Is Delta 8 a synthetic cannabinoid?


Delta 8 THC : A Synthetic Compound From Natural Source

Delta-8 is probably the trendiest substance in the cannabis industry right now. Although the compound was identified in the 1970s, it is a relatively recent entrant to the consumer market. The compound’s scientific research is relatively restricted, which, as a result, has tarnished the market and CBD products’ reputation.

One widely held belief about delta-8 is that it is a synthetic compound derived from a natural source. You may have learned about it on the internet. But how true is it? Is it just a myth, or does it have any credibility? Dig deeper to find out more.

What Exactly Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that comes from the hemp plant grown in abundant amounts in the states. The delta-8 compound is a revolutionary cannabinoid on the market, pushing the legal limits of hemp-extracted cannabinoids. The cannabinoid, which occurs naturally, in tiny quantities, in hemp, may be produced from cannabidiol (CBD) or delta-9 THC, the active chemical component in cannabis.

However, unlike CBD, delta-8 THC has therapeutic benefits for users, but not to the same extent as delta-9 THC. Delta-8 is present in many product forms, such as syrups, sweet ingredients, vape pens, and edibles.

Is Delta-8 Synthetic?

  • Delta-8 THC has gotten a lot of press after its spike in sales. However, with all of this publicity, there will inevitably be some misconceptions. Delta-8 is not a synthetic substance. However, there may be exceptional cases that we will outline in this article.
  • You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about THC, which is also another name for the primary component of marijuana. However, this only applies to one kind of THC: delta-9 THC. THC is classified into many types. One of these variations is delta-8 THC.
  • On the other hand, synthetic cannabis is far from delta-8, which forms due to natural production. The famous names for synthetic cannabinoids include K2 and Spice, which are herbal combinations usually coated with synthetic chemicals. The reports of overdoses, psychotic episodes, and fatalities after the consumption of K2 and Spice are present all over the internet. 
  • Cannabis has nothing to do with these synthetic cannabinoids, and the misconception is only due to sheer deceit. The 2018 Farm Bill licensed all hemp extracts that produced delta-8, a hemp-derivative, which is legal on a state level. Delta-8 THC is allowed in 37 states as a known natural cannabis component as of June 15, 2021.

Where Delta 8 Is Considered Illegal?

  • Although delta-8 is legal in many places, some states still ban the compound, such as Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington. 
  • Other states, including Alabama, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Oregon, are considering legislative prohibitions and regulatory reforms. So read up on your own state law or impending law to be sure about delta-8’s legality.

How is Delta 8 THC Extracted from Hemp? Can It Provide The Benefits Of Pot?

  • The delta-8 supplies on the market are primarily legal, as long as they come from an authentic brand, like BudPop. The legal process of delta-8 extraction from the help plant is relatively simple. Hemp plants first offer the extraction of CBD. The CBD that the companies obtain undergoes oxidation via acetic acid. Then, a solvent is mixed with the product to dilute the compound and eliminate the remaining avid.
  • Before the process is complete, it goes under purification to eradicate any impurities that could be hidden. This delta-8 harvest is present in many goods, like gummies and carts. Before the product can make its way to the market shelves, it is sent to external labs for impartial testing to avoid in-company biases. This examination process is called third-party testing.
  • These external laboratory tests determine how much delta-8 and other cannabinoids are present in delta-8 extracts. Similarly, screening for decontaminants, herbicides, and other impurities present in the product take place too.

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Some of this information may have been overwhelming for you. The delta-8 ban by some of the most significant states might sound a bit harsh. The tightening of this legislation impacts everyone.

Luckily, you can use specific standard procedures when it comes to delta-8 products and services. Here are a few suggestions to follow:

#1. How To Check If You Can Purchase Delta-8

If cannabis use is legal in your state, you may buy delta-8 from a cannabis store that has a license or straight from an authentic website. Although many customers often prefer to purchase delta-8 products online, others find it easier to walk to the nearest shop.

Purchasing online also helps you verify whether your delta-8 product has been lab-tested for dosage and authenticity. If you go to a brand’s website, they might provide you with a map to your nearest certified store.

In addition, brands provide a QR code on every one of their goods to correspond with the third-party CoA (Certificate of Analysis). This ensures that the delta-8 supplies are safe for consumption and of the highest quality. Overall, the lab findings should show you whether the product is free of insecticides and other toxins. The lab sheets should also show that the product does not include any unknown substances and contains the cannabinoids it claims, as well as show the ingredients’ correct measurements.

#2. Delta-8 Online Retailers

The following tips will help you buy products with legal verification and certification from any reliable retailer.

  • Insurance Coverage

First, you’ll want to make sure that your retailer has good insurance coverage for the products they sell. Having insurance is a good indicator that the retailer is invested in maintaining safety and quality of their products and will work to stay current with delta-8 legislation.

  • Existing Structures

You should find out if this company follows SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). This avoids any nasty surprises and saves you the time to write a harshly worded complaint on the company’s website. Check the customer service page to see if there are many complaints from dissatisfied customers. 

  • Compliant With Applicable Laws

Next, you should ensure that this retailer sells goods that follow all the relevant state legislation. This includes any applicable regulations about branding, packaging, composition, or operations. Finally, check with your own state law about contemporary statutes.

  • Don’t Buy Fake Misleading Products

Make sure that any product you buy is verified by third-party lab testing. This ensures that you get what the vendor is selling to you. There are lots of companies out there eager to make a quick buck at their own expense. Be careful about where you buy your delta-8 and find out what’s in those products. It might save you a trip to the hospital!

  • Restriction Through Age Verification

All age restrictions should be mentioned on the products, and please make sure no minor is getting their hands on the drug. Even though some customers are legally adults at 18 years of age, several regulations require them to be above 21 to buy particular goods. Of course, it all depends on your own state law, so read up on it and know your rights.

  • GMP Manufacturer

Companies should follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Make sure that the company selling you delta-8 abides by these practices. It ensures that you get the best from the best.

  • Obtained From Legal Outlets

Ensure that your product’s delta-8 extracted hemp comes from legal sources. BudPop, for example, goes through all legal avenues when obtaining all products. All of the goods have to meet the most rigorous industry benchmarks to ensure that all sellers do it right from the start.

Finally, ensure that your chosen brand complies with all state and federal government pharmaceutical regulations. This is very simple to do by following Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) protocols.

FAQs For Delta-8

Q1. Is delta-8 safe?

Yes, delta-8 is safe. The best brands utilize only high-quality components in the production of delta-8, and they proceed with great care. The goods are lab-tested by a third-party authorized laboratory and manufactured in a GMP/ISO certified plant.

Q2. Can you ship to any state?

All brands comply with all federal and state regulations, which means that if your state is on the list of places where the sale of delta-8 is illegal, the brand may be unable to send its product to you.

Conclusion: Delta 8 THC Is A Controversial Compound

Delta-8 THC is a fairly controversial compound in the cannabis industry. Data seems to suggest that soon, it will overtake the cannabis industry. Its medicinal benefits and moderate psychoactive potency have sparked much debate among the general populace and the research community to this date. As a result, the products are on the increase and are in high demand.

The spike in demand is why many businesses join the current trendy bandwagon to ride their way to fame and income every other day. While using any cannabis product, you should always make sure to note that excessive use of a substance is harmful to your health, just as using a fraudulent product might be. So have a healthy high, not a heavy one.

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