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THC Edibles to Delta 8 Edibles: Reasons to Switch

THC edibles, also known as cannabis edibles, pose several mental and physical threats. On the other hand, delta 8 products are quickly gaining popularity. So, if you have not tried it yet, it is time to switch from THC edibles to delta-8 edibles, for all of the good reasons.

For starters, not only does delta-8 THC provide a better high for a prolonged period, but it is safe and legal as well. These facts, however, only scratch the surface of what delta-8 THC has to offer over regular THC.

This blog will compare THC edibles with delta-8 edibles, and it will also help you determine why you should switch to the latter. We will discuss the effects and side effects of both and see how delta-8 edibles are different from THC.

However, before discussing delta-8, let us see what THC is and how it can affect your body and mind.


What Is THC – The Tetrahydrocannabinol?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychotropic compound that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. Cannabis or THC edibles refer to edibles with a substantial amount of THC in them.

Next to cannabidiol, tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the most popular cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. However, besides these two main compounds, there are hundreds of other cannabinoids.

However, THC is just about the only one capable of giving you a substantially noticeable high.

THC, also widely referred to as delta-9, is known as a mind-altering chemical, and it is available in edible forms like brownies, cookies, candies, or chewable gummies.


Effects of THC Edibles

Some people use cannabis or THC edibles for certain medical conditions. However, most individuals simply use them for recreational purposes.

We have listed some of the effects of these edibles for you below:


  • Gives You a High

This is probably the main reason behind the popularity of these edibles, as it gives you a euphoric feeling that relaxes your mind and body. THC stimulates the part of your brain responsible for giving you pleasure. It releases the chemical dopamine, which makes you feel happy. This feeling will often last at least as long as the edibles remain effective in your system.

Besides giving you euphoria, cannabis edibles might also help you ease your anxiety, relieve depression, and assist in getting over post-traumatic stress. However, that is not all, as people have also reported it is useful as a painkiller/sedative and can help with nausea.

Having said all of that, it is worthy of note that we still do not know the exact effects of the cannabis plant on the human body. Therefore, even the benefits mentioned above still need intricately detailed research before being 100% certified.


  • Side Effects of THC

THC edibles have side effects on both the body and mental health. Using THC edibles for one to two weeks can cause you to build up an uncanny tolerance to them, but the drug is certainly not as addictive as other illegal substances.

However, due to its effects, there is a pretty high tendency for it to get abused. When that happens, and you begin consuming THC in excess, you will likely experience several health consequences.

If you are lucky, you might only experience short-term consequences. Examples include a dampened sense of time and reasoning, mood changes, impaired body movement, impaired memory, hallucinations, delusional thoughts, and psychosis.

However, in the long term, you can experience much more severe consequences for your health if you do not stop consuming or at least regulate THC. Long-term consequences include breathing problems, abnormal heart rate, insomnia, vomiting, worsened schizophrenia symptoms, and the inhibition of fetal development in pregnant women.

All of these side effects should be enough reason to discard THC edibles. Worst of all, these edibles are also illegal. But wait, there is more to the story. We have not yet discussed delta-8, have we?


What Is Delta 8?

Known as light weed or the superior version of THC, delta-8 THC is the mild, legal, and safe version of marijuana. It is similar to THC or delta-9 in its chemical structure but differs in how it is produced or affects your mind.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growth of industrial hemp in the U.S. For clarity, hemp is a variant of the cannabis plant that is legal. Many people cultivate it for its CBD and resultant medicinal qualities.

Delta-8 is also a cannabis compound that scientists and qualified professionals create in a lab from CBD. However, you should note this does not make delta-8 unnatural or artificial.

The scientific method used to create delta-8 THC involves rearranging components within the compounds inside the cannabis plant. So, scientists do not add anything that was not already there.

As such, while it requires human effort before you can call it delta-8 THC, it is still perfectly natural.


Delta 8 Edibles: What Makes Them Different?

Delta-8 edibles or delta 8 gummies have a completely different story and have created quite a buzz in recent years for all of the good reasons.

Manufacturers create these edibles by infusing cannabinoids into an edible snack. Delta-8 edibles come in different forms, from cookies to brownies and everything else in between. However, gummies are the most widely available and popular products on the market.

The best manufacturers have excellent skills when it comes to applying controlled doses of delta-8 THC to edibles. That way, it poses little to no risk of any side effects whatsoever. Manufacturers also include excellent flavoring and processing techniques in the edibles.

This helps ensure they taste just as great as any other candy or gummy while delivering effects similar to THC. However, unlike THC itself, you would not get any of those side effects like paranoia or anxiety, among others.

The best part is that with the 2018 Farm Bill, you can now enjoy a good dose or two of delta-8 edibles without running afoul of the law. This is in direct contrast to regular THC products.


Reasons to Switch from THC Edibles to Delta 8 Edibles

If you were not convinced before, here are some reasons why you should switch to delta-8 edibles:


  • Delta-8 Edibles Are Legal

The first and most important reason for switching to delta-8 edibles is their legality. As we have already mentioned, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp derivatives, and delta-8 is just one of them.

Cannabis edibles come from the raw marijuana plant, which has a more than 0.3% concentration of THC. That makes the edibles illegal in the first place. On the other hand, delta-8 comes from hemp, which is a cannabis plant bred without any psychoactive THC.


  • A Fresh High

Indeed, delta-8 comes from hemp, a plant that is on the right side of the cannabis law. But, is it any good to replace traditional marijuana? Well, yes, it most certainly is.

Delta-8 gives you a high for sure, and several people consume it for recreational purposes. If you are looking to get high, you, too, will not be disappointed. Delta-8 THC will give you the euphoric feeling you are looking for.

Note that it may not be as potent as THC edibles, though. But, it will be significant enough for you to feel it. Also, it would last quite a while, considering you are consuming it as an edible. This is true according to the reports of several other consumers who use the product.


  • Improves Concentration

Unlike THC edibles that cloud your reasoning and may impair your senses, delta-8 edibles have quite the opposite effect. They clear the brain so you can focus on the job at hand. They also improve your concentration levels, making you feel more focused and motivated.

Despite the feeling of euphoria, delta-8 THC does not affect your ability to see. It does not impair your senses or limit your reasoning. However, that does not mean you should operate heavy machinery or anything similar.


  • Does Not Make You Lazy

While THC edibles make you dull and lethargic, delta-8 edibles do not affect your ability to stay active.


  • Reduced Side Effects of THC

Consuming THC can cause you to have several mental and physical side effects. With delta-8 edibles, you can experience a high with little to none of the side effects of THC or delta-9.


  • Pain Relief

Delta-8 edibles might help you ease your pain. Like CBD, it has pain-reduction properties when consumed as gummies, and it mainly works well for reducing stomach aches.


  • Stimulates Appetite

Are you looking for an appetite stimulant? Well, delta-8 edibles can improve your appetite, or as the stoners say, give you the munchies.


  • Relieves Stress

Delta-8 gummies can also help you reduce anxiety. Taking one before your presentation may ease your nerves, helping you perform well.


  • Prevents Nausea

Delta-8 edibles are effective in reducing and preventing nausea. Research has shown how delta-8 reduces nausea associated with chemotherapy in cancer patients. It can also be handy for helping you deal with travel sickness.


Are Delta 8 Gummies Safe?

One of the primary reasons you need to switch from THC edibles to delta-8 is safety. If you are purchasing from a reputable brand like ours, BudPop, (as you should), then we must have a third-party lab test each product.

This will confirm the products went through a strict production process, and as such, they are relatively safe for consumption. Of course, you would equally have to stick to the recommended dose. But generally, delta-8 edibles are not likely to do you a lot of harm.


Final Words: Is Delta-8 THC The Same As THC?

Consuming THC edibles can be unsafe with many physical and mental effects. These edibles are also illegal and have a high chance of being abused.

Delta-8 edibles are perfect alternatives to these cannabis/THC edibles, and they are safe from any strong side effects of THC. Moreover, they offer you a smooth, gentle high, a sense of relaxation, and a feeling of euphoria.

Essentially, you can get high, stay safe, and remain on legal grounds, too. That is an excellent deal if you ask us!

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