Best time to of the day to take delta 8

Delta 8: What Is Best Time To Consume?

If you are a beginner, you must be curious about the best time of the day to take delta 8. Even if you have been using the substance for some time, you may wonder if there is an optimal time that makes the buzz even better.

The answer largely depends on the type of benefits you are trying to reap from consuming delta-8. So today, we will be rounding up a number of times during the day at which you can optimize the benefits of delta-8, depending on why you are consuming it in the first place.

#1. Recreational Purposes – Delta 8 Anytime

  • If you take delta-8 just to have some fun, then there really is not a “bad” time for it, as you can take some whenever you want. However, we advise you to time your consumption as per your schedule for the rest of the day.
  • If you will be driving in the next few hours, it is best to avoid taking delta-8. Similarly, if you will be operating any heavy machinery later, then do not take delta-8. By doing so, you would only pose a danger to others and yourself.
  • On the other hand, if you have a day off or just do not have much to do, feel free to have a dose of delta-8 any time. Keep one thing in mind, though — large amounts of delta-8 do make you sleepy.
  • If you want to avoid this side effect, we recommend keeping your doses below 40mg. This way, you can reap the soothing effects of delta-8 without falling asleep entirely.
  • BudPop’s gummies work great if you are looking to chill for the day. Many users praise them for helping them relax and even sleep better. You can check these gummies out over on our website.

#2. Stress Relief – A Bit Before When You Might Need It

  • Let us face it, we all have certain aspects of our lives that stress us out, so it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Delta-8 can be particularly helpful in such situations due to its relaxing properties.
  • Is the thought of an upcoming interview stressing you out? Or can you feel panic building inside you as the time of your presentation nears? Or really, if there is anything else that might trigger your anxiety, it may be the perfect time to consider taking delta-8.
  • A small dose does wonders at calming your nerves. Just be sure to take it a little in advance of the stressful event. Since the effects of delta-8 do not kick in immediately, taking it beforehand is a foolproof method to ensure you feel calm and relaxed before the actual event takes place.
  • You can take your dose an hour or more before, depending on the kind of delta-8 products you are using. Interestingly, vapes work best for stressful situations mainly because their effects tend to kick in in as little as five minutes after consumption.
  • For this purpose, consider checking out our vape carts at BudPop. They come in two incredible flavors that help curb your anxiety. Users love these carts and report they feel better and more energized after only a few puffs.

#3. Productivity – Instant Morning Energy

  • We have all had those problematic mornings when getting out of bed is a struggle, let alone having to be productive. It is during such mornings that you can take some delta-8 to kickstart your day.
  • Delta-8 is known for helping with productivity, and what better time to help you get started than in the morning? You can mix a small dose of delta-8 oil into your morning coffee or just pop a gummy into your mouth. We recommend keeping your doses at 10mg, as this will help you keep a clear mind and curb anxiety.
  • Moreover, delta-8 does make one sleepy after its effects begin to wear out. As a result, taking small doses can minimize this side effect.

#4. Good Night: Sleep Better

  • If you struggle to fall asleep at night, delta-8 might be the solution to this problem. Large doses of delta-8 are known to stimulate sleep, just as small doses are known to make one drowsy.
  • If you want to start sleeping better, you can take a 20mg to 40mg dose two to three hours before your bedtime. At BudPop, our Strawberry Gelato gummies are known to do wonders when it comes to getting some quality sleep.
  • Not only that, but delta-8 also ensures you stay asleep throughout the night, so you feel well-rested the next day. An interesting side effect of taking delta-8 for sleep is that users have more dreams than usual. These dreams are not necessarily insane, just that you may tend to remember them more the morning after.

#5. Critical Points

  • While delta-8 is harmless compared to its other cannabis counterparts, it can react negatively in some situations. For example, if you are on medications related to heart problems such as blood pressure, your body might not respond well to delta-8. The same goes for anxiety medicines and painkillers.
  • If you want to start taking delta-8, discuss it with your doctor first so they can analyze the risks involved and guide you accordingly.
  • Furthermore, as mentioned previously, if you will be required to drive or operate heavy machinery in the next few hours, it is best not to take any delta-8 yet. While delta-8 is not intoxicating, it does make one dizzy. Therefore, to make sure you do not hurt yourself or others, avoid delta-8 before such activities.
  • While it is impossible to overdose on delta-8, you should still be careful with your consumption, as taking too much can result in dizziness and nausea. If you end up in such a situation, try to keep yourself as hydrated as possible and maintain proper food intake.

#6. What Is the Best Time to Take Delta-8?

  • In our opinion, delta-8 is the kind of product that is best taken at the end of the day so you can end it on a good note. We recommend taking delta-8 in the evening after you are home from work and are done with the house chores.
  • We also advise you to do it when you have no pressing emergencies. Do not drive, operate heavy machinery, or babysit while you are riding the buzz of delta-8. So, nighttime is the best time to try your products. Its soothing properties will help you let go of the day’s worries and get some decent sleep. 

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