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How Long Does Cannabis High Last?

A pretty common question among people who use and do not use cannabis is how long a marijuana or weed high lasts. Sometimes, you need to know when you will feel back to normal after using marijuana and experiencing a high. That is why in this blog, we will explain how long the effects of weed last, things that can affect the length of a weed high, and whether you can stop a high early.

How Long Can a Marijuana High Last?

The length of a weed high can depend on several factors. Marijuana can affect people differently, and this includes the duration of a high. An individual’s body weight, age, tolerance level, metabolism, experience with weed, the amount of THC consumed, and the type of marijuana product used are all factors that can affect the duration of the high. However, the way marijuana is used is one of the most important factors. Smoking or inhaling weed can cause a high to last around three hours, and a high from using edibles can last between six and eight hours. Below is a detailed chart that displays which marijuana product may cause the longest or shortest high.

Duration: The Effects of Different Hemp Products

Consumption MethodDuration of High
Smoking1 to 3 hours
Dabbing1 to 4 hours
Vaping1 to 2 hours
Tinctures4 to 8 hours
Edibles2 to 10 hours

In addition, the duration of a high can vary widely depending on the method of consumption. The length also depends on several of the factors mentioned above, like a person’s tolerance level or body weight. Vaping usually produces the shortest length high, while a high from using edibles can be one of the longest. Having a better understanding of which weed product lasts the longest or produces the longest high can help you plan your experience better, and it will also give you a good idea of when you will sober up.

How Long Does It Take for Marijuana to Kick In?

The question of how long it takes for a hemp product to kick in is complicated to answer, and it usually depends on specific individual details like a person’s body weight, tolerance level, metabolism, and the dosage, among other factors. Similarly to the length of a weed high, one of the most significant and important factors that affects how long it takes until you can feel the effects is the method of consumption. The following chart describes which weed product has the quickest effects, and which ones take the longest to kick in.

Onset Time for Different Marijuana Products

Consumption MethodOnset of Effects
Smoking2 to 10 minutes
DabbingLess than 1 minute
Vaping2 to 15 minutes
Tinctures10 minutes to 1 hour
Edibles30 minutes to 3 hours

Whether you are very experienced or brand new to weed, it is important to consider the time it takes for a product to kick in. If you do not wait long enough to feel the product’s effects and you take more, you may feel some mildly unpleasant side effects, such as red eyes, dry mouth, paranoia, and dizziness, among others. However, keep in mind that these effects are completely temporary and will wear off soon. It is a good idea to stay on the cautious side when trying a new product, so always wait the suggested time before taking more.

What Factors Affect How Long a Weed High Lasts?

There are a few factors that can lengthen or shorten a weed high, and the above charts are general suggestions that can be affected by the following factors:

Dosage and THC Concentration

The dosage and concentration of THC is an important factor when trying to figure out how long a high will last. Dosage is considered the amount of THC consumed rather than the amount of flower smoked or the size of the edible you eat. The length of a high can vary widely between flower with a THC concentration of 1% versus flower with a 30% THC concentration, even if the volume is the same. The higher the dose of THC, the more intense the high may be, and the high may last longer as well. It is very important to know the dose of THC you are consuming so you can determine how long your high may last. This will also help ensure you do not have a bad experience.

Body Weight

Body weight is another crucial factor in determining how long a high might last. The length and intensity of a marijuana high depends on the concentration of THC in your body. So, if you have a lighter body weight, you may have a higher concentration of THC in your system, which may result in a longer high. And the opposite is true for someone with a heavier body weight, which means the concentration of THC in the body will be lower. In addition, no matter how much you weigh, some people are just more sensitive to THC. This is why you should always try to start with a lower dose of THC and slowly increase it as you establish a tolerance. It is always best to be safe when using a new marijuana product, even if you are experienced.


The main part of your body that THC is metabolized in is the liver, and this means your metabolism plays a part in how quickly cannabinoids are removed from your system. If you have a slower metabolism, then it may take longer for THC to leave your system, which may result in a longer high. In addition to metabolic speed, whether you have eaten recently can also affect the length of your high. When you already have a full stomach and you consume marijuana, your body will begin to metabolize the food first and then the THC, which may lead to a longer high. This is due to the THC staying in your system for an extended period of time. But, if you use weed on an empty stomach, then your body may immediately begin to process and metabolize the THC, which may lead to a shorter high.

Experience with Marijuana

The experience an individual has with using marijuana can affect the length of the high as well. If you have a fairly high THC tolerance level and are very experienced with marijuana, then your high may fade more quickly than someone who has very little experience and a low tolerance to THC. Users who are experienced with marijauana tend to feel effects more quickly, which may be because they know exactly what the feelings of a high are like.

Can You End a Marijuana High Early?

There are a few reasons as to why you might want to stop a marijuana high early. It may be because you took too much and are experiencing negative effects, or you need to sober up quickly if there is an emergency. There are a few things you can do to reduce the effects of THC. However, the best thing you can do is wait it out because there is not a foolproof way to sober up completely.

But, one way you can reduce the effects is to take some types of terpenes. A terpene is a compound that provides plants with their unique tastes and smells. Some believe that the terpenes found in the marijuana plant contribute to the plant’s potency and ability to get you high. Terpenes from other plants may provide you with relaxing effects and calm sensations that may reduce the feelings of paranoia that can come from taking too much marijuana.

Another way that some people swear by is eating lemon peel or making lemon peel tea. This may seem strange, but the terpenes from lemons, known as limonene, may help bring you calm when you feel anxious. Another way to help you sober up is by smelling black pepper. Inhaling the terpenes from black pepper called pinene and caryophyllene may help you relax during a high.

There is some evidence that CBD, a cannabinoid like THC, may help reverse the negative side effects of taking THC. Using CBD during a THC high may reduce feelings of anxiety and paranoia and help you relax so you can enjoy your high.

Conclusion: How The High Is Different For Everyone?

A THC high can be different for everyone because weed affects each individual in a unique way. Both new and experienced users of THC should be aware of how long certain products may make a weed high last. There are many factors that can determine how quickly a marijuana product may kick in and how long the high might last. 

When you smoke weed, such as with a joint or pipe, the effects may kick in within two to ten minutes, and the high may last between one to three hours. Dabbing marijuana can take effect in as little as one minute, and the high can last between one and four hours. Vaping marijuana generally takes two to fifteen minutes to kick in, and it lasts for one to two hours. 

When using oil or tincture, you can expect the effects to kick in within an hour, and the high may last between four to eight hours. Taking edibles means the effects may take longer to feel, anywhere between half of an hour and three hours, but the high can last between two to ten hours

Aspects like body weight, THC tolerance, dosage level, and your metabolic speed can determine how long weed may take to kick in and how long a high may last. As such, these are important factors to keep in mind next time you reach for a cannabis product.

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