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What Is Entourage Effect? Does Delta 8 Help In Achieving It?

You might think the more THC or CBD a product has, the stronger the effects and potency. While that is not necessarily false, there is a different, better way to go about it. The producers of hemp products rely on chemistry to give you the products you love. In other words, you get the best products with the help of science!

You might have heard about the entourage effect before. But, what is it, and is it even real? CBD and THC affect our bodies by directly interacting with them. However, they often come with other chemicals that help amplify the effects. You may think that sounds scary, but the substances that cause this experience exist naturally in the source plant.

In other words, scientists manipulate the plant’s chemicals to help amplify the effects of CBD or THC. While some brands add additional chemicals or ingredients, the best brands opt to use natural methods. A product is organic if it uses little to no additional chemicals to manufacture it.

The entourage effect helps give products the same efficacy they would have with high THC or CBD concentrations. However, strategic use of the chemicals lets you have the same effect with a considerably lower amount of the substance.

So, here is everything you need to know about this curious chemical behavior.

How Does the Entourage Effect Work?

  • Whenever you read about the entourage effect, you will come across “synergy” and “amplified” effects. But, what do those things mean? In short, some chemicals have similar effects or even alter your metabolism to increase the effects. 
  • Hemp leaves and herbs from the same family, such as marijuana, have other chemicals besides THC and CBD. You may have heard about terpenes before, but what do they do? Some of these chemicals give herbs their particular taste and scent. However, they do more than just change the flavor of your treats.
  • Some terpenes have similar effects to those of CBD and THC, boosting the overall effect on your body. Others may slow down your metabolism, making the effects of THC and CBD last longer. Finally, some may even accelerate the rate of absorption, making you feel the effects sooner.

Understanding Terpenes

  • Terpenes are aromatic components you can find in other products besides hemp leaves. For example, you can find some of these components in fruits, herbs, trees, and hops. A simple example is a limonene, which comes from citrus fruits.
  • Terpenes evaporate when you expose them to air, which you smell when you cut citrus fruit, for example. There are hundreds of different terpenes available, and they all have different aromas and effects. Examples of terpenes are limonene (already mentioned), camphene, ocimene, humulene, menthol, and pinene.
  • The producers of hemp-related products often use the existing terpenes to make their products. However, sometimes they remove them or even add additional ones. Fortunately, any substances they remove do not go to waste either. Instead, they can use these substances to create products that improve your experience.
  • Some terpenes are a vital ingredient for creating tinctures for essential oils. By mixing them, you can further improve the effects of your hemp products. The benefit of using these products separately is that it lets you control the effects yourself.
  • For example, you can increase certain effects to your preference or focus on those that interest you, such as sleep-inducing effects.
  • With the right mix of terpenes in your products, you can focus on the effects you are interested in and yield better results than by using the products on their own. Something as simple as increasing the amount of a certain terpene can give you the effects you need.

How To Maximize Delta 8 Entourage Effects & Experience?

  • The entourage effect came to prominence before delta-8 rose in popularity. With this in mind, you might wonder if it works for delta-8. Delta-8 THC is similar to delta-9 in several ways, so in theory, the entourage effect should work similarly with it as well.
  • Delta-8 does not exist in large quantities naturally. Instead, it is synthesized from existing chemicals in the leaves. Most products featuring delta-8 already use terpenes to boost their effects and flavors, and part of the reason for this is how scarce delta-8 is. People who use delta-8 do so for its other non-psychoactive effects, such as increased focus.
  • With the help of terpenes, the efficiency of delta-8 increases, just like it does with other THC or CBD products. So, delta-8 will not just benefit from the entourage effect, but in a way, it heavily relies on it. For better flavor, scent, and effects, terpenes are miracle workers.
  • Many producers sell products with particular flavors, such as vape cartridges, and this variety of flavors is the work of terpenes added to their products. At times, producers do not need to add any terpenes, as different strains of hemp may already possess a different combination of terpenes, giving them a natural flavor.
  • It takes a lot of work and research to create a mix without negatively impacting the flavor. Each terpene has a particular effect and flavor, so it can prove difficult to achieve the desired flavor without changing the product’s effect.

Reap the Benefits of the Entourage Effect

  • Delta-8 is a great alternative to other THC or CBD products and can even benefit your health. With smart usage of the entourage effect, you can amplify its effects to your benefit. Thanks to the entourage effect, something as small as a different flavor can contribute to an increase in the effectiveness of sleep, reduced swelling, or increased weight loss. So, the addition of terpenes is a proven game-changer.
  • While some products already include them, you can use additional ones to improve certain effects further. In a way, the use of separate products lets you tailor the experience to your preferences. By focusing on the effects you are looking for, you will considerably improve your experience with delta-8.
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