Delta-9 + CBN Sleep Gummies $89.95 or subscribe and save 25%

Delta-9 + CBN Sleep Gummies

$89.95 or subscribe and save 25%

  • 30 Gummy Cubes per Bottle
  • 15mg THC, 10mg CBN & 5mg Melatonin per Gummy
  • 450mg THC, 300mg CBN & 150mg Melatonin per Bottle
  • Made With Hemp-derived D9 THC & CBN Distillate
  • 100% Natural, Vegan-friendly Ingredients
  • Assorted Natural Fruit Flavors
  • Farm Bill Compliant
  • Made in the USA


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About D9 + CBN Gummies

Getting deeper, more restful sleep helps us recover from life’s daily stressors, and our tantalizingly tasty D9 + CBN Gummy Cubes gently pave the way for better sleep night after night. Most people know what it feels like to not sleep well. We toss and turn, trying to find that perfect position, yet we can’t seem to shut off the day, even at night. When morning finally arrives, the day is already off to a bad start because we can’t function at our best and are already longing for another cup of coffee to keep us awake or an afternoon nap.

It’s crucial to calm the mind and relax the body before bed because we can then settle into a peaceful slumber and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. This is how our premium D9 + CBN Sleep Gummies can help, and it all begins with superior plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients for consistent results. 

We make our Sleep Gummies with expertly-grown, premium hemp from Colorado and Oregon. Our D9 + CBN Gummy Cubes contain the potent combination of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC (D9 or THC) and CBN. Delta 9 THC delivers soothing relaxation and dreamy euphoria that settles you into a deep sleep. Our Sleep Gummies are further enhanced by CBN, a sedating cannabinoid that will have you falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. Melatonin is added into the mix for good measure — this natural hormone helps regulate sleep-wake cycles.

To guarantee that our D9 + CBN Gummy Cubes are of the highest quality, we send them to third-party laboratories to test them for purity and potency. Rest assured, our D9 + CBN Gummies will deliver the R&R you were missing from your life.


D9 + CBN Gummies Ingredients

  • Delta 9 THC: More commonly known as THC, Delta 9 is a major cannabinoid in cannabis plants that elevates our minds with cerebral euphoria and relaxes our bodies. 
  • CBN: Cannabinol (CBN) is a minor cannabinoid in hemp that people love for its sedative, sleep-inducing effects. 
  • Melatonin: A natural hormone in our brains that helps us regulate sleep-wake cycles and stay asleep longer. Including melatonin in our D9 + CBN Gummy Cubes is a perfect fit because it complements D9 and CBN for better, longer sleep. 
  • Apple Pectin: A natural source of soluble fiber known to help with digestive issues. We use healthy, cruelty-free apple pectin rather than animal-based gelatin fillers. 
  • Other Ingredients: Light corn syrup (corn syrup, salt, vanilla), cane sugar, water, citric acid, natural flavors, fruit and vegetable extract (for color), and MCT oil.


Dosage Guidelines for D9 + CBN Gummies

We recommend taking one gummy daily or as needed. Finding the right dose that works best for you depends on several factors. If you’re new to our Sleep Gummies, perhaps start with half a gummy the first night and see how you feel. You’ll soon find the perfect dose for your body and enjoy up to eight hours of deep, restful sleep, among other benefits.



When we sleep well, we recharge and relax just as nature intended. Good consistent sleep leads to improved overall health and helps us feel, look, and function better every day. But that’s not all. 

Enjoy a D9 + CBN Gummy Cube, and you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Deeper, longer, undisturbed sleep
  • Waking up feeling refreshed and energized
  • Clearer, more focused mindset
  • Having fewer anxious thoughts
  • Less bodily discomfort


FAQ About D9 + CBN Gummies

What’s The Difference Between CBN and Delta 9?

The main difference between CBN and D9 THC is the effects. CBN is a sedating cannabinoid that does not produce euphoria. Delta 9 is famous for its powerful euphoric effects and total body relaxation. 

What Do CBN + THC Gummies Feel Like?

Our CBN + THC Sleep Gummies makes you feel like you just had a relaxing, full-body therapeutic massage right before bed. While Delta 9 provides uplifting sensations that calm anxious thoughts, CBN has sedative properties that help you relax and drift off sleep. For many people, it’s a perfect combination for a good night’s sleep! 

How Many CBN + THC Gummies Can I Eat?

The recommended dose of our CBN + THC Sleep Gummies is one gummy per day or as needed. However, our Sleep Gummies are so tasty it’s tempting to enjoy a few of them in one sitting, but we recommend going easy and starting with one or even a half gummy. 

If you happen to overindulge, you may feel mild, temporary side effects such as:

  • Dry, red eyes
  • Thirstiness
  • Nausea or upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness

There’s no reason for concern because any negative effects will gradually wear off. To feel better a little faster, have a snack, stay hydrated, or even stretch out on the couch for a bit. 

Are CBN + THC Gummies legal?

Yes, our CBN + THC Gummy Cubes are completely legal under federal law. In 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp farming and products made from hemp. To be legal under the Farm Bill, the D9 THC level must be 0.3% or less for the plant and products. Depending on where you live, state and local hemp laws may differ from federal law, so if you’re not sure, doing a little research can’t hurt!

Product Ratings & Reviews

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Darren Phelps

Delta-9 + CBN Sleep Gummies

Jerry Loftin

All is good with my sleeping

great gummies

great CBN gummies for sleep :D

Irene Loy
Delta9 Sleep Gummies

They work great! Like the taste.

Christa Dickerson
Best sleep ever!

These are amazing! I am getting the best sleep I have had i years. They taste great. I tried some from a couple other companies, and there is no comparison. These are the best!