Curious about HHC and its place in the cannabinoid world? HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, stands as a lesser-known compound among the extensive family of cannabinoids found in hemp plants.
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What Is HHC?

HHC is one of over one hundred cannabinoids naturally found in hemp. It’s found in smaller quantities than Delta 8 (less than 1% of each hemp plant), so it can be difficult and expensive to source and cultivate.

Luckily, clean conversion methods that use heat, pressure, and specialized equipment make it possible to convert HHC from other naturally occurring cannabinoids! Most often, large amounts of CBD are converted into D9 through isomerization. Then, the Delta 9 THC is hydrogenated, which breaks its carbon double bonds. This converts it from D9 into HHC!

This conversion process has made it much easier and cheaper to source HHC, making it possible for brands like us to carry high-quality HHC products at a reasonable price.

HHC Effects

The specific effects of HHC can include feelings of relaxation, happiness, and sometimes increased creativity, but without the intensity that some individuals associate with Delta 9. Many people enjoy HHC because of how balanced it is, and this also makes it a great cannabinoid for those who are new to the world of hemp products.

When you try HHC, you can anticipate experiencing benefits that include:

  • A boost in mood

  • Relief from physical discomfort

  • Feelings of calm and tranquility

  • Soothing of soreness or swelling

  • Easing of nervousness

  • And more!

HHC’s effects vary from person to person, depending on factors such as dosage, individual tolerance, and even the presence of other cannabinoids in the product.

HHC Dosage

Determining the right HHC dosage is a personalized process. Nevertheless, adhering to the universal guideline of trying a low dose at first and progressing from there is essential. This method is the best way to slowly establish your ideal dosage without the potential of unintentionally exceeding your tolerance. Once you become acclimated to HHC and

its impact, you can gradually increase your intake until you find your optimal dose.

The History of HHC

Did you know that HHC was first discovered in 1944 by an American chemist named Roger Adams? He discovered it by experimenting with hydrogen molecules! By adding hydrogen molecules to Delta 9 THC molecules, Adams converted D9 to HHC. This process is called hydrogenation and is a chemical reaction that occurs with many different elements and compounds (not just cannabinoids).

Today, HHC is converted from CBD. It’s important to note that although Delta 9 is a part of the conversion process from CBD to HHC, HHC does not contain any THC. It is still a completely different cannabinoid and offers its own unique benefits and experiences.

How Do HHC Products Compare to Other Cannabinoids?

HHC products are relatively new on the market compared to other cannabinoids! Because of this, HHC is often compared with other naturally found cannabinoids like CBD, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC.

While they do have some overlap, HHC stands as a hexahydrocannabinol, while D8 and D8 are both tetrahydrocannabinol. These distinctions arise from their unique molecular structures, which play a significant role in shaping the varying effects associated with each of these cannabinoids.

Ultimately, choosing the best cannabinoid for you depends on individual preferences and desired effects. Let’s learn more about these similarities and differences together!


HHC and CBD both offer comforting effects, but the two are quite different. CBD offers a much more passive beneficial experience and doesn’t provide any uplifting effects. HHC, on the other hand, is much more comparable to the THCs that so many people know and love! When taking HHC, you’ll get to experience a mild euphoric boost.

HHC also occurs in much smaller quantities in hemp plants than CBD does! CBD is much more abundant, which is why it’s often converted into other cannabinoids.

HHC vs. Delta 8

HHC and Delta 8 are much more comparable than HHC and CBD. They offer similar experiences and vibes and are less intense than Delta 9.

That said, HHC is a little milder than Delta 8 THC. And while both are great for those looking to get better sleep, people often say that HHC does a better job at this. Delta 8 suits those looking to help settle an upset stomach.

HHC vs. Delta 9

HHC and Delta 9 THC offer uplifting effects but differ in potency and prevalence. Delta 9 is one of the most commonly known cannabinoids and is well known for its potent and euphoric effects. HHC is much milder than Delta 9 and is found in much smaller amounts in hemp plants, which is why it’s often converted from other cannabinoids.

HHC vs. Delta 10

HHC and Delta-10 THC are relatively new and less studied cannabinoids, often compared due to their milder effects. Delta-10 THC is a rare cannabinoid that, like HHC, is not as common as Delta-9 THC or even Delta-8 THC. While both HHC and Delta-10 provide milder sensations, the distinction lies in their prevalence and accessibility. Delta-10 THC is slowly gaining popularity but still remains less available than HHC.

What Are Budpop’s Most Popular HHC Products?

Our HHC Gummies have the highest reviews of all our HHC products! They come in two delicious flavors (Blueberry Haze and Strawberry Sherbert), and both bottles contain 625mg of HHC (each gummy contains 25mg).

If you’re not a big fan of gummies, we also carry HHC Disposable Vapes and HHC Vape Carts! All of these products offer portable, discreet, and delicious experiences, so it’s completely up to you how you want to enjoy the benefits of HHC.

HHC Products: Final Thoughts

HHC is a fascinating addition to the world of cannabinoids, offering a milder, more balanced experience compared to its THC counterparts. While it’s less prevalent in hemp, modern conversion processes have made it more accessible, allowing brands to offer high-quality HHC products at reasonable prices.

HHC is an attractive option for beginners and experienced THC enthusiasts and offers a wide range of beneficial effects. As the market for HHC products continues to evolve, it’s important to make informed choices and purchase from reputable sources. Exploring the world of HHC can provide unique and balanced experiences, enhancing the diversity of cannabinoid options available to consumers!

Ready to give HHC a try for yourself? Check out Budpop’s selection of HHC Gummies, Disposable Vapes, and Vape Carts!

FAQ Suggestions: (write 50-80 words of content under each FAQ.)

Are HHC edibles strong?

All our HHC Gummies contain 25mg HHC per gummy (this adds up to 625mg HHC per bottle). If you’re new to HHC or THC, we recommend starting with half a gummy and waiting at least an hour to see how it makes you feel. Once you get a feel for your tolerance, you can adjust your dose until you find the perfect dose for you.

Is HHC safe?

All our HHC products are Farm Bill compliant and contain no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. We also test all our products at third-party labs to ensure quality and potency.

That said, not all brands take the care and effort we do at Budpop! We recommend researching and purchasing your HHC products from a trusted source so you can have a comfortable and secure experience.

Still trying to decide whether you want to try HHC? Reach out to your doctor to find out if it’s right for you! Your doctor will be able to help you figure out what’s best for your body’s needs.

How safe are HHC gummies?

As we mentioned above, as long as you’re purchasing your HHC gummies from a trusted source, you should be able to have an enjoyable experience.

Is HHC legal?

As long as HHC products are Farm Bill compliant, they are federally legal. That said, states can still create their own regulations for hemp products. We always recommend researching your state’s guidelines before purchasing or traveling with HHC products.

Does HHC get you high?

While HHC will help you feel blissful and uplifted like Delta 9 does, people often find that HHC provides a milder experience than D9. Your experience will depend greatly on your dosage, individual tolerance, body chemistry, metabolism, etc.

We recommend starting with a smaller dose, especially if you’re new to HHC and THC. Once you determine your tolerance levels, you can adjust your dose accordingly.

How do HHC carts work?

After you connect your HHC cart to a vape battery and turn it on, it heats the HHC distillate inside the cart. The distillate is then vaporized and can be inhaled. After inhaling the vapors, you should be able to feel HHC’s effects within 90 seconds. Some people experience effects in as little as 30 seconds and sometimes immediately after inhaling.

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