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Sour Diesel CBD has quickly become one of the most sought-after varieties because of its strength. Due to its rarity and the murky nature of the cannabis market, Sour Diesel’s official origin remains a mystery. The identities of the original plants have been a subject of conjecture, though.

Sour Diesel CBD indoor hemp flower is often believed to be a hybrid of Chemdawg and Skunk. Some people think that the well-known Sativa-dominant hybrid Diesel — a 30:70 Indica-Sativa cross — is where Sour Diesel got its name.

Regardless of its background, our Sour Diesel CBD was bred with high-quality hemp to reduce its naturally high THC content and make it legal under the Farm Bill.

Sour Diesel Highlights (CBD Bud)

Terpene Profile

There is a significant concentration of CBD cannabinoids in our Sour Diesel. About 20.16 % CBD and 0.09 % delta-9 THC are in our product. Customers with a higher tolerance or more severe medical needs should try this Sativa strain.

Sativa lovers will like the popular Sour Diesel CBD strain. This famous CBD flower is a cross between Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91. Hence, it is the ideal Sativa-dominant hybrid strain for unwinding and inspiring original thought.

Extreme Potency at 20% CBD and CBG

A skunky, sour, and tangy odor is released when the tight green buds are split apart. The kerosene flavor is released when smoked and has a sour citrus aftertaste. The Sour Diesel CBD flower has a vivid orange pistil intertwined with a coating of helpful trichomes. This hybrid has a high CBD and CBG content of 20% and is both flavorful and potent.

Natural Hemp Oil Extract from the Flower

Our farmers use natural methods to develop Sour Diesel. Cannabis plants may reach their full growth potential when grown indoors. After being picked, the buds are slowly cured for 12-14 days to preserve their freshness and high quality for smoking. The meticulously hand-trimmed hemp flower is now ready for smoking or further processing.

The final output is a CBD bud with a skunky, sour flavor and tremendous potency. Our Sour Diesel is a fantastic midday smoke since it has medicinal effects without dulling your focus.

Indoor CBD Bud – Sour Diesel Strain

In addition to our traditional CBD oil, we now offer non-psychoactive Sour Diesel CBD indoor hemp flowers derived from our popular strain. This is the best option if you like smoking but would rather not get high. Since Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, its users should expect cerebral stimulation, increased energy, and a positive mood. As such, it’s the perfect strain to employ first thing in the morning or anytime throughout the day to set the tone for calm concentration.

A sharp, tart flavor and scent hit you as you take a deep breath. The lungs quickly absorb the CBD when smoked or vaped, producing immediate benefits. Our Sour Diesel strain has powerful effects, so it may not be the best choice for first-timers. However, seasoned consumers with a high tolerance level may find it ideal.

The CBD percentage of our strain is relatively high at 20.165%, but the delta-9 THC level is relatively low at just 0.094%, making it legal according to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. In this way, you may enjoy the positive effects of CBD, including improved sleep, less worry and stress, and a relaxed mind and body, without experiencing the harmful side effects, like paranoia, that are often linked with delta-9 THC.

Our buds are available in a broad range of package sizes, from 4.2 grams (about an eighth of a pound) to 454 grams (about a whole pound). No matter how many flowers you smoke, you’ll be able to discover the perfect pack size at our store.

Ingredients Used In Our Sour Diesel CBD 

Due to the purity of our Sour Diesel CBD hemp flower, there is just one component:

Our CBD indoor hemp flowers come directly from the blooming buds of our domestically produced Colorado hemp plants on some of the finest farms in the United States. Hemp is grown naturally on these farms without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, or other potentially dangerous additives, ensuring its safety for human consumption. If you’re curious about our flower’s quality and whether or not it includes high quantities of delta-9 THC, toxic substances, or other components, you can see the results of third-party lab tests on our website.

Dosage Guide 

How much hemp CBD flower one uses is entirely up to the consumer. The results of using our hemp products will be different for everyone. You may light up or vape raw flowers, which are also edible and valuable in various culinary applications. The onset and persistence of effects vary from case to case. Our CBD hemp flowers do not have a simple dosing mechanism like tinctures or edibles.

In the absence of a set dosage recommendation, we suggest going easy at first. CBD flower’s adaptability allows for a wide variety of potential applications. It has several uses, including in cigarettes, vaporizers, and edibles. We recommend smoking or vaping our CBD flowers for first-time users since the effects kick in quickly. The effects of smoking CBD-rich cannabis are almost instantaneous and may last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. You may not feel the effects of edibles for up to two hours after consumption, but they will continue for much longer.

The first step is to fire up your chosen smoking implement (bowl, bong, joint, etc.) with a tiny quantity of weed. The full effects won’t hit for approximately 10 minutes, but if you feel like you need more, you can always light up again. While CBD has few adverse effects, overdosing might cause discomfort, including dry mouth and burning eyes.

A seasoned CBD user might start with a higher dose and adjust as needed. Remember that you will instantly experience the benefits of CBD when you smoke or vape the flower. However, due to the digestive process, you will experience the benefits sooner if you consume our CBD in edible form.

How To Store CBD Indoor Hemp Flower

It is essential to properly store our Sour Diesel CBD flower to ensure that you have a positive experience every time you consume it. It can get contaminated, become too dry, or become overly wet if it is not kept carefully. Since the flower’s packaging is airtight and may be sealed, we strongly advise you to preserve the flower in the container it arrived in. You can also store it in a different container, such as a child-resistant cap. Just ensure that it doesn’t let any air in and that it seals correctly.

We strongly encourage you to store our CBD flower container in a cool, dark, and dry environment away from direct sunlight. You may store it in a drawer or a cabinet. However, you should keep it away from areas with high humidity, such as the bathroom. If you take care to maintain the purity and potency of the flower, then the benefits it. 

CBD Hemp Flower FAQs 

What do our CBD indoor hemp flowers do?

Inhaling the flowers of the fast-acting Sour Diesel strain should provide an upbeat and concentrated effect best enjoyed throughout the day. There will be no haziness or lack of focus on your part. With the help of this flower, you may enjoy its relaxing properties and unwind physically while also letting your imagination go wild.

Our Sour Diesel CBD flower will leave you with a satisfying taste, and it will feel easier to breathe. Our indoor hemp flowers will also deliver the most intense effects, enabling you to appreciate the soothing power of CBD without any limitations. This is perhaps the most crucial benefit of growing hemp indoors.

Some research shows that CBD hemp flowers may alleviate the symptoms of stress, aches, and inflammation. In addition to reducing the severity of adverse effects, smoking hemp may stimulate hunger and positively impact mood.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a CBD flower that will boost your energy levels, go for one with a Sativa-dominant genetic makeup. The flowers of Sativa-dominant CBD strains often have a fruity scent, similar to the aroma of THC-rich strains. You will get a surge of energy from this form of CBD flower, but you won’t also feel agitated or paranoid.

Are our CBD Indoor Hemp Flowers safe?

Smoking our hemp flowers is not likely to get you high. The non-psychoactive cannabinoids have zero intoxicating effects on the human brain. Our CBD hemp flowers are safe to consume because of their high CBD content and low THC levels. The THC content in hemp plant buds is insufficient to produce a “high” in your endocannabinoid system. But if you eat a lot of our CBD flowers at once, you can become a little lightheaded. However, this lightheadedness is in no way similar to the high you get from smoking marijuana. Moreover, CBD is legal under the Federal Farm Bill. However, consider that CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition.

Why buy our CBD indoor hemp flower?

The high resin concentration of the CBD buds of Sour Diesel gives them a thick, sticky texture. If you want to feel better about life, smoke some of our hemp flowers. These flowers include full-spectrum CBD oil for the optimal entourage effect. This hemp blossom is all-natural with no artificial ingredients.

We at BudPop prioritize honesty and security. Moreover, we have put the flowers through external testing to ensure their purity, quality, and safety.

Hence, we only buy hemp flowers from Nevada and Colorado, widely known to grow the highest-grade hemp in the United States. Our partner farms cultivate hemp without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or GMOs. In addition, we put all of our CBD hemp flowers through extensive testing by an independent lab to ensure their quality and safety. We take great care to ensure that our CBD hemp flower contains nothing but beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes and none of the potentially harmful additives. Finally, our buds are Federal Farm Bill compliant with the legal amount of THC.

In which country do we purchase our CBD flower?

For optimal health benefits, the CBD hemp flower we use comes from the United States on farms that comply with federal regulations. Hemp takes up the soil’s nutrients along with anything else that could be there. Thus, the CBD hemp flower will include whatever toxins, pollution, heavy metals, or other dangerous compounds are present in the soil. It’s crucial to make sure your hemp comes from a reliable source and to stick to buying flowers from farms in the United States.

When I take a drug test, will it show up if I’ve been around CBD flowers?

CBD flower joint use will not show up in a drug test. The misconception that CBD might register on a drug test arises from its standard connection with marijuana. The body does not respond to CBD as it does to THC, so a simple blood or urine test won’t reveal it. Although full-spectrum CBD flowers contain just tiny quantities of THC, it is still possible that you might fail a test because of them.

In what ways may the use of CBD flowers be counterproductive?

Consuming CBD has no known negative medical consequences. You may legally and safely consume it. However, CBD may lead to gastrointestinal distress. Even slight vertigo is possible. Starting with a low CBD concentration and gradually increasing it is the best method to prevent these adverse effects. Talking to your doctor about this is also good if you experience minor adverse effects.

If you have a severe medical condition or use prescription medications, always refer to your health physician before taking anything. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires the placement of these details on the label of every CBD product.

Why Buy Budpop’s Sour Diesel CBD?

Get some of our Sour Diesel CBD hemp flowers to get your CBD fixed the old-fashioned way. There is no finer hemp than the one that comes from the states of Colorado and Nevada. Our local artisans take exceptional care throughout the extraction process to preserve the high quality of the Sativa-dominant strain. You may purchase CBD hemp flowers in increments ranging from 4.2 grams to 454 grams (one pound). Join the BudPop family and save an extra 25% on your orders.

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