THCA Pre-Roll – Sex Panther $54.95

THCA Pre-Roll – Sex Panther


  • Premium THCa Hemp Flower
  • Sativa (25.24% THCa)
  • Expertly Rolled With No Air Pockets
  • Slow Burn Hemp Paper for Longer Use
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant

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Product Information


What is a THCa Pre-Roll

A THCa Pre-Roll is a hemp joint that is pre-rolled for convenient consumption. Pre-Rolls are typically constructed in a cylindrical or conical shape, using various sizes of hemp paper and various amounts of ground hemp flower. Also referred to as joints, THCa Pre-Rolls can usually be purchased individually or in packs containing multiple joints. 

As you might’ve heard by now, THCa turns into THC when you light up. So once you light a THCa Pre-Roll and take a hit, you’ll immediately feel that classic THC feeling of uplifting, cerebral euphoria coursing through your body! With potent benefits like these, it’s easy to understand why THCa Pre-Rolls are the most powerful hemp flower pre-rolls around!

BudPop’s THCa Pre-Rolls — Best THCa Joints

At BudPop, we only use the most premium USA-grown hemp flower to make the best THCa Pre-Rolls around! We source all our flower from passionate and skilled farmers and cultivators of THCa-rich hemp. Additionally, we select their best strains, so you can enjoy a potent and delicious smoking experience whenever you light up one of our THCa Pre-Rolls!

Sex Panther THCa Pre-Roll

Sex Panther is an exotic Sativa strain with a pungent, heady aroma. Regularly testing at an incredible 25% or more THCa, this powerful Pre-Roll delivers an uplifting and energizing full-body experience! Sex Panther’s scent features tropical notes of pineapple and hints of diesel fuel, creating a sweet and gassy flavor profile that will have you relishing every puff.

These characteristics combine to make Sex Panther a great strain for putting you in a creative headspace, adding a little burst of energy to a night out, or simply jump-starting your daily routine!

What’s in our THCa Pre-Rolls?

We only use premium, Farm Bill-compliant hemp flower containing 0.3% or less Delta-9 THC. Our Pre-Rolls contain freshly ground THCa hemp flower buds and nothing else. We only use natural rolling ingredients, so our Pre-Rolls are rolled in high-quality hemp rolling paper and contain wood pulp filters. Each Pre-Roll is consistent and hand-packed with no air pockets, so you get a smooth smoke that burns evenly every time!

Dosage Guidelines

If you are new to THCa Pre-Rolls, start with 1-2 puffs and wait a few minutes to determine if you are getting the desired effect. Repeat if necessary, and give yourself time to get accustomed to the uplifting sensations. For best results, avoid overconsuming and always consume responsibly!

If you are familiar with the sensations of THCa, you can consume as much or as little of the Pre-Roll as you want to achieve the desired effect and save the remainder for later. For the freshest and most flavorful experience, we recommend smoking or sharing a Pre-Roll in a single session. 


For those who are less familiar with THCa Pre-Rolls, you may have more questions on the specifics of THCa. To help, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to provide additional information.

How Do I Get the Most Satisfaction Out of THCa Pre-Rolls?

The best way to enjoy a THCa Pre-Roll is to smoke it! We suggest smoking or sharing a Pre-Roll in one sitting if you want to savor the greatest flavor possible. You can always save part of an unfinished Pre-Roll for later, but the flavor will be less prominent in subsequent sessions.

What Are the Benefits of THCa?

THCa has several benefits, as it can be enjoyed in its natural state or heated to convert it into THC. The natural form of THCa shows promise in helping with overall wellness, while THCa turns into THC when heated up. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of Delta-9 THC by simply lighting up and inhaling one of our THCa Pre-Rolls! And when you do, expect to feel a soothing sensation of full-body relaxation wash over you as your mind drifts off into a euphoric state of stimulation and creativity. 

Will THCa Show Up in a Drug Test?

Drug tests typically test for the presence of THC. And since THCa is converted into THC upon heating, it will probably show up on a drug test. If you smoke THCa Pre-Rolls, you inhale Delta-9 THC into your bloodstream, which will most likely provide a THC-positive result in a drug test. If you expect to take a drug test soon, we suggest avoiding THCa Pre-Rolls for now.

What Is a Good THCa percentage?

It is all down to personal preference, but a general guideline for a potent THCa percentage is between 15-20% THCa. Anything over 20% THCa is typically considered a high-potency hemp flower, like our Sex Panther Pre-Roll!

Will THCa Pre-Rolls Get Me High?

Our THCA Pre-Rolls will deliver potent, uplifting cerebral effects and a full-bodied experience. If you are new to THCa Pre-Rolls, we recommend starting with one or two puffs and waiting a few minutes to get used to the sensation.

Are THCa Pre-Rolls Legal?

Yes, our THCa Pre-Rolls are 100% federally legal and Farm Bill-compliant. The 2018 Farm Bill declares that all hemp products are legal if they contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. However, as each state has its own regulations regarding hemp, we suggest checking your local laws before purchasing any hemp products.

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Great Flavor

The effect lasts a long time

Mitchell Luehr
Very good quality

However, 5 pre rolls for $79 is expensive


yummy flavor rolls

best pre rolls