Discover the Future of Cannabis with BudPop's Cutting-Edge D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp Products! | BudPop

Discover the Future of Cannabis with BudPop’s Cutting-Edge D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp Products!

Discover the Future of Cannabis with BudPop's Cutting-Edge D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp Products! | BudPop

The future of cannabis gleams as tokers and relief seekers have more products to enjoy now than ever before!  From HHC to Delta-9 to THCp and Amanita mushrooms, you have quite a variety to pick from!

At the forefront of industry innovation, BudPop has a range of extracts, products, and disposables that make it easy to get relief on the go in discreet and seamless fashion.  

Conveniences of modern cannabis use make it a great time to be alive as days of needing rollers and papers have long passed us by!

Over the past few years, the cannabis industry evolved, as have the ways people consume THC as eased regulations, and initiatives like the 2018 Farm Bill, made access to the products we offer legal to access.  

From Amanita Muscaria shrooms, which are known for mind-freeing effects, to HHC, THCp, and Delta-9 flower, extracts, and disposables, we at BudPop offer new and exciting ways for people to get elevated!

Join us as we dive into these products that set a new era for cannabis lovers and wellness seekers alike!

Introduction to BudPop’s Innovation

Great value and innovative, premium-quality products come standard in BudPop customer experiences!

From expertly grown and dehydrated Amanita mushrooms that pack potency to our selection of Delta-8 oil, pens, carts, resin, flower, and more, our growing selection truly defines innovation at its very finest!

Get what you need, when you need, and when you want it – with BudPop cannabis products that arrive right to your door!  You can even ELEVATE and ENERGIZE with our new catalog addition of D9 + Caffeine gummies that let you kick off the day with a euphoric yet uplifting and energetic boost!

Enjoy discreet, smell-free sessions and on-demand satisfaction at home or on the go!  Our selection is large and steadily growing but here are two BudPop-customer favorites worthy of your consideration!

Delta-9 THC + Caffeine Gummies

Discover the Future of Cannabis with BudPop's Cutting-Edge D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp Products! | BudPop

The delightful and energizing blend of caffeine and Delta-9 THC makes for a great way to start the day.

Invigorate energy levels and transcend the mind with our THC caffeine gummies that pack a true punch!

These are fused with 15mg of D9 THC and 50mg of caffeine that come from US-grown hemp and coffee plants.  If you often feel dull, tired, or uninspired in the mornings, these gummies can help save the day!

These are customer favorites and a top-seller at BudPop as they make it easier to kick days into gear but in tasty fashion as they give a rush of mango, raspberry, and strawberry that will have you craving more.

If you want to make mornings a blissful breeze to get through, search no further than BudPop Delta-9 + Caffeine gummies as they will prove to be just the boost your days and mornings have been longing for!

Delta-8 Blackberry Kush Disposable

Discover the Future of Cannabis with BudPop's Cutting-Edge D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp Products! | BudPop

Relax the body and free the mind with a THC Blackberry Kush disposable that needs no refill or recharge.

This device houses the oil and battery so there is no need to connect your own – just pick it up and puff at will!  

Its ease of use and pleasing effects are why BudPop customers get it time and time again as this Indica-presiding hybrid packs earthy flavors with effects that traverse the soul, mind, and body.

With seven hundred puffs and 1,800mg of Delta-8 THC per disposable, our D8 Blackberry Kush pens can give weeks of relief but keep in mind, this Indica-dominant variety can bring knockout-like effects so it is best reserved for days at home or at night before you go to sleep.

Understanding D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp

If you are new to these compounds, you are likely wondering what they are and how each differs from the others.  If so, read below as we review them each so you no longer have to wonder!

What is HHC?

Will HHC get you highAre there risks tied to HCCWhere can I buy HHC products?  Great questions!  

Let us shed light on this compound that is one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, and yes it is safe to enjoy so long as you buy it from a trusted seller with tested products – like BudPop!

HHC is a potent and coveted cannabinoid.  It is not as known as CBD and Delta-9 but is one of the most beloved compounds of the plant.  Short for hexahydrocannabinol, it was first discovered decades ago and has since made its way into the present-day hemp revolution – and into extracts and products that truly make modern cannabis consumption unlike any time before.

HHC is a powerful cannabinoid – some say it is sixty percent stronger than Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC with chillaxed and mellowed-out yet clear-headed effects.  Vape pens, gummies, and THC cartridges are how it is most commonly taken, the selection at BudPop includes HHC gummies, vape carts, and disposables!

What is THCp?

In the evolving, fast-paced world of cannabis, it can be easy to overlook and forget about other essential parts of the versatile plant.  After all, CBD and THC often hog headlines but with THCp new to the scene, it is time for the rest to move over as tetrahydrocannabiphorol is here to stake claim as a worthy extract.

Lots of buzz has circled this extract as initial THCp studies showed it to be thirty times more potent than Delta-9 THC which signals great potential in its ability to act as a mood enhancer and discomfort reliever.

THCp has a strong affinity to CB1 receptors and is known for strong effects as its chemical structure closely resembles THC’s – what differs them is THC has a pentyl chain made of five carbon atoms while THCp has a propyl chain comprised of three.  It also has an extended and resilient carbon chain, which is why most believe it binds more strongly than THC to receptors.

What is Delta-9?

D9 is a chemical and cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants and it can have intoxicating effects.

It is one of many cannabinoids, each of which affects the body in varying ways.  It is not as known as CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) but still remains a highly coveted hemp compound.

Of all THC forms, D9 is the most plentiful and is what most refer to if talking about the effects of toking.  

D9’s chemical formula reads C₂₁H₃₀O₂ so it is similar to D8 except one of its carbon-carbon double bonds is in another position.  Most THC research is done on Delta-9, and it is likely the most known and studied THC of them all, and it is known to bring effects like relaxation, enhanced focus, and altered perceptions.

What is Amanita?

Discover the Future of Cannabis with BudPop's Cutting-Edge D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp Products! | BudPop

Curious or interested in natural, fully-legal psychedelics?  

If it is a topic you looked up, you likely came across amanita shrooms as of all psilocybin alternatives, these are the ones most commonly enjoyed.

Effects of amanita are often compared to those of psilocybin shrooms, the ones known for hallucinogen euphorias but they are not quite the same as amanita has alkaloids that make it legal in nearly all states.  

This said, can amanita muscaria get you high and does it cause hallucinogenic trips?  Read to learn more about this magic-shroom alternative that does not fail to impress!

Discover the Future of Cannabis with BudPop's Cutting-Edge D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp Products! | BudPop

To start, amanita muscaria, also known as Fly Agaric, are shrooms that mainly grow in the northern hemisphere and have been used for ages for their mild psychedelic and hallucinogenic traits.  

These shrooms affect and bind to GABA neurotransmitters in our brain, this gives nice effects as amanita has muscimol and ibotenic acid that affect the central nervous system and our feel-good vibe. 

It is this reason it may give the dreamy effects we all love and know.

How does HHC, THCp, Delta-9, and Amanita differ from traditional THC?

Each of these has traits that set them apart from the rest but each is known for their entourage effects.

HHC, THCp, and Delta-9 are the newest cannabis extracts to hit the cannabis revolution scene and are a federally legal way to enjoy the elevated effects of THC and marijuana.  These extracts also have a much longer shelf life than traditional THC, which makes products they are used in ideal for long-term storage.

BudPop’s Commitment to Quality and Safety

Founded by cannabis and wellness enthusiasts whose quality-first approach reflects in BudPop products, you can order and elevate with peace of mind as our extracts, gummies, and THC carts and disposables are crafted from only the finest quality hemp grown in the United States!  We also offer other tempting products like our amanita muscaria dried mushrooms that are expertly dehydrated to preserve potency!

BudPop puts quality atop the priority list, and this will show when you try our products for the first time!

Free of the chemicals and nasty additives many other brands like to use, our hand-curated selection of products are made to industry-leading standards and are tested for purity and potency by a vetted third-party lab that ensures our products are as effective as they are safe to use and enjoy.

Product Highlights

D9 Gummies: What sets them apart?

These are made using Delta-9 THC sourced from hemp plants and not marijuana, which is what makes it legal to use in nearly every state. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive component of cannabis and is what brings the effects you receive from it.  This said, what sets Delta-9 gummies apart is they are in easy-to-take form and make for a discreet and tasteful way to get a dose of D9 THC when you need it!

HHC Infused Delights: Taste and benefits

Indulge in the world of edible, confectionary perfection with BudPop HHC gummies that make the mind and taste buds tingle!  Savor the flavor and travel to medley paradise with Blueberry Haze or Strawberry Sherbert gummies that pack 25mg of HHC THC each!  For bold, end-of-day relief seekers, let us suggest our D9 + HHC + THCp gummies that can send you to blissful cosmic heights as they not only pack 1mg of THCp but 25mg of HHC and 15 mg of Delta-9 THC!

Amanita Innovations: A new dimension of experience

We worked tirelessly to perfect our harvest and dehydration process to ensure our amanita shrooms pack max potency!  Free the mind, chillax the body, and traverse new dimensions with our potent and naturally grown amanita muscaria that contains all you love with no additives or artificial colors added.

These shrooms, which look like the red fabled ones with white dots, are in a league of their own as the active ingredients found in them (muscimol and ibotenic acid) work harmoniously to transcend the mind and spirits!  After all, muscimol is known to enhance concentration and ibotenic acid is often praised for mind-expanding effects – these two working synergistically is a journey you must traverse to appreciate!

THCp Wonders: The next frontier in cannabinoids

Discover the Future of Cannabis with BudPop's Cutting-Edge D9, HHC, Amanita, and THCp Products! | BudPop

THCp is one of the most potent cannabinoids and most say it is over thirty times stronger than cannabis!

This cannabinoid ushers in a new era for cannabis lovers and relief seekers as it provides full-body effects that make it easier to relax and unwind the mind.

This cannabinoid is fresh to the scene and legal to enjoy but do not confuse it with D9 THC as it is stronger, and more potent than, most THC cannabinoids!

Our THCp gummies come thirty to a bottle with flavors of Mango, Raspberry, and Strawberry to enjoy!  And with each one packing 1mg of THCp, 15mg of D9 THC, and 25mg of HHC, these are a powerhouse of good-feel compounds that can give relief and elevated sensations for hours! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for answers to common inquiries of those new to the products shared in this guide above, feel free to contact us any time if you have questions and a BudPop support specialist will gladly assist!

What is D9, and how is it different from traditional THC?

Delta-9 is not weed but it comes from hemp plants and is the most abundant type of THC found in them.

What differs Delta-9 from regular THC is its high potency and molecular makeup which makes its effects strong and distinctive.  Of all delta THC’s, Delta-9 is the most potent and abundantly found cannabinoid, and those who seek it often do so for the euphoria and freeing mind-to-body sensations it is known for.

How does Amanita enhance the cannabis experience and what should users know about it?

Amanita muscaria mushrooms are showing up in more and more cannabis stores, like BudPop, as they are a new legal way to enjoy blissful effects that can be enhanced when used with other cannabinoids.

Let us get to the chase, little research has been done on how THC and amanita work together but most amanita fans also enjoy cannabinoids, and most say there is a synergistic relationship between the two!

THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system as well as CB1 receptors in the brain that help give the great high most associate with traditional cannabis use.  On the other hand, we have amanita shrooms, whose effects come from muscimol which acts as a true GABA agonist.  These two can work wonders if taken together – most say they feel calm with a euphoria that is led by trippy-like visuals at high doses!

What is THCp, and why is it generating buzz in the cannabis industry?

Despite the low amount of it found in legal cannabis products, THCp is over thirty times as potent as D9 THC and can bring an aura of good feels that sweep the body; it is little wonder why it took the cannabis industry by storm!

Like all other cannabinoids, THCp has long been a part of cannabis plants so you have likely had some in the past but not in isolated form.  Also known as THC-P and Trans-∆9-tetrahydrocannabiphoro, THCp is a naturally found analog of D9 THC with a similar makeup only differed by its number of side alkali atoms.

This means little on paper but lots in the effects it delivers!  As said above, research shows it to be thirty-three times stronger than Delta-9 THC, and BudPop THCp gummies let you fully leverage its advantages!

How does BudPop ensure the quality and safety of its products?

To start, our extracts and products are fully natural, and never contain additives or harmful ingredients!

Our extracts are made from top-quality hemp plants grown in Colorado and Oregon, and are tested by a third-party lab to make sure they are potent and safe to use!  Some products, like our amanita muscaria shrooms, have a COA (Certificate of Analysis) that verifies their shared contents to be true and accurate.

Are these products legal in the USA?

Indeed they are!  Federally legal and Farm Bill-compliant, BudPop products are legal in every state that has legal medical or recreational cannabis.  Our extracts are also tested by a vetted and trusted, third-party lab before they make it into our products so you can get fast relief with ease and peace of mind!

What is the recommended dosage for these new products?

Advised dosages vary based on the product you use, closely follow intake guidelines as shared on the bottle or packaging and you should have no issues at all, moderation is key to a pleasant experience!

If you are new to THC and Delta-9, start with only one or two mild puffs or half of a gummy and wait a few hours to see how you feel before taking more as early on you are still learning your tolerance level.

If you are new to amanita mushrooms, take only a third of a small cap (about two grams) and wait at least three hours before taking any more, you can also add a half-sized cap to some tea if you so wish!

Are there any potential side effects or risks associated with these compounds?

If you overindulge in any of the compounds above, you may get moderate yet temporary side effects like gas, nausea, salivation, perspiration, and sluggishness.  These are often mild and can be averted by sensible intake and adherence to serving guidelines.  If any of these effects emerge, just sip on a glass of water as you rest in a quiet place and they will soon pass by – just be mindful and enjoy in moderation!

Do these products have a shelf life or expiration date?

They do not have a set expiration date but it is best to use these products within twelve months as their quality can begin to degrade.  Be sure to store cartridges in an upright position, and keep them and all other products stored in a cool dry place with no direct sunlight exposure to help prolong their life cycle.

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