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Check out all our BudPop Delta-8 THC product reviews below! We strive to create the best products for BudPop possible and rely heavily on our customer feedback to let us know we are doing a great job. Check out what thousands of our customers are already saying about our products. We additionally have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all purchases.

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I nibbled on 1/2 and I felt like I was floating...and super relaxed for hours. This stuff is potent, so you'll want to start with a little piece and see how it makes you feel first. The flavor is amazing!

Consistently good

I love the delta 9 fruit punch gummies. I have severe arthritis that makes sleeping difficult, but these let me settle in for a peaceful night with no morning after effects. Plus they are tasty and dependably effective. Great quality control. Word of warning: strong stuff, so I don’t recommend taking a full dose at first. Half of a cube is plenty!

Excellent tasting

Sleepy Time

Very relaxing, help me to get a full nights sleep.But, a little pricey.

Not what I thought



Best consistent product out there! Repeat customer.


Cookies delta is something I recently just tried, and it makes my stomach relax. I like it so I will order more.

CBD + Ashwagandha Gummies
Michael Ratasky

CBD + Ashwagandha Gummies


Better than I expected!

Sour Diesel

Exactly as described, not too strong and great taste.

Blackberry Kush Disposable Vape

It’s perfect for chilling out before bed and falling into a wonderful slumber! Will buy again!

Better than a sleeping pill

Tastes great, feel comfortable and relaxed, sleep the night away. Just occasional dry mouth.

Happy Nana



The feeling is awesome.I take 2 or 3 hits and a few minutes later I’m relaxed and my troubles are gone.

Tasty and works.

I have used gummies for multiple reasons through the years. These worked great for helping me sleep and unwind. Take it slow and do half until you know how your body reacts.


So far happy with the product the I buy

Really helps me fall asleep faster

I have a hard time falling asleep--sometimes my brain feels like a hamster spinning away on the exercise wheel. Your CBD + CBN + melatonin gummies really do help. I have been using them for almost a year now and have tried to do without, but these really do help me fall asleep! Every time I try to get by without them, I only make it about a week-- with the gummies I am usually asleep within 30- 45 minutes, without at least an hour or two. Really am very happy with this product, have tried melatonin and other sleep remedies with no real difference, but these really seem to work for me! I take two a bit before bedtime and fall asleep much faster and have no grogginess upon waking (although I usually have to wake up at 4 am for work, so yeah, I am still tired, but not feeling drugged like with some sleeping pills). Will continue to purchase these!

0 - 6

The gummies don't seem to have the same effect They seem to differ in Strength?

t Strawberry Gelato Delta 8 THC Vape

taste like real strawberries and hits smooth gives me a nice buzz too. super- fast shipping I will be buying more

Great for sleep!

Tastes amazing, has a smooth after taste, and gets me to sleep within an hour!

These are far out!

Love these D9 gummies. Really nice experience!!

Try it

Individual tastes vary. I found it burned well, had a pleasant after taste, really nice but brief high. Very manageable.

Wonderful pre-roll

They were great. I’m already about to buy more

Very tasty


Great for sleep👏👏

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