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We are glad to see you here at BudPop as our large product catalog has lots of goodies in store for you.

Our carts come in tons of tasty flavors and ships to all states so you can get one no matter your location.

Our carts are as great as they come and truly pack perks with five hundred milligrams of hemp-sourced Delta 8 THC with strain-specific terpene blends that result in luscious flavors and buttery-smooth puffs.

From Blue Dream to Spiced Vanilla to Ice Cream and Lemon Cherry Gelato (a must-try vibrant medley), our bespoke, small-batch Delta 8 THC cartridges come in unique flavors that’ll have you craving more. 

Sourced from legal hemp in regulated facilities, our Delta-8 THC vape carts offer full-body highs that let you sustain mental clarity as you reach deeper levels of rest and relaxation; they are also known to bring out the creative side, which makes them great for those who would like a nice boost for work or studies.

What are THC Vape Cartridges? 

These discreet, easy-to-use devices make it easy to vape on the go, many call them Pens for their pen-like shape that makes it easy to conceal, and they are now one of the most popular ways to toke today.

Our Delta-8 carts are available in many flavors and give weeks-worth of puffs based on how often you hit it, these are straightforward in their design and purpose with only a few simple components, like their:

  • Atomizer, this heats up the oil.
  • Tank, this stores the cannabis oil.
  • Battery, this powers the cartridge.
  • Mouthpiece, where you draw a hit.

How do THC Cartridges Work? 

Simply put, they use a heating element known as an atomizer to heat up the oil to vapor-turning temps.

In most set ups, cannabis concentrate is heated by a removable battery unless you get a disposable pen as these have them built in.  As the oil temp rises, vapor forms and an inhale can be had, and if you get the right battery, you can adjust the strength and intensity of hits (a nice feature we all can appreciate).

Essentially, you place your lips on the mouthpiece, suck in, and let the atomizer go to work as it heats up the oil for your hit, it is as simple as this, and the best way to use THC while traveling or out on the town.

Types of THC Cartridges 

Vape batteries and cartridges vary in size and form but most are one of the following few configurations:

  • 510-Thread-Count Cartridge, this is the most common one and is named for the 510 mm thread on its base, all vape and smoke shops sell them, and there are tons of cart brands to pick from.
  • Disposables, these you toss away when dead as the oil, battery, and mouthpiece are housed in one device, they are easy to use and require no charging or equipment, simply open and enjoy. 
  • Pods, these carts only work with the battery given by the brand, they do have nice visual appeal but being unable to switch brands later on is something to keep in mind before you pick one up.

THCA Vape Cartridges 

These have hemp-made oil and high THCa levels, they give a smooth and refined, highly flavorful taste and are ideal for those who wish to get the benefits of cannabis in convenient and easy-to-use fashion.

THCa vape cartridges are ninety-nine percent THCa oil with the rest being a live rosin, terpene-rich strain that gives a feeling and experience far superior to others.  It is potent and regularly compared to Delta 9, and highly praised by people for the unique buzz, great taste, and long-lasting feeling it is known to give. 

Delta-8 THC Cartridges

If you heard of the Delta 8 craze and want to give it a try, great choice as it is not a fad but here to stay given the great feels this cannabinoid offers.  Like Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 brings on a similar high given its psychoactive compound that distorts time and space, per the results of what most Delta 8 users report.

While Delta 8 is naturally sourced, it is found in only small amounts on cannabis plants, and is why Delta 8 brands/manufacturers often get it from hemp-sourced CBD instead, making it legal to order and enjoy.

CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Cartridge 

This is a main cannabinoid in cannabis plants and needs no introduction to those who know their ganja.

Delta 9 is great for those in places where weed is not legal as it is legal and can be bought online, and its effects now make it one of the most popular of them all in 420-vaping culture (this stuff works real well).

From euphoria to higher sensory perception to serene calmness and an improved state of mind, Delta 9 users often report states of solace but keep in mind, we all do not metabolize cannabinoids the same so your experience can largely vary from those of others.

Of all cannabinoids, Delta 9 (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) holds first as the most known and abundant cannabinoid in cannabis plants and from drinks to gummies and vape carts, it is found in many products, though Delta 9 THC vape cartridges are most used as they are compact, easy to use, and highly discreet.

Discover What THC Carts Are Best For You?

THC carts are one of the nicest life luxuries for those who wish to discreetly enjoy some cannabis on the go.

For busy-lived tokers, our Delta 8 THC pens are best as they come pre-filled and charged for immediate use.

Open the box, unwrap the pen, and get to puffing right away, as simple as the vaping experience should be.

If you have a battery and prefer to get a cart over an all-in-one pen, our Delta 8 THC carts will serve you well as they are not only potent and available in tons of flavors but are compatible with all 510-thread batteries, so they will likely work with the battery you already have on hand.

Are THC Carts Safe To Consume? 

It is misleading to read headlines that bash THC vapes for the number of deaths linked to them as they never paint the full picture and make it sound like THC is the cause, when it surely is not.  To be clear, THC is not the cause of vaping-linked deaths or lung disease but rather the harmful chemicals in black market vape varieties.

You see, THC vapes from shady sites and sellers may contain a cutting agent known as vitamin E acetate, vaping a cart laced with this can cause lung disease and other issues so only buy ones from a trusted and reputed source like our selection of vapes that are 100% free of additives, chemicals and cutting agents.

THC vape pens pose health risks if they contain vitamin E acetate as it can cause lung injury, breathing issues, and acute vaping illnesses.  So long as your vape does not contain this Vitamin-E synthetic, you have nothing to worry about as vaping cannabis is largely seen as the healthier alternate to smoking it.

All in all, THC vape cartridges are safe to inhale and enjoy but do you and your health a favor, and only buy from a trusted seller to ensure you get ones that are free of cuts and chemicals you want to avoid.

The Effects of THC Vape Carts

The classic way to enjoy cannabis is to roll up or pack a bowl but in the new world of carts, extracts, and concentrates, ways have surely changed, and we now have more ways to use cannabis than ever before.

Some tokers say oil has a similar high as had from a joint or bowl as each has THC but weed and flower often contain chemicals and substances left over from its growth cycle, while weed oil or extract is more pure, clean, and potent in its smell and effects that may grip you for an hour or longer from a single puff.

From clear to foggy to uplifting and couch-slump highs, the way you feel varies by the oil you vape but for most daily tokers, two to three hits usually suffices for a good lengthy effect, while hourly hitters and seasoned 420 vets often report taking five or so hits at once to get the rich-high effect they long for.

Many tout their VHC vape pen or cart as their daily crutch for its pleasant, relaxative, and euphoric traits and effects but the best way to see how it makes you feel is to keep temps and dosages low early on and then gradually raise them up if needed to reach the level of high you are striving for (one inch at a time).

Are THC Vape Carts Legal? 

THC pens from vape stores and websites use Delta 8 and 9 THC as they are Farm Bill-compliant, which makes them legal at the Federal level to buy and use as the THC concentration in them is under 0.3%.

Vape pens, carts, and products with a Delta 9 concentration above point three percent are only legal in states or regions that have legal medical or recreational marijuana, otherwise, they are not legal to use.

It is essential to check state laws as while federal agencies have no issue with products that comply with the Farm Bill, which restricts carts to a 0.3% THC level, your state may not have legalized them quite yet.

This said, THC vape cartridges are legal in most states, and can be found at nearly any smoke shop or gas station; they are easy to get, very popular, and a favorite among on-the-go tokers who want easy access.

If you want to vape legally and care-free, we at BudPop offer a large and scaling selection of fully legal, Farm Bill-compliant vape cartridges with no chemicals, additives, or cutting agents.  From Grape Runtz to Blackberry Kush and Strawberry Gelato (and many more), we have carts and flavors for all cravings.

Why Choose BudPop To Buy THC Carts? 

Our carts use all-natural, premium and great-tasting cannabis oil that leaves nothing to be desired.

We rise above industry standards with quality cartridges that make on-the-go toking a real breeze.

And from luscious flavors to quality cartridges, ours are truly built to give you long-lasting pleasure.

Smooth vapors, drool-worthy flavors, and high-grade, hemp-sourced THC carts that pack a PUNCH, join the large and growing BudPop family to enjoy carts that truly make the most of the vaping experience.

What differs us from others is we put safety and quality control atop the priority list to offer pure-clean, ultra-grade THC carts that define THC-vaping excellence, and our extracts have zero VG/PG/PEG/MCT oil so they are entirely safe to use and puff; no nasty cuts or harmful chemicals are ever put in our extracts.

Our CBD oil and carts are crafted with care and include all-natural, food-grade terpenes from plants not treated with chemicals.  Our THC vape pens are an easy and discreet way to get a dose as needed, when needed, and they give fast-arrival satisfaction with compatibility to any 510-thread-count battery setup.

From Delta 9 gummies to Delta 8 oil, carts, and resin to CBD resin, flower, and gummies, in addition to amanita mushrooms and THCa carts, flower, and pre-rolls, we have all a toker may seek under one roof, and at wallet-friendly rates that put real-quality oil and carts within reach for even low-to-small budgets.

Expansive Selection of Carts, Flavors, and Products

We steadily innovate to bring new and exciting products to our large BudPop family that order from us time and time again for the great support, swift shipping, and superior-quality carts we are known for, we promise you a vaping and customer-company experience far better than any you have had before.

Get the best of all worlds in one place and order a cart or vape now to enjoy a host of benefits, like access to:

  • Natural, terpene-flavored oil with no synthetic or artificial flavors added.
  • Easy-to-use, all-in-one vape pens that are ready to hit right out of its box.
  • Pure and clean oil with no fillers, additives, or PG/VG/PEG/MCT oils infused.
  • Disposable vape cartridges that are compatible with any 510-thread-count battery.
  • Full-spectrum oil from US-grown hemp with high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Our friendly team at BudPop is here to help, and if you ever have issues or questions or wish to speak to a knowledgeable vaping specialist for help on which vape to choose for your needs, feel free to reach us any time and we will be more than glad to help, we are always online to help so you can expect fast responses.

5 Tips To Use Your THC Carts Better 

Prolong the lifespan of your THC cart and keep it clog-free and hitting like new with these useful tips:

Store it Properly

THC vape cartridges, and any other cart type for this matter, are no ally to high heat and extreme temps.

To start, store them in a cool place and never expose them to heat or direct sunlight as this can ruin the oil and the battery, and before you store carts, put on caps or seals that came with them as they help to keep them fresh and will stop leaks from occurring, a leaking pen/cart is never a happy or pleasant sight.

Charge the Battery

It is best to put a new cartridge on a full battery so you get the best hit possible, simply ensure it is full, screw on your new cart, and then sit back to relax and puff your cartridge that will hit like a true dream.

Keep it Maintained

Regularly clean threads on the battery and cartridge to ensure no oil/gunk built up as, if it did, you will not get the firm cart-to-power connection you need.  To clean it, use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol as this is strong enough to loosen up build-up but avoid exposure to water as it can easily harm the battery.

Avoid Overheating

If your pen/cart stops working out of the blue, there is a chance it is due to it overheating from long hits.

If you take long hits or five-second or longer battery activations, the battery can heat up and shut down, so if it regularly stops working intermittently, take shorter, two-second or less pulls to see if this fixes it.

On top of damage to the battery, you can also harm the cannabis oil in the cartridge so you need to stay mindful of the temp; it is best to take your time with slow and short hits, even when treating conditions.

Study your Battery

Learning the specs and features of your battery is a great way to ensure you take care of it the right way.

Most have features that make using them easier, like a light that blinks to let you know it needs a charge or a red-solid glow that signals it is overheating.  Learn how yours operates so you know what to look for in the event it starts to act up; peruse the box and manual too as there you will get the details you need.

Frequently Asked, THC Vape Cartridge Questions

  • Monitor temps, some pens let you adjust the temp, if yours does, find a level ideal for you as oil evaporates more slowly or quickly based on the temp you set.  The lower the temp, the less of a hit you get but it is less strain on the coil and battery, which surely helps to prolong its lifecycle.
  • Store it upright, this is essential as if your pen stays upside down for even a short period of time, the sticky cannabis oil will cling to and collect atop the cart, which will clog up your pen and hits.
  • Keep in cool places, never expose carts to direct sunlight as they can easily clog up under high heat, plus, cannabis oils can swiftly evaporate, and you do not want to risk wasting any product so make sure you store your cart in a cool-shaded place to keep it clog-free and hitting like new.
  • Turn off when not vaping, there is no sense in keeping your cart powered on when you are not vaping so if yours has an on-off feature and does not turn on only when you hit, be sure to keep it off during times you are not vaping to help preserve the battery and the lifecycle of the setup.

How Long Does a THC Vape Cart Last? 

How long does a half-gram cartridge last?  And how long does a full-gram THC cartridge last on average?

Great queries, you can expect a half-gram cart to last a hundred to a hundred and fifty puffs so long as your hits are three seconds or less, if you get a one-gram cart you can expect two to three hundred puffs from it; keep pulls short and steady to make it last long, a one-gram cart should last at least two weeks. 

How do I smoke THC Carts?

Vaping a THC cartridge is easy to do, some require you to hold a button down while others are draw-activated and can be hit any time.  If yours has a button, press and hold it for a second, take your pull, then release it a second before your hit ends so you can clear all the vapor that built up in the chamber.

What’s the difference between THC carts & THC Pen? 

Pens are all-in-one, draw-activated vapes with the juice and battery built-in, some do have buttons but most do not.  These are single-use carts, and once the battery dies, you need to toss it away unless it has a charge port, they are also non-refillable, with no oil left these THC pens are no longer of service to you.

Next we have carts that have ten threads and a five-millimeter connection, which is where its name as a 510 Cartridge comes from.  This is an industry-standard size, and is the style most cart batteries follow, which you will need to buy to enjoy THC carts as they, unlike pens, do not have a built-in power source.

Does Vaping THC Get You High? 

Given the purity and concentration of the extract, THC oil is highly potent, and for most people, brings a level and new height of high not had with conventional flower as the THC is being inhaled in purer form.

Given the pureness of THC oil, it is known to give stronger, more sedative-like effects than smoking buds as learned by docs in a study at John Hopkins Medicine.  This comes as no surprise though as vaped THC oil delivers much more THC to the system than flame-burned cannabis, resulting in much intenser highs.

Vaping THC surely gets you high, and its potency means first-time users and newcomers need to watch and dosage their intake as its strength can unpleasant side effects to those with little to no tolerance, so stay mindful of how much you inhale per session, and keep temps low to help avoid cough-strong puffs.

Do THC Cartridges Expire? 

THC carts, like any other cartridge, lose flavor and potency as time passes so the sooner they are used the better but when stored properly and securely out of the heat, they can be stored a year or longer.  

BudPop THC cartridges are proudly made with premium materials and high-grade cannabis oil that can stand the test of time, store them for a rainy day with their seals on and they will stay good for months to come, but we suggest using it in a year or less to get the fresh, like-new taste as when first packaged.

What’s the Difference Between Vaping Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica THC Carts? 

THC oil can come from Indica or Hybrid plants, oil derived from both plants is known as a Hybrid variant.

What sets each of them apart are their effects; Indica brings a relaxing mind and body high, Sativa gives an uplifting boost in energy and creativity, and Hybrid-made oil is a blend of all these feelings together.

What Sizes Do BudPop THC carts come in?

Our one-gram THC vape carts come in many tasty and unique flavors that will keep you wanting more.

From Grape Runts to Strawberry Gelato to Blackberry Kush, Fruity Cereal, and Pineapple Express, each THC cart has nine hundred milligrams of pure-clean, all-natural THC oil that will have you feeling great and vaping for weeks.

How much in The THC Content in 1 Gram THC cart?

Our carts are priced at $49.95 but we are now running a limited-time, 25%-off promo that drops the price by over ten dollars, act now for true-quality, great-tasting THC oil rarely seen at such low prices.

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