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Check out all our BudPop Delta-8 THC product reviews below! We strive to create the best products for BudPop possible and rely heavily on our customer feedback to let us know we are doing a great job. Check out what thousands of our customers are already saying about our products. We additionally have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all purchases.

Based on 1711 reviews
Great Product

I have trouble sleeping and these gummies do the trick

Love Watermelon Zkittles

This is my third bottle . They give me some energy yet more relaxed and back pain relief. They keep me coming back:

Great Taste

I have severe nueropathy in both feet and have a hard time sleeping at night - it took 3 of these and I was able to finally fall asleep and relax they worked great

Not received

The order was never delivered.

Great 👍

Relaxing, great for sleep, and pain control. Came down with shingles and Dr. Told me to take ibuprofen. Ha ha dieing in sever pain nope thanks delta 8 pain was not totally gone but made it do able.

Flavor is on point!

Bought this on a whim since it was new. Have been using the Delta 8 for a bit so this was my first try with Delta 9. I LOVED the experience and it was great! Will definitely buy again 🙂


Overall it was really good.

Awesome quality

The flavors are all good. Great quality and fast shipping.

Fruit Punch Delta 9

Love them. Just what I've been looking for to make me forget all my troubles. 🙂

Blue Dream

The high is very mellow and laid back…it hits in about 30 minutes and lasts about 2 to 3 hours I enjoy the experience

Love them

Really like these gummies.

Finally I Can Sleep and I’m Getting My Grove Back

I’m very thankful that I discovered Budpop. I’m sleeping so much better. I’ve finally found pain relief from a history of three knee replacements and a hip replacement as well. Getting older isn’t for sissies people! Thank you Budpop 😘
Judi W.

Very good store

This store is very nice and nicely kept.

So helpful

They have been very helpful in my getting to sleep. I feel much better because of them.

Really good

I ate 3 and felt amazing. Also, I have a higher tolerance than most most likely due to how my body breaks down thc. But I have tried almost every named and off brand on the market and these hit the best and produced the best experience. Already ordered more, wish they were a little cheaper but for once the price matches the quality.

Strawberry Gelato Delta 8 THC Vape

Better then expected

We’ve obviously had real flower so we originally tried delta 8 because of recent reviews and when delta 9 we clearly had to try. It did not disappoint. I’ve bought from the top manufacturers, I won’t name here but I tried the top 10 over 6 months, and bud pop is in the top 3 of my book. The D9’s hit better and the price is good and the taste is great as well. Now the price is $30 more the D8’s so I’m sticking with D8 for now but on sales I’ll buy D9 again.

Best entourage of cannabinoids in gummies

These are the best legal D9 gummies around! They're made with a well-balanced combination of cannabinoids that other gummies just don't have. They might be a little pricey for some but give them a try and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Strawberry Gelato Delta-8 THC Gummies

Love them!

Delta 9 is superb! Will definitely be getting more delta 9!

Put a Lid on Your Stressful Day

These gummies seem to have no side effects other than putting a ceiling on feelings of stress and anxiety. You will not feel gorked out. So glad to have them on hand for "one of those days". Not wild about the flavor but that's not what I got them for.

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies
Ellie LeGrand Myers
Not worth the money

Very disappointed. I am recovering from extensive back surgery and tbese gummies did absolutely nothing to relax me or ease my discomfort. They were just expensive fruit chews.

Best help for sleep gummy

I’ve been using budpop for about six months now. It is the only product I have found that really helps get you to sleep and it does not contain THC. What I like about it is that it helps me go to sleep but I also stay asleep for at least eight hours. It’s been a godsend So thank you to budpop!

Delta 9

The gummies were very good. Although at the time I placed my order, my email from you stated a 25% discount on all future orders. Why didn't I receive the discount? Also through chat I asked several times, if you offer military discount. I didn't get a response. I like your products, but before I order again, this retired Vietnam veteran would like a discount.
Guy Fuller


I have terminal cancer and it causes all over pain. Taking this vape and the gummies help with this pain, even if only for a few hours. Thank you Bud Pop

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