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They taste great and pack the perfect punch. One is enough to chill out and two is perfect for watching comedy!

Good Stuff

Actually these gummies work very well with my pain management and sleep. Very good gummies, and they taste great too. I have re-ordered, and will try the Gelato gummies next.


nice little relaxing feeling at the end of my day


these are so good for sleep

good stuff

love these

Delta-9 + CBD 750mg
Alex Edwards

Honestly the best ♥️

Strawberry Gelato

Gives me a nice vibe during the day.

Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen - Pineapple Express


The pre rolls are rolled well and so convenient, love them!


Really nice stuff

Blue dream? Blue love!

I absolutely love the Blue Dream gummies! I'm a big blueberry fanatic and if Willy Wonka made these himself, I wouldn't be surprised, because the flavor is absolutely wonderful! But flavor, aside..the affects are absolutely wonderful as well. So soothing and relaxing. I have alot of anxiety and stressors as many of us do, this day im age. I mean, my goodness! Most careers alone can get to you! So, to help clear those anxious nerves of mine, the safest way for my body to do so, is use the blue dream gummy and I feel like it puts me into a very calming, relaxing state of mind to where I can finally concentrate on the one important thing at a time, to get things done, so I can go home at a decent time of the day. Who wants to be stuck behind a desk forever?! That's right. They are safe to take at work, home, whatever, to relax your nerves and anxious feelings. So, don't worry. And, if you're vegan like me, there's no need to worry, because the gunmies are not made from animal byparts, like most gummies are. That's honestly a relief for me. All around, this company, these gummies, the Blue Dream, MY FAVORITE! Try them or you're missing out!


Great taste and very relaxing. I am anxiety free with just one gummy each night!

Suddenly stopped receiving my monthly order…customer service fixed problem

I realized I was paying for my monthly order but for the last couple months wasn’t receiving anything in the mail. I immediately called customer service and recently received a large box of the missed orders. Disappointed I wasn’t receiving my orders I’d been paying for and had to contact them, but pleased that they resolved the issue and sent me the missing orders.

Consistent quality

The Fruit Punch Delta 9 THC Gummies from BudPop have been consistently high quality in my experience, it's a terrific product.

Strong for the legal stuff

I've tried several thc gummies and these ones are pretty good for being legal. One or a few gummies per hour is more than enough for most!

Always good products from here.

great taste

loved the taste of these gummys 😀

great taste

loved the taste of these gummys 😀

great gummies

great CBN gummies for sleep 😀

great gummies

great CBD gummies for sleep 😀

Delta 8 Individual CBG Kief Dipped Pre-Roll

Vape pen

The flovor was so good I couldn't believe and the experience was great.

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

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