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Real Customer Reviews

Check out all our BudPop Delta-8 THC product reviews below! We strive to create the best products for BudPop possible and rely heavily on our customer feedback to let us know we are doing a great job. Check out what thousands of our customers are already saying about our products. We additionally have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all purchases.

Based on 2389 reviews
Northern Lights flower

I am very happy about the quality of Northern Lights. But the package took forever to get here. it made it 3 hours away from my house in four days, but then it took another 7 days to make it the last few miles. I wouldn't order again unless I was ready to wait almost two weeks again.

Delta-9 + CBD 1500mg
Ronald Barnes
Good stuff

Very good to take when you’re sleeping give me a good night sleep

Work Great

My husband uses these for his anxiety. He usually takes 1/4 of one a day but sometimes takes another 1/4 if needed. He says they taste good and really helps his anxiety.

Amanita Mushroom Gummies

Very Relaxing

Gives a good warm relaxing feel. Nothing
strong or overpowering at all. Just a nice
comfortable feel.

Nice and calm

This strain is relaxing with calmness.
The flavor is smooth without after taste.
This is on my go to list.

I just paid for an online order and I have not received it. I paid with my discover card on Oct. 11 $89.82.

Fresh taste

with long effect


Took 2 and was out like a light

Tastes like candy

For me it kicks in after an hour

Great taste

And effect lasts long

Super Trip

These will get you up in the clouds

Great Flavor

The effect lasts a long time

Delta 8

Works well for me

Watermelon ZkittleZ

this flavor is by far the best tasting one of the three gummy flavors available as of current. would highly recommend this one over the others, but they are all pretty good! works like a charm

Blue dream gummies

My wife has had issues with sleeping thru the night for years. Since she started taking the gummies she sleeps right thru the night.

Soothing for sleep.

Soothing for sleep. Half-dropper recommended.

Simply the best

Tried many THC Gummies these are by far the best , had diabetic from covid prescribed many different nerve pain mediation nothing helped was suggested by Dr out of office gave them a shot worked great after trial and error the bubpop thc gummies deliver the best effect hands down

Taste amazing/Better buzz than delta 8

Flavors taste great and really soft and chewy. Like the buzz so much better than the delta 8. Makes me feel relaxed and not paranoid. Love them!!!

Fruit punch D9 is an excellent product. The only issue I have, is when I try to order more before my automatic shipment the website will not take my order

Best sleep ever

No groggy feeling in the morning, which has been my complaint with other companies, and there no to sugary which I like. Great for sleep

best hecking d9 ive ever had

best sleep gummies everrrr

great flavor, best of all the gummy options

these gummys are the best ive ever had ong

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