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Live Resin vs Rosin [Key Differences & Similarities]

Live resin and live rosin are two cannabis concentrate products. Their names sound the same, but some key differences exist between live resin and live rosin. This article will review live resin vs rosin so you can determine which is right for you. The main difference between live resin and live rosin is the cannabis material they are made from.

Live rosin can be made from dried cannabis buds or fresh frozen cannabis. Live resin is always made from fresh, frozen cannabis. Both products are terpene-rich extracts that are high in cannabinoids. They can be dabbed or vaped. But they are not the same. This article will explore the fine points of live resin and live rosin products so you can figure out which is best suited to your needs.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a high-end form of butane hash oil (BHO). It is made from flash-frozen or fresh-frozen cannabis. Butane or propane are used in the extraction process. The result is a cannabis product with a soft, sugary texture that may be referred to as budder.

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Characteristics of Live Resin

Live resin is exceptional due to its terpene profile. Terpenes are natural elements found in plant material that provide plants with aromas and flavors. Therefore, a terpene-rich cannabis concentrate tends to be potent and flavorful.

Cannabis terpenes also have various properties that contribute to the compound’s effects. For example, limonene’s citrusy notes give it anti-anxiety properties. Myrcene is said to have antibacterial and sedating effects. Linalool has a lavender-like soothing characteristic.

Live resin is made from fresh frozen cannabis. When cannabis is frozen immediately after harvest, its terpenes are captured and preserved. As a result, live resin has a rich, aromatic flavor. Its cannabinoids and terpenes work together to provide a full spectrum effect.

Another live resin bonus- it’s cheaper than live rosin. Its simple extraction process makes it easier to scale. This results in cost savings.

Live Resin Extraction Process?

The live resin extraction process may seem complicated, but it is much simpler than the live rosin extraction process. Here’s what’s involved.

  1. The fresh frozen cannabis flower is submerged in a solvent, typically butane or propane. The solvent binds to the chemical compounds in the plant material, slowly dissovling them. The chemical solvents are removed, leaving the live resin behind.
  2. The resin will have a soft, sugary texture. It can be incorporated into various products, including sauce, badder, diamonds, sugar, wax, and pull and snap. It is typically consumed through vaping or dabbing.

Taste of Live Resin

Resin gets its strong flavor and rich aroma from its terpenes. However, terpenes have different characteristics that affect the flavor. For example, limonene may give it a citrusy flavor. Linalool can give it flowery notes.

In any event, you can expect live resin to be a treat for the nose and the tastebuds.

What is Live Rosin?

To better understand live rosin, let’s start by understanding what rosin is. Rosin is a cannabis concentrate pressed from bubble hash, kief, dry sift, or pure cannabis flower. The material is placed between two heated plates. The pressure and heat cause the trichome cuticles to melt and release the live rosin.

Live rosin is a type of rosin made from live bubble hash made from fresh frozen cannabis. The cannabis buds do not undergo a dry and curing process, which results in a rich terpene profile.


Characteristics of Live Rosin

Both live resin and live rosin get their characteristics from terpenes. The terpenes affect their flavor and aroma. Because they are made from fresh frozen flower, the terpenes remain intact providing an exceptional aroma and potency.

The compounds in the product work with the terpenes to provide a full spectrum effect.

Another notable characteristic of rosin is its elevated price point. There are several reasons why it is so expensive.

  1. It requires high-quality cannabis. If the cannabis is low-quality, there will be impurities in the final product.
  2. Live rosin is an artisan product that is made in small batches. The production process is very labor intensive. It adds to the cost of the product.
  3. The solventless extraction process requires a very specific type of cannabis plant, considering its types, size, and trichome shape, to produce worthwhile yields. This specificity is unnecessary for live resin production because the compounds dissolve during extraction.

The price of live resin has recently decreased while live rosin has maintained its value. It is not unusual for cannabis prices to fall as efficient, innovative production technology is introduced. New technology may be introduced to make the live rosin production process more efficient. However, for now, the prices remain elevated.

Live Rosin Extraction Process

Live rosin’s elevated price is due to its complicated extraction process. Here’s what’s involved.

  1. The extractor buys or makes bubble hash.
  2. The dried bubble is placed in a micron-rated rosin bag (typically 25u).
  3. The bag is placed inside a folded piece of rosin paper and then inserted into a rosin press.
  4. The heat and pressure cause the rosin to flow onto the parchment paper. It is scooped up and jarred for storage.
  5. The live rosin can be cold-cured if desired to create a badder-like consistency.

Taste of Live Rosin

Both live rosin and resin get their taste from the terpenes they contain. Tastes vary, but you will always get a rich, aromatic flavor. The full spectrum effect is undeniable.

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Live Resin vs Rosin: Which Is The Better One?

Live resin or live rosin—which one is better? It comes down to personal preference. For example, you may prefer the taste or effects of one over the other. However, here are a few facts to consider.


When it comes to price, live resin is the clear winner. It involves a simpler extraction process, which allows for bigger yields. It also does not demand specific, high-quality cannabis products, keeping prices low.


Some may be concerned about the safety of live resin because light hydrocarbon solvents are used in the extraction method. However, the process can still yield solventless cannabis extracts. Additionally, most of the solvent is collected and recycled, eliminating waste.

The biggest concern may be that the solvents require petroleum mining, which has environmental impacts. Rosin’s production process is clean from beginning to end. Additionally, rosin is an artisan product. Some users prefer to support the artisan community.


Live resin is usually more potent than live rosin. It usually contains more THC. However, potency will vary depending on the extraction technique.

Additionally, cannabis users may look for more than potency. They may prefer the effects of one cannabis concentrate over the other for various reasons.


Due to their terpene profiles, both live resin and live rosin have rich tastes. However, the taste tends to be strain-specific, so there is no clear winner here. If you know which cannabis strains produce your preferred flavors, look for cannabis plant material that integrates them.

Forms of Consuming Live Resin and Rosin

Live resin and rosin have similar consumption methods as follows:

  • Vapes. Live resin and live rosin are available in vape products. Vape offers a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis products. Due to the popularity of vaping and the various vape cartridge flavors, no one has to know you are using cannabis.
  • Add It The Flower. You can sprinkle these cannabis concentrates into cannabis flower. You can add it to bowls, joints, and bongs. It will give your cannabis a kick.
  • Dabs. Dabbing is a novel form of cannabis consumption. It involves using a dab rig that features a dab nail. The cannabis concentrate is placed on the nail, heated, and inhaled. It provides a potent experience.
  • Edibles. It’s also possible to add your cannabis concentrates to edibles. They can be infused in gummies or baked into brownies or cookies. Be careful when using edibles, as they take a while to hit and tend to hit hard. They will be especially potent with these powerful cannabis extracts added.

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FAQs on Live Rosin vs Live Resin

Which one is better, live resin or live rosin?

The choice between live resin and live rosin can be a personal preference. However, live resin is cheaper and tends to be more potent. Thanks to innovations in technology, it can be sustainably sourced.

What are the effects of live rosin?

Live rosin delivers a potent, well-rounded high. Its various terpenes provide a full spectrum effect that enhances the experience. However, the high will vary depending on the terpenes and cannabinoids it contains.

Is live resin more effective?

Live resin tends to be more potent in terms of psychoactive effects due to its high THC content. However, both cannabis concentrates can produce equally strong therapeutic effects. Potency can also depend on the dosage and the terpene and cannabis content.

Why is live resin so popular?

Live resin’s accessible price point is a major factor in its popularity. However, it is also a highly potent product with a great aroma and flavor profile.

Final Thoughts – Live Resin vs Rosin [Key Differences & Similarities]

Live resin and live rosin are both potent cannabis concentrates. Most people prefer live resin because of its potency and low price point. However, both products have their advantages.

For example, you may prefer live rosin because it is artisan-made and sourced from high-quality cannabis. You may also prefer its taste or find its effects are more suited to your wellness needs. There are no right or wrong answers. Which one will you add to your wellness routine? Start with our Live Resin Delta 9 THC Gummies! They’re the perfect way to receive the benefits of cannabis concentrates in a controlled and convenient way!

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