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How Are Delta-8-Infused Hemp Flowers Made?

Delta-8-infused hemp flower is a relatively popular method of consuming delta-8 THC. Alongside other forms of delta-8 THC, delta-8-infused hemp flowers can deliver effects ranging from relaxation to mild feelings of euphoria and everything else users have come to associate with this cannabinoid.

As good as this sounds, for some, consuming the product to get its effects does not quite suffice, and they would like to know just how experts make the hemp flower. So, if you are here, we are willing to bet you are a part of that “some,” and you are equally curious to know how delta-8 flowers are made.

In that case, you are right where you need to be. Here, we will take you through all of the essential details, including the process that creates the delta-8-infused hemp flower. But first, we will cover a few other things.

What Exactly Is Delta-8 THC Flower?

To fully understand what delta-8 THC flower is, you should know cannabis researchers worldwide have been breeding cannabis in different strains for several years now. This enables them to make the most out of the various cannabinoids that occur naturally and get as much value as possible from each plant.

Considering this, you may think people acquire delta-8 THC the same way; that is, researchers specifically breed hemp variants that produce a high amount of delta-8 THC, and then companies can simply harvest the flowers for sale. However, this is not necessarily true, because creating delta-8 THC flowers is not as easy.

The reason is simple — regardless of the breed or variant, delta-8 THC does not occur in large quantities. At most, you could get about 1% of delta-8 THC in each plant, and that would be it. As such, scientists have to rely on a complex but genius method of converting CBD into delta-8 THC.

So, technically, there is no magical plant the delta-8 flower grows on. Instead, manufacturers pluck flowers from regular hemp and then infuse them with delta-8 THC. So, if we were to define it, we would say the delta-8 flower is a regular hemp flower infused with delta-8 THC. The resulting product is a flower you can consume in several ways, including smoking, to get mild euphoria.

How Is Delta-8-Infused Hemp Flower Made?

Everything we said earlier only explains what the delta-8 THC flower is and how experts acquire it. It still does not answer the most pressing question — how does the hemp flower get infused with delta-8 THC to create delta-8-infused hemp flower?

To answer this question, we would say there are a few ways to go about it. Although, in a bid to protect their trade secrets, many brands across different industries do not release their product manufacturing process specifics. However, we do know the creation of delta-8-infused CBD hemp flowers begins with isomerization.

For clarity, isomerization is a process through which different parts of a single compound are rearranged to form a new order. Through isomerization, regular CBD becomes delta-8 THC. Essentially, nobody adds anything that was not there before, as they merely rearrange the components to create a different compound.

Once the rearrangement of components is complete, manufacturers refine the newly acquired variant of THC into a substance known as delta-8 distillate. This distillate is what ends up on regular hemp flowers to turn them into delta-8-infused hemp flowers.

Combining Delta-8 Distillates with Hemp Flowers

Manufacturers in different companies have different ways of fusing hemp flowers with distillates to create consumable products.

One of the most common ways is simply submerging the plant/flower in delta-8 liquid, which is pretty simple. However, the primary challenge with this infusion system is that delta-8 distillate, the liquid in question, is oily, and it never really dries. This unique feature leaves whatever flower is covered in it very soggy and, therefore, hard to smoke. Even if one manages to light up the flower, despite its sogginess, the smoke produced would be pretty heavy, which would make it a little too harsh for new smokers.

Another method involves spraying the delta-8 distillate onto the hemp flower, which eliminates the problem of excessive sogginess created by the first method. After all, manufacturers do not drench the flower. Instead, they simply spray it lightly. However, while it might be great for beginners, it does make the delta-8-infused hemp flower relatively less potent for experts.

Finally, some manufacturers go the extra mile by creating a solid version of the delta-8 distillate, and they then dust the solid version onto the hemp flower in relatively large quantities to achieve as much potency as they want. This effectively solves the problems of sogginess and lack of potency created by the first two methods.

One or a combination of these three ways is how delta-8 manufacturers create delta-8-infused hemp flowers. Whichever method manufacturers use often has a drastic effect on how the product comes out.

What Type of High Do Delta-8-Infused Hemp Flowers Produce?

The type of high you will get from delta-8-infused hemp flowers is nearly identical to what you will find in the average delta-8 vape. However, you should note a few things.

First, there are fairly noticeable amounts of CBD in each hemp flower. As such, they will counteract the effects of the delta-8 THC to help make sure there is a reasonable level of balance. That way, you can get high like you would with delta-8 THC while remaining relaxed like CBD allows.

Additionally, you should remember the extent to which you will get high depends on your tolerance level, among other things. As an expert who is used to smoking or consuming delta-8 THC, you might find your body is significantly more tolerant of delta-8 THC. For that reason, you likely will not get as high as a newbie or someone who simply does not smoke as much.

To bring your tolerance down for delta-8 THC, you might need to take a tolerance break. As the name implies, it involves going on a break to improve your tolerance levels so you can better enjoy delta-8 THC. Once you do that, you should find yourself experiencing the signature level-headed high that comes alongside delta-8 THC.

What Is the Experience of Using Delta-8-Infused Hemp Flower?

Depending on the method with which your company created your delta-8-infused hemp flower, you might find your flower burning slower than you would expect. This is most likely to happen when your manufacturer made the flower by simply dipping it in the distillate, as we described earlier. As an expert, this should not be a problem. In fact, you might appreciate the extra time your blunt takes to burn out. However, as a beginner, you might have different thoughts.

Regardless of your level of expertise, however, you should watch how large your drags are at any time. If you take a fairly big drag/hit, you might experience a noticeable irritation in your throat. We can credit this to the sudden and large amount of smoke going into your throat at once. As such, it is better to take smaller hits at a time, as it provides a smoother, more comfortable experience.

Is Delta-8-Infused Hemp Flower Synthetic?

Earlier, we explained how scientists and manufacturers make delta-8-infused hemp flowers. At one point, we highlighted that delta-8 THC does not occur naturally in large enough quantities for people to harvest it individually. As such, experts need to create it through a relatively complex process of isomerization.

This might lead you to believe the product is synthetic. However, just because humans influence its creation does not necessarily mean it is synthetic.

This fact holds because, as we mentioned earlier, the isomerization process is simply a rearrangement process. Manufacturers do not add anything new to the mix. Of course, they move a few things around to create the delta-8 THC compound, but they are all things that were there before.

At the risk of oversimplification, it is a little bit like rearranging your living room to give it a different feel for a nice family reunion. Just because you moved things around a little does not mean you have created an entirely different room. It is still the same room, it just serves a different purpose. That is essentially how delta-8-infused hemp flowers are, as it is still the same set of components. However, scientists have rearranged them to achieve something different. Therefore, these flowers are not synthetic.

The Best Delta-8-Infused Hemp Flowers

Based on our extensive research, BudPop produces some of the best delta-8 THC products on the market, and their delta-8-infused hemp flowers are no different. At the moment, there are two basic options from which to choose — Northern Lights Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower and Cookies Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower.

These two variants are fairly similar in many ways. For example, they both have third-party lab testing alongside several safe manufacturing practices. However, the main differences between the two variants are their strains and flavors. Northern Lights is an Indica strain with a hint of citrus. On the other hand, Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid with sweet diesel hints and a pleasant earthy smell.


If you do not mind lighting up a blunt and have tried a delta-8 product or two, you will undoubtedly enjoy delta-8-infused flowers. They are an excellent and natural way to experience the rich and enjoyable effects of delta-8 THC. The best part is they are non-synthetic.

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