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Mixing Delta-8 and CBD – A Perfect Duo!

We bet you didn’t know researchers have been studying cannabinoids for over a hundred years. Research regarding mixing delta-8 and CBD products to achieve a particular effect, however, is much more recent.

Some of the most popular cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). One of the most recently discovered cannabinoids — delta-8 THC — has been a source of great interest to weed enthusiasts. The effects of delta-8, when blended with other cannabinoids, are a widespread source of curiosity.

In this article, we are going to check out all of the details of mixing delta-8 THC with CBD. Is it a good idea? Is it safe? How can it be done? Are there any side effects? Keep reading to find answers.

Understanding Cannabinoids

Delta 8 THC

We are pretty sure you know delta-8 THC is not what is commonly referred to as just “THC.” That is its older, well-known, and much more volatile sister, delta-9 THC. Delta-8 THC is like the calm twin that has always been standing there quietly, waiting to get noticed.

The two cannabinoids only have a single chemical difference — the position of a chemical bond. The effect of this difference is that, while delta-8 THC still affects people the way delta-9 THC does, its effects are much milder. Researchers have found that, although delta-8 is still a psychotropic compound, it can only bring a fraction of the maximum high you can get from delta-9 THC. So, in essence, its effects are muted.

But, the same muted effects have generated an unexpected boon because delta-8 THC cannot unleash the same side effects delta-9 THC can. All of that paranoia, anxiety, increased heart rate, and sweating does not appear when using delta-8 THC. Essentially, the side effects are relatively mild.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, delta-8 THC is also one of the few psychotropic compounds allowed for sale, courtesy of the 2018 Farm Bill.


CBD is a cannabinoid that has been long-loved by holistic medicine practitioners. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid that is utterly devoid of any psychotropic characteristics. The most you will feel from taking it is a tingly sensation.

What makes CBD so incredible is that there is a growing mountain of evidence that CBD works for various medical problems. What is even more shocking is that, with all of this research, no study has unearthed any side effects of CBD. It is just an endless trail of goodness. But, what happens when you mix CBD with other cannabinoids, and is it safe?

Delta-8 + CBD: Is It Safe?

Yes, mixing delta-8 and CBD is entirely safe. If you have ever taken any CBD product, there is a huge chance there is some CBD in there and vice versa. However, you would have to check that product’s lab report to be sure.

People have been mixing delta-9 THC and CBD for ages, and nothing terrible has happened to them. Some might even say their quality of life has increased, and there is even a study providing evidence leaning in that direction.

There are multiple reasons this might be true, and the biggest one has a scientific term — the entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect

In the vast majority of teen movies released in the early 2000s, there is always this one scene where the mean girl walks into the hallway with her possè, and everybody else cannot help but stare because of the sheer momentum.

Think of cannabinoids as that possè. They might still be great individually, but they feel better, different, and more potent together. That is what they call the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a term that Dr. Raphael Mechoulam first proposed. The doctor claimed all cannabinoids have distinct roles to play within the body. That is, they work as a team. In this way, they boost the effects of the other and make better sense when together.

In essence, each plant element works to bring a better, more compound effect to your senses, and this is the reason why delta-8 THC and CBD go well together. This is because, initially, they were part of the same team.

The Effects of Using CBD and Delta 8 Together

So, what exactly happens when you mix and consume delta-8 THC and CBD?

Well, you strap yourself in for a great ride, for starters. That entourage effect we talked about will ensure you get a better high than you ever did while consuming either cannabinoid alone. However, if you have ever taken a product that contained full-spectrum cannabinoids, you might be familiar with such a high.

Although CBD cannot give you a high, delta-8 sure can. Depending on the ratio of each cannabinoid, CBD might make you feel higher, and the effects might last for much longer. On the other hand, CBD might also suppress the few side effects of delta-8, making it a smooth ride until you are sober again.

Delta-8 THC and CBD are both under scrutiny as possible ingredients in curing certain diseases, so consuming this mix for a long time might lead to healthy surprises. But, those are benefits we will talk about later.

How to Mix Delta-8 and CBD

There are so many ways to mix delta-8 and CBD that you might be a bit confused by the sheer number of options, and that is okay. We are here with all of the imagination and science you will need to get a great blend.

You can mix delta-8 and CBD in two main ways — edibles or combining vapes and tinctures.


When it comes to blending cannabinoids, edibles are a fantastic way to go. You can think of it as a different way of cooking. Instead of adding just one strain with a primary cannabinoid that is either delta-8 or CBD, why not add two strains into your next batch of weed cookies?

Or, if you cannot be bothered to cook your goodies yourself, you can easily mix and match them with gummies. Eating half of a delta 8 THC gummies and half CBD gummies at the same time will ensure they both hit your bloodstream at the same time. And because edibles take so long to leave the system, you can be sure of a blended high that will last for hours.

Vapes and Tinctures

Vapes and tinctures work exceptionally well together because they are both fast-acting forms of ingestion.

Using this method, a session consisting of delta-8 and CBD might go like this:  start with a delta 8 vape cartridge and a CBD tincture. You put a few drops of the tincture under your tongue. Then, take a puff of the vape without moving your tongue, and let it be before you exhale. The tincture should stay under your tongue for at least 90 seconds.

The effects of both products should hit you at about the same time, and a few minutes is all it takes.

What You Should Know When Mixing Delta-8 and CBD – The Complete Guide

Mixing delta-8 and CBD is easy, but to ensure you are going to get the right effect, you will have to take note of a few things.

  • The Quality of the Product

At the risk of exaggeration, using a lousy batch of delta-8 or CBD isolate can sour your experience so much that it can be mentally scarring. So, before you purchase your edibles, vapes, and tinctures, take a good look at the brand you are patronizing.

Does it have certificates of analysis from a third-party lab? What are its products made of? What is their extraction process? Where do they get their hemp? What does their return policy say? What do other customers or users have to say about the product?

Answering these questions will allow you to determine whether a brand makes quality products or not.

  • Be Sure of the Potency

If you are mixing two hemp products with different cannabinoids, you are going to need to know exactly how potent they are. Having far too much or too little of either delta-8 THC or CBD can lead to you feeling either too intoxicated or too relaxed. That is why you must pay close attention to the number of milligrams of each cannabinoid in a product.

  • Time It Right

Timing is everything when it comes to mixing delta-8 and CBD. If you are using the same types of products to mix, they might hit your bloodstream simultaneously and give you that combined effect. But, using different products is a little different. You might need to take one product way before the other so both can hit simultaneously.

If it does not pan out just how you want the first time you try, remember that hardly anything does. So, be patient and try again. Mixing cannabinoids is a skill that takes time, but practice makes perfect.

Benefits of Mixing Delta-8 and CBD

CBD can counteract the side effects of delta-8 and make them milder. You can also experiment with extracts from different strains and potencies to elicit the impact you want, whether it is relaxation, concentration, mood changes, etc.

Plus, there has been evidence supporting the combination of THC and CBD having a relatively positive impact on diseases like Alzheimer’sParkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis. This implies there might be some medical uses for a delta-8 THC and CBD mix since the two are so chemically similar.

Final Thoughts: Using A Delta 8 Product With A CBD Product

If you have ever used either CBD or delta-8 isolate, you will definitely notice the difference when the delta-8 and CBD mix hits. That full-body feeling is like nothing else. What is even better is that while you can choose to replicate the feel of your first mixed hit, there are hundreds of ways you can create other effects using different strains and potencies.

With some imagination and a little calculation, mixing delta-8 and CBD can never get boring.

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