how to read Delta 8 lab results

How To Read Lab Tests For Delta 8


Delta 8 Third Party Lab Results- Why They Matter And How to Read Them

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Delta 8 has gained massive popularity across the country after the 2018 Federal Farm Bill came into law. Since then, different brands have joined the delta 8 industry, selling various types of delta-8 products.

The problem is, it is increasingly becoming harder to tell fake dealers from genuine ones. And if you are not careful, you may end up buying unsafe, impure, or poor-quality delta-8 products.

So, how do you ensure the delta-8 products you buy are safe, of high quality, effective, and pure? Well, you can confirm these details by going through the product’s third-party lab results.

But, if you are a first-time buyer, going through the third-party lab results can be confusing and time-consuming, especially if you do not know what you are looking for.

Fortunately, we have created this informative guide designed for someone like you. It comes with all of the information you need to know on what you can learn from the lab tests, what to look out for in these results, and how to read third-party lab results overall.

What Can You Learn from Third-Party Lab Results?

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) contains a lot of information, all of which are critical indicators of a delta-8 product’s quality and safety. You are better off knowing how to read delta-8 third-party lab results to guarantee a worthwhile experience.

You get a great deal of information about a specific delta-8 product from its lab analysis certificate. There are hundreds of compounds in the hemp plant, which is the primary source of delta-8 THC. Therefore, lab results give users valuable insight into the composition of various products.

As a result, you will know how much of each compound is inside a delta-8 flower. Also, the results indicate the product concentration level, and the potency should inform you how much delta-8 you can consume for the best experience.

Lab Analysis Reports: Important Terms You Should Know

Full-Spectrum: This expression defines hemp extracts with a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. All of these ingredients combine to produce a train of effects. Naturally, there are dozens of cannabinoids, and the results should indicate those present in the delta-8 product.

Cannabinoids: Hemp contains multiple cannabinoid compounds. The primary element is CBD, which is a prominent constituent of delta-8 products. Other cannabinoids include CBG, CBN, and CBC, which should feature in the test results.

Terpenes: This is an aromatic oil that lends a distinct flavor to CBD products. Terpenes are organic compounds found in hemp.

Mycotoxin: Hemp can contain toxic elements produced by fungi. So, you must know about the presence of mycotoxins in any delta-8 product because of their lethal nature.

Residual Solvents: Other toxic agents are solvents that are necessary during delta-8 production. Excessive quantities pose a health risk, hence the need for lab testing.

How To Read BudPop’s Certificate of Analysis Results

Third-party testing is a necessary step for all genuine delta-8 dealers, as a trustworthy brand will go through the trouble of independent testing. So, when you are ready to buy, have a look at the results.

Here are the items you should watch out for when reading a Certificate of Analysis.

Potency Of D8 Products

Before taking any delta-8 product, whether hemp flower or edible, you must know how much you can consume. Taking the right amount should give you a pleasant experience. Some people ignore the product concentration figures and end up using too much at a time — and we all know how those sessions end.

The leading indicators of delta-8 product potency are the active ingredients CBD and THC. You should find the amounts of delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC indicated in the table. Also, the levels of various CBD compounds are displayed alongside THC so you can get a good idea of the product’s potency.

Our company has a fantastic third-party testing result certificate that summarizes the different compounds. 

Presence of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are dangerous substances that originate from fungal organisms, and the fungal derivatives are in parts per billion.

Watch out for the levels of aflatoxins, fusarium, ergot, and patulin. Their figures should be as low as possible because you do not want them anywhere near your product.

The Occurrence of Pesticides

Hemp is a widely cultivated plant, and like all plants, it is subject to attacks by insect pests who are looking for a meal. That is why some farmers might use chemicals to discourage pest attacks.

Unfortunately, the heavy use of pesticides has a domino effect. The chemicals build up inside plant cells, and they will ultimately reach delta-8 products. Still, a thorough lab test should pick up unsafe pesticide levels.

Quantity of Heavy Metals

Like pesticides and mycotoxins, heavy metals are toxic substances, too. Since you cannot control the type of soil on which growers plant their cannabis plants, you are better off knowing how to read delta-8 third-party lab test results for heavy metals.

Arsenic, lead, and mercury often occur in the soil, and plants will absorb these elements and accumulate them inside their tissues. Luckily, a lab test will quickly pick out the level of toxic items inside the delta-8 product.

Residual Solvents

Anything that is in a delta-8 product will show up on a third-party lab test. Since it is the last step before going to market, a lab analysis will indicate any residual solvents, which are chemicals used to extract THC and CBD from hemp.

On our third-party COAs, all of the levels of residual solvents are below the Limit of Quantification indicated by <LOQ. The solvents are present in minute quantities that effectively render the product safe for human consumption.

Additional Microorganisms

You also do not want to encounter microbes in your delta-8 flower, as these organisms are disease transmitters that lower the quality of your favorite delta-8 product.

Third-Party Lab Testing: Complete Process

As cannabis gains legitimacy, no one wants to transact with shady delta-8 dealers, as you would not know where they harvested the hemp and what is in the product.

Fortunately, there are reputable companies. For instance, our brand employs a methodical third-party testing procedure that intends to weed out harmful substances from your favorite delta-8 commodities.

Transparency breeds trust, and our team over at BudPop eschews hiding their results. So, there is an independent third-party testing process for all of the products on sale. This way, customers have a good idea about what they are buying.

It is not just the end products that are getting scrutiny. The demand for the highly touted delta-8 is rising, and many growers are looking to produce the raw materials needed to make delta-8 products. Therefore, testing also covers raw materials, and the results will indicate whether the farmer used chemicals while growing the plants.

Where Do You Find Third-Party Lab Results?

Before buying any cannabis product, you must ensure you can find the ingredients used. Most of the time, every delta-8 product has an accompanying Certificate of Analysis that indicates every individual component in the edible or hemp flower.

Every delta-8 online store will indicate third-party lab test results below the product. You can easily retrieve these details to know what is inside your product.

Why Products Like Delta 8 Need Testing?

Why go through the trouble of testing delta-8 products? Why can dealers not save a few bucks by using in-house lab analysis?


The primary reason for buying delta-8 products backed by third-party labs is trust. Even if some companies own a significant share of the market, you will quickly trust their products if another person has already tested them. That is why notable market players still use third-party lab results to convince customers.

Safety Guaranteed

Most of the things tested for in a lab analysis can pose a fatal risk in large quantities. Delta-9 THC, for instance, will leave you with serious side effects if you are taking a lot of it. Also, there are residual solvents and heavy metals, which are toxic to humans.

Fortunately, a COA will pick up any dangerous substances in the delta-8 product. In addition, the test results indicate the quantities of each substance so you can also gauge the risk of consuming excessive amounts.

Little Government Oversight

Recently, many authorities have begun to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, the legislation that accompanied these monumental decisions has not been forthcoming. There are several gray areas in the growing and processing of various CBD products.

With little control from the top, many unscrupulous dealers take advantage of this gap to sell substandard delta-8 products. Therefore, third-party lab tests are the last line of defense for cannabis enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts: Know Your Product, Read Lab Tests

Hemp contains hundreds of compounds that find their way into various delta-8 products. Some of these elements are toxic, such as heavy metals, while others, like delta-9 THC, will cause the undesired effects of marijuana to manifest.

Therefore, it is essential to check whether a product has third-party lab results. You also need to familiarize yourself with how to read those reports.

Third-party lab analysis will yield a comprehensive report on the state of your favorite delta-8 product. So, you will quickly know everything that is inside the product and its respective quantities. This information will help you to decide whether to trust a particular delta-8 brand or not. 

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