how is delta 8 made

How Is Delta 8 Made? [Discover the Unique Multi-Step Process!]

Delta 8 THC is gaining popularity in the cannabis industry and among enthusiasts. People enjoy it because it produces soothing euphoria and powerful relaxation without intense elevation. But those who consume it may wonder how is Delta 8 made.

To put it simply, Delta 8 THC is made from hemp-derived CBD in the cannabis plant. Isomerization rearranges the compound to achieve the Delta 8 THC chemical structure. However, this description just scratches the surface. Keep reading to discover a step-by-step, in-depth explanation of how Delta 8 is made so you know exactly what to expect when you include it in your wellness routine.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC (Delta 8, D8, or D8 THC) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in cannabis plants. The cannabinoid produces mild, soothing euphoria and relaxing sensations, making it a more manageable version of THC (Delta 9 THC, Delta 9, D9, or D9 THC).

Delta 8 THC is extremely rare. Less than 1% of a hemp plant contains Delta 8 THC. Extracting Delta 8 THC from hemp would yield trace amounts, and the process itself wouldn’t be very cost-effective. So ow is Delta 8 made? To put it more specifically, how can brands obtain large amounts of the cannabinoid to make Delta 8 THC products to meet consumer demand? The answer is CBD (Cannabidiol).

CBD is another naturally occurring cannabinoid from the hemp plant. It is non-euphoric and shares a chemical structure very similar to Delta 8 THC. Using the safe and clean process of isomerization, CBD extracted from hemp undergoes a conversion process that turns it into Delta 8 THC. We’ll go more in-depth into this process later.

It’s important to note that Delta 8 is not a synthetic cannabinoid. Synthetic cannabinoids are cannabinoid-like products that do not exist in nature and are entirely artificial.

With an abundance of this rare cannabinoid now available, brands make an assortment of Delta 8 THC products for consumers to enjoy. Such products include Delta 8 gummies, tinctures, softgels, vapes, and even distillate-coated flower.

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Historical Background

Delta 8 THC was first discovered by American chemist Roger Adams in 1941. Adams and his colleagues at the University of Illinois were studying the cannabis plant and its effects.

However, total synthesis of the product was not achieved until 1965. In 1966, at the University of Delaware, researchers were able to isolate the chemical structure of Delta 8 THC from cannabis with modern methods.

Science Behind Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC differs from other cannabinoids in the Delta spectrum thanks to its chemical structure. Its double bond is on its 8th carbon atom, unlike Delta 9, which has a double bond on the 9th carbon atom, and Delta 10, which has a double bond on the 10th carbon atom.

Although the different positioning of the double bond may seem minor, it alters Delta 8 THC’s effects. The compound is famous for producing mild, tranquilizing euphoria and relaxing effects.

Evolution of Delta 8 in Today’s Era

Although Delta 8 was discovered 80 years ago, it gained traction in the cannabis market when the 2018 Farm Bill made it legal by federal law. Since then, there has been a growing interest in various cannabis plant products. Retailers are experimenting with cannabinoids to determine their effects and consumer appeal.

Delta 8 THC is especially popular with consumers because it produces mild euphoria, making it a more manageable alternative to THC. The cannabinoid provides benefits without overwhelming the consumer. It can also be combined with other cannabinoids for a full-spectrum effect.

How is Delta 8 Made?

You may wonder how is Delta 8 made. The process might seem complicated, but it’s rather straightforward and an ingenious way to obtain large amounts of a naturally rare cannabinoid. The multi-step process to make Delta 8 is as follows.

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Extraction Process

The first step is to extract CBD from the hemp plants. Extractors typically use safe and clean extraction methods that do not require the use of potentially harmful chemicals to remove CBD from the hemp plant. The most popular method is the CO2 extraction method, which uses supercritical CO2 to cleanly remove CBD from the resin-producing glands of hemp flower without using solvents. This results in a pure CBD extract.

The Role of CBD

CBD from hemp is the starting raw material because it is found abundantly and naturally occurring in hemp plants. The cannabinoid is non-psychoactive. Thanks to its similar molecular structure to Delta 8 THC, CBD is the perfect precursor product for D8.

Isomerization of CBD

Isomerization involves rearranging the compound’s components to create a new compound or isomer. Once CBD is obtained from hemp, it undergoes isomerization. This safe and clean process converts CBD to Delta 8 THC.

The Role of Catalysts

Isomerization can be performed in various ways, but it typically requires the assistance of a catalyst. A catalyst speeds up the synthesis process and facilitates the chemical process. When converting CBD into Delta 8 THC, an acidic catalyst, such as hydrochloric acid, is typically used.

Refining and Purification

The next step involves refining and purifying the product. This step ensures the removal of other potentially harmful substances from the product and significantly reduces serious health risks.


Chromatography involves separating different compounds based on their chemical properties. The Delta 8 THC goes through a chromatography column to remove unwanted compounds from the extract. What is left behind is pure, concentrated Delta 8 THC extracts. There you go! Now you know the answer to the question, “When it comes to Delta 8, how is it made?”

Consumption of Delta 8 THC Products

There are several ways to consume Delta 8 THC. Here are the most popular D8 products available for you to enjoy.

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Delta 8 THC Flower

Flower is a versatile way to enjoy Delta 8 THC. You can smoke flower by adding it to joints, pipes, and bongs. Smoking is an enjoyable and easy form of consuming cannabis. It’s also very social, as you can share it with others.

Ensure your D8 flower is well broken up before you smoke it. Adverse event reports reveal seeds and stems can cause headaches and respiratory issues. You can use a grinder to ensure your flower is smooth.

Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls

Delta 8 THC can also be found in pre-rolls. Manufacturers make it easy to smoke flower by pre-rolling joints for ultimate convenience. Get a slim case and take the joints with you wherever you go.

Many D8 pre-rolls contain a wide variety of flower. You may find Delta 8 THC flower infused with other cannabis compounds, concentrates, and terpenes for a more potent pre-roll.

Delta 8 THC Vapes

Vaping is a convenient way to enjoy Delta 8 THC. Vape pens are small and easily portable. Vaping is popular, and considering the flavors, no one has to know you are vaping. There is no combustion in vaping, so no smoke is produced. A heating element warms the vape juice in the cartridge, producing smooth, delicious vapor.

When choosing vape products, avoid purchasing items that contain potentially unsafe household chemicals. Choose a product made with all-natural ingredients. It should contain no VG, PG, or PEG Oil.

Delta 8 THC Gummies and Edibles

Gummies and edibles are also ideal for Delta 8 THC dosing. You know exactly how much you are dosing based on the serving information. You can easily carry edibles with you and dose at any time.

Purchase Delta 8 THC edibles that contain all-natural ingredients. Edible products include gummies, baked goods, and oils.

Delta 8 THC Drinks

Cannabis drinks are the latest trend in Delta 8 THC consumption. Various products contain D8 hemp cannabis raw extracts, including teas, sodas, coffees, juices, and more. Quench your thirst while enjoying the benefits of D8.

Like edibles, Delta 8 THC drinks typically come predosed. You know exactly how much Delta 8 THC you are getting. They are a convenient consumption method that consumers find enjoyable.

Legal Status of Delta 8 THC Products

According to the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp and hemp-derived products are legal as long as they contain a total THC content of 0.3% or less. However, state laws vary. Some states allow cannabis products with higher levels of THC. Some do not allow cannabis of any kind due to significant public health concerns. To be safe, always check with your state laws to determine if Delta 8 is legal.

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Explore Budpop For Premium Delta 8 THC Products

Delta 8 THC offers several benefits, but it’s important to purchase from a trusted provider. For example, you should never buy cannabis from convenience stores or gas stations. You should purchase it from a reputable brand with positive customer reviews.

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At Budpop, we make our products with quality cannabis plants and natural ingredients. You can feel good about putting our Delta 8 products into your body. We strive to use only plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients to ensure a pure and potent experience.

Quality Control

We make our products with high-quality American-grown hemp and natural ingredients. Our third-party testing backs them. You will never find potentially harmful by-products in the merchandise we sell. To prove it, you can view the Certificates of Analysis (COA) for each product on our website. These certified documents from third-party labs verify the purity, potency, and safety of our products.


Our products are protected by tamper-proof packaging. You don’t have to worry about concerns related to tampering issues. You can clearly read our ingredients for optimal transparency.

Customer Support

We understand you may have questions about the products you purchase. We are here to address your needs. We also provide easy returns, refunds, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Our quality hemp and all-natural ingredients ensure our products taste great. Products like our vapes contain botanical terpenes for rich flavor, and our gummies use only natural fruit extracts for flavor. All other ingredients are quality tested to ensure purity, which leads to optimal flavor.

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FAQ How Is Delta 8 Made?

How Is Delta 8 THC Formed?

Delta 8 THC forms from CBD. Extractors take CBD from hemp (Cannabis sativa plant) and convert it into Delta 8 through isomerization.

Can Delta 8 THC Be Extracted From Cannabis Plants?

Delta 8 cannot be directly extracted from cannabis plants because it is extremely rare and present in very small amounts. However, we can extract CBD from hemp and then convert it into Delta 8 THC.

How Is Delta 8 Converted?

The isomerization process converts CBD into Delta 8 THC. CBD, which has a similar chemical structure to Delta 8, has its chemical structure rearranged during the process. The final product is Delta 8.

What Makes Delta 8 Stronger?

Delta 8 may be stronger if combined with other cannabinoids. Additionally, some products may have higher doses than others.

What Is Delta 8 Extracted From?

Delta 8 is made from CBD extracted from hemp plants. CBD is an ideal starting point because it is plentiful in the hemp plant and has a similar molecular structure to Delta 8 THC.

How Fast Does Delta 8 Metabolize?

The rate at which Delta 8 metabolizes depends on various factors, including the type of product used, how often you use the product, the speed of your metabolism, and dosage amounts. It can metabolize within seconds if inhaled via vapes or flower. Or it can take up to an hour or more if you ingest edibles. Delta 8 THC can stay in your system for 30 days or more, depending on the factors mentioned above. However, you will only experience its effects for a few hours.

Final Thoughts – How Is Delta 8 Made? [Discover the Unique Multi-Step Process!]

Delta 8 is gaining popularity for its ability to provide controllable, soothing euphoria and relaxing effects. The cannabinoid is extremely rare in nature. It’s so scarce that it cannot be efficiently extracted from hemp plants. So, how is Delta 8 THC made? It requires a multi-step process that involves CBD.

First things first, we have to extract CBD from hemp using safe and clean methods. The cannabinoid then undergoes isomerization to convert its chemical structure into Delta 8 THC. The results is abundant amounts of Delta 8 THC for use in consumer products. Now that you know the basics of how Delta 8 THC is made, you can feel confident consuming it. How will you include it in your health routine? Visit our Delta 8 THC Products Shop and discover which product is right for you!

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