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Delta 8 Overdose: What To Do? Follow Our Guide

With the growing hype and consumption rates, delta-8 THC products have become the safest and most legally enjoyed cannabinoid products. They contain neuroprotective properties that aid anxiety, nausea, and pain reduction.

Unlike CBD, delta-8 THC can get you high. However, it does not do so at the same level or to the same degree as delta-9 THC does. It is essential to mention that delta-8 THC still resides in a legally grey area. Nevertheless, many manufacturers and consumers are progressively creating and enjoying reasonable quantities of delta-8 THC.

Delta 8 Side Effects: Visible Overdose Effects

Dry Mouth

Having too many delta-8 gummies can result in a dry mouth, which causes the salivary glands to reduce saliva production. The dry sensation in your mouth can lead you to think you are dehydrated, and you may feel the urge to drink water to replenish the feeling. However, it is essential to remember that low saliva production is just a side effect and nothing serious.

Dry Eyes

Some people may experience dry eyes, resulting in redness and leading to an uncomfortable sensation. To help relieve this side effect, you could try using eye drops, as these will alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes and replenish some of the moisture lost from the eyes.

Feeling Groggy 

You might feel a sudden urge to sleep along with some other symptoms, such as lightheadedness, a foggy brain, and fatigue.

Intense Body and Heavy Mind

When the body undergoes a high-intensity experience, it becomes overly conscious of sensations, resulting in couchlock, numbness, and possible anxiety attacks. The brain induces the experiences the body goes through, and as a result, the person gets these overwhelming physical and psychological sensations.

Inability to Work or Drive

You might find it difficult to focus when experiencing a high caused by delta-8. This is because the coordination between the body and the brain loses stability, making it difficult to perform mentally challenging activities.

If you think your focus is not as sharp as before, we strongly advise you to refrain from activities such as driving, as doing otherwise may lead to some undesirable consequences. So, wait for the side effects to wane before deciding to do any activity that requires concentration and focus.


It is recommended to start with a small dosage to avoid unpleasant sensations or side effects. Although delta-8 products help reduce stress, you must remember an overdose can result in an abundance of anxious feelings. The extent of anxiety after an overdose may vary among people, as some have underlying anxiety disorders.

Severe Symptoms

Unfortunately, despite the age restrictions, some minors still find ways to consume delta-8 THC, especially by smoking. This can be extremely dangerous, considering some of the side effects could come up due to the compound’s interaction with their developing minds and bodies. For example, minors consuming delta-8 are likely to experience low blood pressure and difficulty breathing, among other things.

What is worse, in the most severe cases, overdosing on delta-8 THC could lead to a condition as serious as a coma. However, this is incredibly rare. Nevertheless, it is critical to ensure minors do not have access to delta-8 THC no matter what the circumstances. In the unlikely event they have to consume it for medical reasons, it should be strictly under a doctor’s supervision and with a prescription.

Delta-8 Overdose Treatment

Let us imagine you were on a trip or a holiday with your friends, and you saw your friends taking delta-8 gummies. Eventually, you decide to have some too and accidentally go beyond your limit.

The high dose of delta-8 THC gummies would likely lead to some unfamiliar sensations you are not entirely prepared for. The strange part is that your friends might not feel any weird sensations like you are having since delta-8 THC affects people differently.

Nevertheless, under those circumstances, it would become vital for you to find a way to deal with the consequences of consuming a large amount of delta-8 at once.

Here are a few ideas:

Shift the Focus

When you are experiencing a high, make sure your focus is not directed towards the sensations. When you focus on the side effects, your brain will likely assume you are in danger. As such, it would turn on the fight or flight response, causing additional fear and panic.

Therefore, we would advise you to try diverting your attention. For example, you could shift your focus by watching a lighthearted movie, listening to happy songs, playing friendly games, drawing, or painting.

To cut the story short, try engaging in any activity you find appealing. Then, once you begin, temporarily restrict yourself within the bubble of those happy emotions.

Grab a Bite

Some studies show that eating can have therapeutic effects on many people. Those who tend to experience a revving high can counter the anxiousness by eating anxiety-lowering foods. Common anxiety-lowering foods include Brazil nuts, fatty fish, lemon, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.

Go For a Walk

Walking has many health benefits for our physical and mental well-being. For example, mobility helps regulate blood pressure, which can lower your anxiety levels.

Similarly, taking a stroll around the city could work as a perfect distraction coupled with deep breaths of fresh air, alleviating some unpleasant side effects.


Taking a shower is also one of the ways to feel better. Hot showers are comforting, while cold showers are refreshing. So, no matter which you prefer at that moment, rest assured that showers are a great way to start.

It is important to remember cold showers are generally great for anxiety since they help lower blood pressure, which aids in anxiety reduction. However, if you find a hot shower or warm bath more pleasant and comforting, go for it.

Drink Fluids

Hydration is the key to boosting your health and general well-being. So, flushing your body with lots of water may help minimize the discomfort. More specifically, when you hydrate with water, it will reduce the uncomfortable dry mouth sensation and also help stabilize your blood pressure.


One of the best places you can get help is from a sober person. So, talk to a friend, and they will help you put things into perspective, which will reduce the effects of a high state of mind.

Moreover, having distracting conversations helps the person regain their normal state of mind. This is important because you will be able to avoid risky situations and decisions.


It has been claimed that CBD may assist in reducing the unpleasant sensations experienced after taking delta-8 THC. Both delta-8 THC and CBD products are extractions of the cannabis plant.

However, while THC heightens psychoactive responses, CBD prevents THC from activating and minimizes its effects when consumed. So, you can dab some CBD oil on the tongue or consume it as gummies, and you may feel much less anxious.

Go to Sleep

If you can sleep, do it. Sleeping is the best way to get rid of the high, and it also helps to calm the nerves. The longer you sleep, the quicker the effects will wear off.

Although it can be challenging to fall asleep when anxious, it is the most effective way of dealing with anxiety. You can also try listening to calm, therapeutic music, as this may help you fall asleep peacefully.

Medical Help

If the symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Where To Get Reasonable Delta 8 THC Dosages

We have already taken our time to explain the possible effects of consuming a lot of delta-8 THC at once. However, that does not mean delta-8 THC is terrible or that you should stay away from it permanently. It simply means you should be more cautious about your consumption levels. So, if you are looking for a brand to get reasonable and high-quality quantities of delta-8 THC, our brand, BudPop, is the way to go.

BudPop is a leading brand that uses premium technology to extract delta-8 THC from the best quality hemp plants. Currently, we sell delta-8 gummies, hemp flowers, and vape cartridges.

These products are available in various exclusive flavors, smells, and effects that give you an adventurous and tasty ride around delta-8 THC. Our website is fantastic, as all of the necessary information is readily available. This is besides the fact that we consciously try to figure out what customers want before creating our products. 

Furthermore, unlike some others on the market, BudPop’s products are not dangerous or toxic to humans.

Conclusion: Stay Euphoric, Practice Safe Smoking

Whether you get high intentionally or accidentally, the effects are temporary and generally pass in a few hours. Alongside the ones mentioned here, there are many ways to feel normal again quickly. However, we should mention they are not exactly backed by extensive and complex scientific research.

So, if one does not work, try another and keep going until you achieve normalcy. We would say you should then acquaint yourself with the method that works best for you, but that would be equivalent to telling you to continue consuming excessively high quantities of delta-8 THC. Instead, know your delta-8 limits and stick with them.

If you are unsure what that is, figure it out by taking baby steps and gradually moving forward.

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