Live Resin Carts/Cartridges

THC Live Resin Carts

Live resin carts are an easy way to enjoy cannabis and bring nice effects that make it a favorite to many. 

Unlike products that use dry-cured hemp, live resin uses flash-frozen hemp flower so it has more aroma, flavor, and potency.  Since it is made from freshly harvested cannabis, peak levels of terpenes and cannabinoids stay locked in so you can expect a real sensation!

Our CBD Live Resin cartridges may be the best thing your days and wellness routine have had as they can give balance to the mind and body and relief on stressful days.  

Vape clean and happily as BudPop Live Resin carts never use fillers, chemicals, or artificial flavors!  Our premium CBD + Live Resin cartridges use quality hemp flowers and are known to pack a punch to the senses.

Our full-spectrum live resin carts have lesser-known yet potent cannabinoids that give a euphoric lift to orbit or beyond.  And they have rich flavors and terpene profiles that will have your taste buds dancing!

What Are Live Resin Vape Cartridges?

Live resin vape cartridges give the taste and aroma of cannabis but with no chemicals or additives used.

These pre-filled, glass-made carts are great for on-the-go relief as they are highly discreet and portable.  

Simply attach a battery and blow lovely vapor clouds to your content.  At BudPop, our live resin vape carts have 510-thread counts so they work with nearly all batteries, and they can last for weeks based on how often you hit them.

These pre-filled glass tanks contain live resin and are ideal for those who seek the true entourage effect.

Give them a try as they just may soar you to heights of rest, relief, or creativity you thought not possible!

Types of Live Resin Vapes?  

There are two types of live resin cartridges, let us cover each so you can pick the one that is best for you.

CBD Live Resin Cart 

If you wish to feel calm and relaxed but not at the cost of mental clarity, our CBD + live resin carts are for you.  

This match-in-heaven duo is pure bliss and invites wellness benefits like reduced nervousness, improved sleep, and easing of muscular tension or discomfort.  Those who seek CBD + Live Resin cartridges do so for the wellness benefits it gives as while it makes it easier to kick back and unwind, its subtle THC levels mean you can sustain focus from morning to nighttime.

BudPop Live Resin carts come in flavors that make taste buds dance, see our selection here to get one. 

Delta 8 Live Resin Cart 

All in life feels well and blissful with a Delta-8 Live Resin cart as it brings a gentle yet potent and uplifting euphoric sensation – our Delta-8 Live Resin cartridges make wellness and mental decompression easier! 

From hardier appetites to deeper levels of rest and inward peace, D8 live resin carts are for those who want to feel the best they have in ages.  BudPop live resin carts will be your new favorite way to enjoy cannabis and its many benefits and will help make tiring or stressful days more manageable.

From Louis XIII to Pineapple Express and Strawberry Gelato (and more), our hard-to-say-no-to flavors make each puff a tasty one! Check out our selection of Delta 8 Live Resin cartridges to find the perfect flavor for you! 


Difference Between Live Resin Cart and Regular Vape Cart 

 What sets them apart are their price, aroma, flavor, and potency – live resin carts are pricier but their stronger aromas, higher potency, and superior flavor profiles make them well worth the cost to most.

Simply put, live resin has way more flavor, terpenes, and cannabinoids given its extraction from fresh cannabis plants, which makes it more potent.  In contrast, regular vape carts are made from dry-cured plants, an extraction process that does not yield as many terpenes or cannabinoids in the final product.

All this said, are live resin carts better than regular cartridges?  The answer to this is personal as it varies on the effects you seek.

If you want a low-cost, rich-in-CBD vape that gives subtle effects, BudPop Delta-8 THC carts are for you.

In contrast, if you want robust flavors and uplifting entourage effects, get a CBD + Live Resin cartridge (like the ones we offer here) as they are more potent and will get the job done!

Discover What Live Resin Carts Are Best For You? 

Live resin is turning into the preferred extract of the hemp industry given its fresh taste and potency.

Unlike dated harvesting methods, BudPop live resin carts do not use dried flower but fresh cannabis leaves that are swiftly flash-frozen at harvest, so they preserve more terpenes, trichomes, and flavor profiles that make for a pleasant hemp experience.

BudPop sets the industry standard with premium live resin vape carts that never disappoint and offers the best live resin cartridges around.  Read on as we cover live resin carts to try, ours work wonders for many of our customers and we are sure they will for you too!

Take your pick from mouth-watering flavors that leave taste buds smiling.  From Wedding Cake to Blackberry Kush and Pineapple Express to Louis XIII, Fruity Cereal, and Strawberry Gelato, our Live Resin carts come in luscious flavors that make for lovely puffs.

Fruity Cereal Live Resin Cartridge 

 As a BudPop customer favorite, our Fruity Cereal Delta 8 + Live Resin vapes are rich in D8 THC and other lesser-known but potent cannabinoids!  This is why our Live Resin carts are the strongest.
These are known to help the creative side flourish and are great for long or tiring days where relief is needed.  Our Live Resin is made from fresh cannabis plants packed with terpenes that make for tasty puffs like never had before.

Wedding Cake Live Resin Cartridge 

Packed with terpenes and cannabinoids, this strain-specific Live Resin cartridge has the classic taste we all know and dearly love.
Enjoy blissful euphoric journeys and restore balance to the mind and body with our Wedding Cake Live Resin carts that just might send you to celestial heights.

This one-gram live resin cartridge can give weeks of use and may be just what you need to be at ease and peace on stressful days.

Are Live Resin Carts Safe To Consume? 

 Is Live Resin safe to consume?  Great question and simply put, it is safe to puff and enjoy so long as you do so in moderation.  Most cannabis lovers enjoy Live Resin cartridges for the ways it makes them feel.  

Happy, creative, euphoric, relaxed, and content are adjectives most use to explain how Live Resin carts make them feel but moderation is essential to safely enjoying these traits.

There is no need to worry when vaping Live Resin cartridges if you buy from a trusted seller like BudPop.  
Ours are lab-tested, Farm Bill-friendly, and crafted to high standards not found with other vape brands.

Effects of Live Resin Carts? 

Too much of a good thing can have downsides and this holds true for the potent cannabis extract known as Live Resin – its high terpene/cannabinoid levels are why you should closely follow dosage guidelines.
More times than not, no side effects will be had so long as you know your limit and tolerance level!  
If you overdo it and take more puffs than you can handle, side effects like lethargy, diarrhea, an upset stomach, and dry eyes or throat may emerge but worry not, with just a little time, these will pass.
Responsible, dosage-based use is key to getting wellness-raising results without side effects.  Start with two-second puffs, and wait thirty to sixty minutes until your next puff so you have time to see how you react, and then slowly take more as you feel the need.

Side effects rarely arise and you will often simply enjoy the benefits Live Resin is known to bring; more creativity, improved focus, deeper rest, intense relaxation, and a well-rounded, mind-and-body journey.

Are Live Resin Vape Carts Legal? 

As Live Resin vape carts grew in popularity, so did the number of people asking if they are legal to use.

If asking the same, worry and wonder not as our Live Resin carts are federally legal and comply with the Farm Bill set forth in 2018!  This means they’re legal in most states and can be used with peace of mind.

Our potent and natural, fresh-hemp Live Resin has a 0.03% or under concentration of Delta 9 THC so it is federal and Farm Bill compliant.  All BudPop extracts, products, and cartridges are rigorously tested for purity, safety, and potency to ensure they are safe for use and effective at bringing results to customers.

All in all, Live Resin vape cartridges are a great way to get a dose of cannabis on the go and are legal to enjoy in nearly every state.  Vape legally with peace of mind and buy Live Resin cartridges from BudPop for a cannabis-vaping experience you will not soon forget.

Why Choose BudPop To Buy Live Resin Carts?

If you want the best of what the Live Resin vaping world has to offer, BudPop is the leading destination.

From potent cartridges and disposables to next-level-quality extracts that leave nothing to be desired, BudPop’s natural, cannabis-sourced products are leaps beyond other vape brands in the market today.

Let us review how BudPop vape carts raise the standard for what a great vaping experience should be.

If chillaxing, happier days, and nice euphoric sensations are what you long for, you are in for a real treat!
A few things that make BudPop stand out from the rest is they: 
  • Use pesticide-free, Colorado-grown hemp plants in their products.
  • Only include all-natural ingredients in their extracts.
  • Never use additives, cutting agents, or artificial preservatives.
  • Use pure-clean, top-quality hemp oil to make potent extracts.

Luscious, Highly Tasty Extracts and Cartridges 

BudPop live resin cartridges are a taste bud delight you truly must puff to appreciate!

Made from natural ingredients and premium-quality hemp plants from Colorado, their selection of full-spectrum, strain-specific extracts and products offer some of the best available to cannabis users today.

From unique flavors like Fruity Cereal to ones we all know and love, like Louis III, Strawberry Gelato, and Pineapple Express, BudPop has the best-tasting, fastest-acting THC cartridges of any other seller around.

Stylish and Easy to Carry 

BudPop vape carts are built with quality and ease-of-use in mind so you get the best of all worlds in one product!  With a sleek look and intuitive design, their carts are not only tasty and potent but lightweight and compatible with 510-thread batteries so they will likely work with the battery you already have on hand.

Effective, Highly Potent Extracts and Cartridges 

Sourced from the finest hemp plants Colorado has seen, it is no surprise their carts and extracts pack the punch they do.

From Delta 8 THC to high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, BudPop THC carts bring the goods to the table with most customer reviews saying it helps them reach deeper levels of relaxation not had before.

Blitz-Fast Shipping 
The only thing better than getting a quality cartridge is receiving it in timely fashion.  At BudPop, swift arrivals are standard as most orders ship out within twenty-four hours of ordering, which means you can expect it at your door in a week or less (usually within five days).

5 Tips To Use Your Live Resin Carts Better
Want to avoid clogging and other common issues with your Live Resin cartridge?  Of course you do!
Read below as we cover helpful tips for keeping your cart hitting and puffing like the day you got it.

1. Monitor the Temperature

Some vape pens let you adjust the temp which enables you to control how much heat is given to the oil. 
If your pen has this feature keep it at three hundred and fifteen degrees and never exceed four hundred.
By staying in the safe-zone temp range, you will prevent oil burning and prolong the lifecycle of the coil.

2. Store Cartridges Upright

Oil and live resin like to cling atop carts that house them so if they are stored sideways or upside down, your vape pen can get clogged!  If this happens, you will barely get hits (if you get puffs at all) so ensure your vape cartridges are stored in upright position, and in a dry-cool space not exposed to heat/sunlight. 

3. Store in a Cool Place

Oil and live resin can evaporate if stored in hot or humid environments, and it is in such places your pen can get clogged too.  As such, store carts in a dry, cool, and preferably air-conditioned space, and never leave it in direct sunlight under any scenario.

4. Turn Off When Not In Use

Some vape pens let you take a puff just by inhaling while others need to be turned on first.  If your pen has an on-off feature, leverage it, and turn it off when you are not vaping to help preserve the battery.

5. Hit Low and Slow

Big rips and pulls are mistakes many make and it is best to avoid these to avoid clogs in your vape cart.
Take a hit, count to a second or two, and then stop to avoid clogs and other issues that can arise from heating up oil and coils for long durations.

Answering FAQs About Live Resin Cartridges 

Are live resin carts the strongest?
They are up there as live resin comes from fresh hemp plants that are quickly frozen to preserve taste, aroma, and potency.  Given this, it is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids that are known to bring uplifting, euphoric-like sensations, making live resin cartridges potent and beloved by cannabis lovers/consumers.

Do live resin carts get you higher than regular carts?
They often will as pure live resin holds more terpenes and cannabinoids than regular carts as they are not made from dry-cured hemp, so they are more potent and capable of delivering noticeable effects.

If fuzzy feels and uplifting euphoric sensations are your goals, BudPop live resin carts are your answer.

How many hits is a 1g live resin cart?
This varies from one person to the next as how many hits you get from a one-gram cart depends on the length of your hits and the strength at which you pull them.  This said, 250-350 hits are average yet most receive around three hundred hits – hit it gently for a short duration to get the most hits from it possible.

How long should you hold a cart hit?
Some like to hold hits for as long as they can but there is no reason to for more than a second as once a puff is inhaled, the absorption of terpenes and cannabinoids takes place right away.  As such, we advise holding hits for only a second as it will bring the same effects as a longer-held puff, but with less coughs.

How long do carts last until they go bad?
As with most things, Live Resin cartridges (and any other cart type for this matter) do not last forever and are best used by a certain date.  When it comes to vape carts, do your best to use them within the first twelve months as after a year, the oil inside can start to degrade and may be hard to hit and enjoy

Difference between Live resin carts and distillate carts
Live Resin cartridges focus on aroma, flavor, and terpenes while distillate carts aim for high THC content.
Distillate carts are more potent and refined but Live Resin carts have more terpenes and are much more flavorful, they are cheaper too, which makes them the preferred pick to the many who enjoy them daily.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Buy Live Resin Vape Cartridges?
To enjoy and order our Live Resin vape cartridges, you will need to be twenty-one years of age or older.

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