Delta 8 flower we carry and what kinds of strains they are:

  • Zkittlez: Hybrid

  • Northern Lights: Indica-dominant

  • Cookies: Indica-dominant Hybrid

  • Pink Runtz: True Hybrid

  • Sour Diesel: Sativa-dominant

  • Tangie: Sativa-dominant

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