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Best Ways To Consume Delta 8 THC – A Complete Guide

As more information about delta-8 THC becomes available online, it is becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, its customer base is growing, with various people consuming the compound in multiple ways.

Now, other people’s methods of consuming delta-8 THC products may work for them, with some people opting for smoking, others for flowers, etc. However, just because something works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. Even if it is, having a variety of alternatives isn’t a bad thing.

Therefore, we’ll show you the different ways to consume delta-8 THC safely in this guide. But, before you jump right into your next buzz, let’s get you familiar with some of the basics.

What Is The Main Difference Between THC, CBD, And Delta-8 THC?

As a beginner or even an expert who’s had quite a few delta-8 products, it’s relatively normal if you confuse these three compounds with each other. However, just because it is normal doesn’t quite mean that you would be right in thinking so because simply put, they are not the same. Considering this is one of the questions most delta-8 enthusiasts ask, allow us to break this part down just a little.

For starters, you should remember that the cannabis plant is an incredibly dynamic organism. As small as it might seem compared to the big trees and plants in the wild, it produces over a hundred compounds. These unique compounds are known as cannabinoids, and they have relatively different uses and effects on the human body. However, we should mention that the scientific community is still digging into their specific effects on human beings.

Nevertheless, some of those 100+ cannabinoids are pretty popular, while some are not as well known. On the other hand, a few of the most popular ones include cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and, more recently, delta-8 THC. A few examples of the latter include cannabigerol (CBG), cannabitriol (CBT), cannabielsoin (CBE), etc.

Primary Differences

The difference between these three compounds – CBD, THC, and delta-8 THC – is mainly hinged on how they work with your endocannabinoid system to produce specific effects on your body. For clarity, your endocannabinoid system is a complex system that helps to balance out different functions in your body. Among others, it is responsible for the communication between your cells, immune response, metabolism, and appetite for food.

CBD is one of the most prevalent compounds in the hemp industry. It has no legal grey areas and is widely used across the country for different reasons. You may experience all the other effects that people have come to associate with it, such as pain relief, calmness, etc. However, you won’t feel any buzz whatsoever. 

On the other hand, THC is the primary psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. It can and will get you high if you consume it under the right circumstances. Therefore, companies are strictly prohibited from including more than 0.3% of THC in any hemp-related product.

Delta-8 THC, however, is a bit like a cross between the first two compounds. Much like CBD, many people have come to associate it with feelings of relaxation, pain relief, etc. Nevertheless, it is also capable of making you high. Still, it doesn’t get you as high as THC and may help with anxiety, nervousness, or paranoia. Regardless, it can give you a mild high in which you still have a clear and focused mind.

With regards to legality, well, that’s a bit of a gray area. In certain states, it is completely outlawed. In others, there are simple regulations to control its sales and consumption.

What Is The Ideal Dosage For Consuming Delta-8 THC?

This part is a little dicey because delta-8 THC dosing isn’t a “one size fits all” scenario. Like anything that can slightly or significantly impact your body’s functions, its required dosage varies depending on several factors.

Some include age, metabolic rate, gender, quantity consumed, etc. As such, to find the proper dosage for yourself, you will need to go through a carefully calculated trial and error phase. That is, test out small quantities of delta-8 products and then work your way up depending on how your body reacts to them. 

However, before you do so, you need to remember a few guidelines:

  • Never Ignore The Potency

  • Delta-8 THC products come in different forms and from various brands. Some are relatively mild, giving you the bare minimum as far as effects are concerned. However, others are significantly stronger and can even be a little overwhelming if you do not take them properly.

    As such, you need to make sure that you pay attention to how potent each product is. To do this, ensure that you always read everything in the product description. You can also read how it affected other people in the customer review section, giving you an idea of how the product works for others.

    Furthermore, a good way to measure potency is by the milligrams of delta-8 THC included in the product. However, you should not make it the only way of measuring because there could still be a variety of differences even with the same milligrams included.

    For example, with a 40mg cigarette, you may not feel the effects as intensely. This is due, in part, to the unique nature of cigarettes and how they send the compound through your system. On the other hand, with 40mg of delta-8 THC wax, you will probably feel the effects to a greater degree.

  • Don’t Dose Too Much (It’s Not Like Taking CBD)

  • Before now, your only experience with cannabis has likely been the widely approved CBD and its derivatives. As we explained earlier, this compound doesn’t get you high. For that reason, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you’ve been able to take quite a lot of it with no side effects.

    However, delta-8 THC is a different ball game entirely. It isn’t quite as potent as regular THC but still packs a much bigger punch than CBD. So, if you dose the same quantity as you would with CBD products, you may find yourself experiencing more than you can handle. Besides, if there are any side effects unique to you, consuming so much delta-8 THC would likely make them worse.

    So, you need to start at the top again. Consume your delta-8 THC like a beginner by starting with small quantities and then moving up slowly from there. Once you’ve discovered what delta-8 dosage works for you, you can then stick with that.

  • Keep An Eye Out For Any Possible Side Effects

  • Speaking of side effects, you should know that there aren’t many of them where delta-8 THC is concerned. Even those that exist are often minor. Nevertheless, it is still crucial that you know them. That way, if anything out of the ordinary happens, you’ll be able to identify it as an anomaly and act accordingly.

    Some of the most common effects after consuming delta-8 THC include dry eyes, cottonmouth, fatigue, and diarrhea. These aren’t absolutes, which means not everyone will experience these symptoms. However,  if you do experience these symptoms, stop or reduce your dosage of delta-8 THC which should solve the problem. 

    With that being said, there is a more profound dimension to the possibility of side effects. This dimension exists if you have an underlying medical condition or are using certain medications. For example, if you’re an asthmatic and smoking delta-8 THC, it’s safe to say that you may experience specific side effects such as chronic coughing.

    Suppose you have a medical condition, are on a particular medication, or are allergic to certain ingredients used in delta-8 products. In that case, it’s best to consult your doctor before consuming any delta-8 product, no matter the dosage.

  • Don’t Be Too Quick To Have Another Dose

  • If you’re taking delta-8 THC, there’s always the temptation to make it a daily routine. After all, it is (relatively) legal and poses few side effects compared to the positives. However, taking delta-8 THC every day isn’t the great idea it sounds like, no matter how much daily stress you’re trying to relieve.

    The reason is simple – tolerance. The more delta-8 THC you take, the more tolerant your body becomes. Over time, you will become increasingly used to the compound, and will have to increase your dosage consistently to feel the same effects you used to.

    Besides the fact that it’s not cost-effective, it’s also not very healthy to keep consuming so much delta-8 THC just to get a stronger buzz each time. So, it is advisable to take breaks between your consumption.

    Mixing Delta 8 & CBD Together – Is It Safe?

    Technically speaking, you should be able to take delta-8 THC and CBD simultaneously without having to worry excessively about any side effects. That’s how it works for many people.

    However, you should note that the scientific research detailing the effects of delta-8 THC and CBD on the human body is still in what you may call the kindergarten stage. For this reason, you should speak to your doctor before trying anything new that you’re not entirely sure of.

    This is equally true and important if you’re taking other forms of medication. There are simply too many variables at play and no way of knowing for sure how your delta-8 THC will react to other drugs in your system. As such, once again, consult your doctor beforehand if you must take delta-8 THC at all.

    What Are The Different Ways To Take Delta-8 THC?

    This is the point where we mention that there is no universally accepted or rejected way of consuming delta-8 THC. Some methods work for some, and others simply don’t. What works best for you depends on how intensely you want to feel the effects, your preferred duration, and what makes you feel comfortable. Regardless, here are the different ways to take delta-8 THC:

  • #1. Delta 8 THC Gummies (Edibles) – Long Lasting Taste & Experience

  • These are quite similar to recipes. However, the primary difference is that you’re not the one who makes them. In the context of delta-8 THC, edibles usually refer to gummies that contain a noticeable amount of delta-8 THC.

    BudPop’s delta 8 gummies, much like regular pieces of candy, are pretty easy to consume. If you cannot finish one immediately because of a low level of expertise, you don’t have to. Instead, you can simply cut your gummy into smaller pieces. 

    Much like recipes, edibles will not kick in with their effects immediately. Your digestive system still needs to break them down and absorb the delta-8 THC into your bloodstream. So, similar to recipes, control your intake and don’t rush to finish an entire jar simply because it tastes good.

  • #2. Delta 8 Carts & THC Cartridges (Vaping): Fast Action But Quick Fade

  • Vaping is a lot like smoking, considering that both methods involve getting a compound or substance into your system through inhalation. However, they’re fundamentally different because, unlike smoking which involves inhaling actual smoke, vaping involves inhaling the vaporized form of a compound or substance.

    Additionally, you can smoke with a simple piece of paper, some flowers, and a matchstick – nothing too complicated. But, with vaping, you need a small electronic device resembling a cigarette in its shape that consists of different parts. These delta 8 carts help you inhale it to feel its effects.

    With vaping, the effects kick in quickly, and you’ll get to the peak of your high in no time. However, they won’t last as long as edibles or recipes. So if you want to remain high, you’ll have to keep vaping. But, as we implied earlier, it’s best to exercise caution in your intake of the compound.

  • #3. Delta-8 Hemp Flower

  • The delta-8 flower, as you can imagine, is a flower acquired from the cannabis plant. It is grown and cultivated such that it has a reasonable amount of delta-8 THC in it for you to feel the effects.

    You can use delta-8 flowers in different ways, including smoking, cooking, and vaping. If you smoke or vape your flower, the effects will be faster than the effects from cooking with flower. 

  • #4. Delta 8 THC Tinctures & Drops

  • This consumption method involves taking your delta-8 THC tincture & oil. That is, you pour a few drops of oil infused with delta-8 THC under your tongue. The cells in that area absorb the drops of oil, and you’ll start feeling the effects pretty quickly, almost as if you vaped the drug. The best part is that is these effects last just as long or almost as long as edibles or recipes.

    However, the major problem with this technique is that you may not enjoy the taste. Regardless, you can easily rectify this by consuming flavored oil.

  • #5. Topicals

  • If you’re experiencing pain in a specific part of your body, this method could be helpful. It involves rubbing delta-8 THC directly onto the affected area so that you may feel relief from pain in just a few minutes. In addition, you can get delta-8 topicals in the form of oils, creams, lotions, etc.

  • #6. Dabbing

  • This method requires you to take in a very concentrated form of delta-8 THC at once. However, it may not be great for you as a beginner due to how concentrated it is. It may cause you to have a bad first experience or simply be uncomfortable. It can give you a more potent high than many of the other methods listed here, and you’ll feel the other effects more intensely, too.

  • #7. Recipes

  • You could bake delta-8 oil or flowers into your cookies and cakes. Then, if you’d like to share it with family members or loved ones who are old enough, you can simply increase the quantity. Keep in mind, though, that the effects probably won’t kick in immediately. This is largely because the product would still have to pass through your digestive system before your body absorbs it into your bloodstream. The process of digestion is where the delay comes from.

    For this reason, you shouldn’t consume too much at once. Instead, ensure that you wait for the effects to kick in before having another bite so that you won’t get more than you can handle. Finally, be careful with your measurement of ingredients. Remember that what you’re consuming has psychoactive elements, and you don’t want to get too high. So, don’t include too much delta-8 THC in your recipe.

    Parting Thoughts: Why BudPop?

    Now that we’ve mentioned all of the different ways to take delta-8 THC, you’re probably curious as to where you can get some. Our brand, BudPop, offers a variety of delta-8 THC products and is introducing more to our catalog as we grow. What’s more is that we are safety-conscious and always make sure that we send our products for third-party testing and certification.

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