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Top 5 Ways To Consume CBD Flower Buds

CBD flower buds are popular among cannabis enthusiasts, and with good reason. They are the unadulterated, natural form of CBD and the cannabis plant. 

Smoking CBD flower buds guarantee the purest experience, free of manufacturing agents and by-products. 

You can indulge in CBD by smoking CBD flower or hemp flower and access all its medicinal and recreational properties in several ways. 

This article lists the top five ways to consume CBD flowers. This way, you’ll have the most practical and convenient options available.

What Are CBD Flower Buds?

CBD flowers, cannabis flower, or hemp flowers are mature hemp plants’ dried and cured flowers containing less than 0.3% THC and high CBD amounts. 

These hemp buds are specifically harvested from hemp plants engineered to contain high CBD doses and traces of THC. 

THC is responsible for the psychoactive reaction, something you don’t look for when seeking the health benefits of CBD. 

Additionally, the low THC levels make smoking CBD flowers or hemp flower possession and consumption legal. 

The concentrations of CBD and THC in a smoking CBD flower bud ensure the human body experiences a calming effect without getting too excited. While there are only traces of THC in the hemp buds or CBD buds, it doesn’t mean you will have a boring experience. 

The combination still delivers a most enjoyable session, only without any drastic reactions. You’re not probably asking, how then do I attain that experience? 

How Do I Consume CBD Flower Buds?

Here are several ways to use CBD:

Smoking CBD

This is the simplest, most direct way to consume CBD flowers or CBD hemp flower. It is also the oldest method of consuming hemp and cannabis products. 

Smoking CBD flowers or CBD hemp flower needs only the hemp buds, rolling paper, and a lighter if you know how to roll them. 

There are tutorials online on how to roll a joint. Alternatively, you can buy pre-rolls for convenience. 

Here is a breakdown of your options when you need to smoke CBD flower or CBD hemp flower:

  • Pre-Rolls: Marijuana dispensaries and other head shops sell these pre-rolls to those with no time to do it themselves. You only need to be in states where such shops are legal when smoking CBD and get your hit in peace. 
  • Pipes and Bongs: These contraptions save you from having to roll joints. You only need to place the flower into the contraption, light it up, puff and inhale the smoke. 

This method saves you from the grinding work since a pipe or bong can take a flower bud whole. Pipes and bongs come in diverse shapes and sizes to suit your smoking preferences. You’ll find those producing plenty of smoke and those not. 

Additionally, some produce unfiltered smoke, while others have filters and cooling chambers for a more subtle experience. 


Vaping is smoking’s closest cousin, only more elaborate and refined. You can find vapes on the market capable of burning whole flowers, thus preserving the full, rich experience. 

One key benefit of vaping CBD flowers or hemp flower is the greater CBD bioavailability compared to smoking. 

Breaking CBD flowers or hemp flower into vapor instead of smoke allows you access to all the terpenes and flavonoids, which induce the entourage effect when you inhale CBD flower. 

The entourage effect is when you experience the full impact of hemp from all ingredients. 

Additionally, vaping is gentler on your respiratory system, unlike the rough and unfiltered smoke. You only need a dry herb vaporizer. 

Such mildness encourages you to vape some more, which improves your access to the full potency of CBD flowers. 

CBD Edibles

Did you know you can infuse CBD flowers or hemp flower into food? Eating CBD flower has become quite popular. 

People prefer CBD edibles, and adding them to food was the next natural step. You’ve probably heard of brownies. You can make your own CBD edibles, and here is how.

Foods that are rich in carbohydrates, such as confectionery, work best as CBD edible vehicles due to their greater absorption. Therefore, you’ll experience the hit much faster. 

You can bake a cake after adding crushed CBD flowers or mix it into a sauce as you cook over medium heat. You only need to be careful not to overdose. Use a little amount, then keep adding as you assess your reaction. 


You can make CBD-infused drinks by using CBD flowers. The dried flowers are ideal, especially for making tea. You only need to crush the flowers up to regular tea leaves consistency. 

Next, boil some water and once it reaches boiling point, turn off the heat and throw the crushed flowers into the kettle. 

Let it sit for about five minutes, and your drink is ready. 

You can make other drinks as you see fit. This recipe is the simplest and most convenient way to drink your CBD flower or hemp flower.


You can also make CBD oils from CBD flower. All you need is a handful of flowers, an oven, and olive or coconut oil. 

Begin by crushing down the flowers. Next, spread them on a baking tray and pop them into an oven at 215 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. This will activate the cannabinoids through decarboxylation. 

Next, infuse the baked flowers into your favorite oil. Two cups should do. 

The next step involves treating the infused oil to low heat for six hours. You can bake it, use a slow cooker, or directly in a pot. 

Be keen enough to prevent burning the oil. You may have to add water if you notice it starting to burn. 

Once the time is up, strain the flower particles and keep the oil in a jar. You can use it as you wish. 

Where Can I Find CBD Flower Buds?

Many online retailers sell CBD products like buds and physical outlets such as dispensaries and head shops. 

Whichever is convenient for you, ensure you’re buying from a reputable seller for safe CBD consumption. 

Check where they source their flowers to ensure you get the best quality. Settle only for a retailer that relies on organic and natural hemp farms in Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho. 

Additionally, their handling, packaging, and distribution should preserve the integrity of the flowers for maximum effect.

Winding Up

CBD flower or hemp flower is the original cannabis product that guarantees the most potent, pure, and consistent experience.

With less than 0.3% THC, you’ll access all the therapeutic or medical benefits of hemp in the most fantastic, most convenient package. 

This article shares the top five ways to consume CBD flower or hemp flower. You only need to pick the best CBD flower consumption method that works best for you.

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